Rep. Carbajal’s Bipartisan Bills Combating PFAS Contamination At Airports Signed Into Law

17 May 2024

President Biden signs Rep. Carbajal’s ‘Clean Airport Agenda’, creating a new grant program to help airports transition away from PFAS firefighting foams and requiring routine updates from federal agencies for implementing phase out of toxic ‘forever chemicals’

NH Senate passes ban of PFAS in certain consumer products: 'We got it done'

16 May 2024

HB 1649 would ban the sale of certain consumer products containing intentionally added per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances, also known as forever chemicals, effective Jan. 1, 2027. The products would include things like adult mattresses, carpets and food packaging.

SB24-081 Perfluoroalkyl & Polyfluoroalkyl Chemicals

13 May 2024

This law will phase out the sale and distribution of certain products and product categories in the state of Colorado that contain intentionally added PFAS chemicals.

[Public Comment] Filing of Food Additive Petition From Environmental Defense Fund

6 May 2024

The Food and Drug Administration is announcing that it has filed a food additive petition, submitted by Environmental Defense Fund et al., proposing that the food additive regulations be amended to remove fluorinated polyethylene.

US polluters will pay for PFAS contamination cleanup following EPA ruling

24 Apr 2024

Michael S Regan, EPA administrator, said: “Designating these chemicals under our Superfund authority will allow EPA to address more contaminated sites, take earlier action, and expedite cleanups, all while ensuring polluters pay for the costs to clean up pollution threatening the health of communities.”

Congress introduces ‘non-essential’ PFAS ban bill

24 Apr 2024

The legislation would give manufacturers 10 years to phase out the use of forever chemicals in production.

Biden-Harris Administration Finalizes Critical Rule to Clean up PFAS Contamination to Protect Public Health

19 Apr 2024

EPA action designates two widely used PFAS as hazardous substances under the Superfund law, improving transparency and accountability to clean up PFAS contamination in communities.

Vermont House unanimously passes bill to ban PFAS, or 'forever chemicals'

11 Apr 2024

A roll call vote passed unanimously, with a vote of 130-0.

EPA imposes first national limits on 'forever chemicals' in drinking water

10 Apr 2024

For the first time, the Environmental Protection Agency has established national limits for six types of perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances in drinking water.

Final PFAS National Primary Drinking Water Regulation

10 Apr 2024

On April 10, 2024, EPA announced the final National Primary Drinking Water Regulation (NPDWR) for six PFAS.

‘Forever chemicals’: French MPs approve PFAS product ban

4 Apr 2024

The bill, introduced by environmentalist Nicolas Thierry, called for a ban on the manufacture, import and sale of any cosmetic product, wax product (for skis) or clothing textile product PFAS, with the exception of protective clothing for safety and civil security professionals from January 1, 2026.

PFAS Drinking Water Rule Clears White House: Let the Litigation Begin

1 Apr 2024

As we have previously predicted, we expect immediate and numerous lawsuits from various groups challenging the PFAS drinking water regulation.

US appeals court kills ban on plastic containers contaminated with PFAS

30 Mar 2024

Conservative fifth circuit overturns EPA’s ban prohibiting Inhance from using manufacturing process creating toxic compound.

US appeals court curtails EPA's ability to regulate PFAS under toxic substances law

22 Mar 2024

A unanimous three-judge panel of the New Orleans-based 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Thursday agreed with Inhance Technologies that the EPA overstepped its authority by issuing the orders, since they were rooted in a section of the federal toxic chemical law reserved for regulating "new" chemicals.

DPH warns against drinking bottled water from Mass. company due to PFAS contamination

20 Mar 2024

State public health officials are warning residents not to buy or drink bottled water distributed by the Easton-based Simpson Spring Company due to PFAS contamination.

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