[Public Review] World Health Organization revisions to the guidelines for drinking-water quality

3 Oct 2022

Guidelines for drinking-water quality for PFAS, with a focus on PFOS and PFOA, are being considered. Comments should be sent by 11 November 2022 to [email protected]

CA Gets Tougher On PFAS Chemicals Under Ting Bill Signed By The Governor

29 Sep 2022

The Golden State continues to crack down on the use of PFAS, chemicals that put our health and the environment at risk. Governor Newsom tonight signed AB 1817 by Assemblymember Phil Ting (D-San Francisco), which bans the use of these harmful substances in fabrics by 2025.

Pentagon Shift to PFAS-Free Foam Spurring ‘Tidal Wave’ of Change

26 Sep 2022

Decades later, the former Air Force firefighter has diabetes, elevated cholesterol, and higher-than-average PFAS chemicals in his blood. And the Pentagon knows the PFAS-based foam he worked with had a noxious side

US Senate approves HFC treaty

23 Sep 2022

The Senate voted 69–27 on Sept. 21 to allow the US to join an international treaty to curb the production and use of hydrofluorocarbons.

Dow, 3M and others exploit loophole to avoid reporting ‘forever chemicals’ releases

22 Sep 2022

At least five facilities around the U.S. operated by Dow Chemical, 3M and other companies are using very large amounts of the toxic “forever chemicals” known as PFAS but are likely using a regulatory loophole to avoid reporting their releases of PFAS into the environment.

State attorneys say DuPont spin-offs should be liable for PFAS contamination

20 Sep 2022

This was a corporate restructuring, where the same company was broken down into component parts, and is now saying, 'we didn't even exist at the time that these liabilities arose,'" state Department of Justice attorney Ryan Park told the court.

Honeywell lobbying Gov. Newsom to veto measure banning ‘forever chemicals’ from cosmetics products

20 Sep 2022

Technology giant Honeywell is lobbying California Gov. Gavin Newsom to veto a bill that would ban the sale in the state of cosmetics intentionally made with the toxic “forever chemicals” known as PFAS.

Gov. Newsom vetoes California bill to track and report toxic ‘forever chemicals’

19 Sep 2022

Gov. Gavin Newsom vetoed a bill that would require the collection and reporting of information on products containing PFAS but pointed toward potential future action by the US EPA.

3M Loses US Contractor Immunity Argument in PFAS Case

16 Sep 2022

3M Co. failed to persuade the federal judge presiding over PFAS mass tort litigation that the company is immune from liability for alleged damages for the toxic substances as a government contractor.

California PFAS Bills Set To Have Business Impacts

13 Sep 2022

This week, California’s Governor Newsom is expected to sign into law three major California PFAS bills, each of which will have significant impacts on businesses nationally and globally.

'Forever chemicals' are everywhere. The battle over who pays to clean them up is just getting started

13 Sep 2022

State and local governments across the country are suing manufacturers of toxic chemicals that are contaminating much of the nation’s drinking water, aiming to shield water customers and taxpayers from the massive cost of cleaning them up.

Product safety: textile articles: perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS)

6 Sep 2022

This bill would prohibit, beginning January 1, 2025, any person from manufacturing, distributing, selling, or offering for sale in the state any new, not previously owned, textile articles that contain regulated PFAS.

EPA Proposes to Stop Authorized Use of Certain PFAS in Pesticide Products

1 Sep 2022

The U.S. EPA is proposing to remove 12 chemicals identified as PFAS from the current list of inert ingredients approved for use in pesticide products to better protect human health and the environment.

EPA Proposes Designating Certain PFAS Chemicals as Hazardous Substances Under Superfund to Protect People’s Health

26 Aug 2022

The proposal applies to PFOA and PFOS, including their salts and structural isomers, and is based on significant evidence that they may present a substantial danger to human health or welfare or the environment.

EPA and Government of Flanders, Belgium Pledge to Share Enforcement and Compliance Assurance Information on PFAS and other Fluorocarbon Chemicals

24 Aug 2022

This week, EPA’s Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance signed a Statement of Intent with representatives from the Government of Flanders, Belgium pledging to share publicly available information on enforcement and compliance assurance issues related to PFAS and other fluorocarbon chemicals. 

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