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[Public Comment] Proposed Solvay West Deptford Plant PFAS Settlement

6 Oct 2023

Members of the public are invited to provide feedback on the proposed settlement by submitting an official comment for the record. 

[Workshop] Beyond Science and Decisions: PFAS Limits: How Did We Get So Far Apart? Public Health and Policy Implications

17 Oct 2023

A multi-stakeholder approach to share information on differing PFAS/PFOA risk assessments that are supporting the development of widely different regulations. October 17-19, 2023 | Washington, DC.

[Proposal Submission] PFAS free solutions for non-stick coating for bakeware

17 Oct 2023

We are looking for proposal submissions of PFAS-free alternatives to PTFE non-stick coating solutions that can be suitable for application on bakeware products.

[Conference] 2023 International Symposium on Alternatives Assessment

24 Oct 2023

The symposium provides an opportunity to convene the broad community of individuals working on various aspects of alternatives assessment and informed substitution programs.

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