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Toxic Forever Chemicals In Defense Communities

9 Mar 2021

An EWG Facebook live conversation on PFAS pollution in the Department of Defense communities. 

Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals and Maternal Reproductive Health Impacts

9 Mar 2021

In the fifth webinar in our Generation Chemical series on the toxic environmental exposures and maternal reproductive health impacts. 

Impact of PFAS on agricultural soil and plants: A Phoenix Webinar

10 Mar 2021

The LIFE project PHOENIX will be holding a webinar regarding the impact of PFAS on the natural world hosted by Stefano Polesello.

Let’s Talk About PFAS: Taking Action to Protect Your Health

11 Mar 2021

Join scientists from STEEP for a virtual conversation on the human health effects of PFAS contaminants in drinking water.

Perspectives on a Class Approach to PFAS

24 Mar 2021

A webinar hosted by NEWMOA on the prevalence of PFAS in the environment and how they may be managed using the class concept.

Getting control of PMT and vPvM substances under REACH

25 Mar 2021

This workshop will feature case studies of selected, emerging PMT/vPvM substances that are attracting increasing attention (e.g. ChemSEC's SIN List).

Wastewater as a Source of PFAS

6 Apr 2021

A webinar hosted by NEWMOA on the prevalence of PFAS in the environment, specifically connecting PFAS to wastewater.

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