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2022 PFAS Conference

15 Jun 2022

This gathering will bring together research, community, and legislation perspectives to discuss how best to address PFAS contamination.

Adelaide 2022

11 Aug 2022

Join delegates from Australia and around the world, representing all relevant areas of government, regulators, research and industry. Build professional skills at conference workshops on PFAS management, human health risk assessment, bioremediation and more.

NORMAN Workshop: Monitoring PFAS in Support of the European Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability

1 Sep 2022

This workshop aims to involve policy-makers and experts from regulatory agencies, environmental research, NGOs, industry, and remediation technology suppliers. It will be arranged as a hybrid workshop with ca 100 seats available for physical participation, online video access, and an online poster session.

Dioxin 2022

9 Oct 2022

We are aiming at a scientific program that will cover prominent issues that have emerged in recent years. This will also include new aspects of persistent pollutants such as fluorinated compounds, micro-and nano-plastics, electronic wastes, and new classes of brominated flame retardants.

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