EPA Releases New Science-Based Recommendations to Help More States, Tribes, and Territories Reduce Exposure to PFAS in Fish

15 Jul 2024

“It’s important for EPA to continue advancing the science on PFAS as part of our comprehensive effort to protect the public from these harmful substances,” said EPA Acting Assistant Administrator for Water Bruno Pigott. “By considering the latest science in their local advisories and testing for PFAS in fish at a local level, states and Tribes can protect subsistence, recreational, and sport fishers.”

Firefighting Foam: DOD is Working to Address Challenges to Transitioning to PFAS-Free Alternatives

8 Jul 2024

The Defense Department is mandated to stop using PFAS-containing firefighting foam, but faces challenges like the lack of a suitable replacement, an estimated transition cost of over $2.1 billion, and potential delays requiring waivers until 2026.

NH property-buyers to be notified about potential PFAS contamination under new law

5 Jul 2024

Gov. Chris Sununu signed House Bill 398 on Wednesday, a measure to include PFAS, along with radon and arsenic in the notification about common contaminants in New Hampshire provided to property-buyers.

[Agency Communication] Questions and Answers on PFAS in Food

26 Jun 2024

A Q&A on the impact of PFAS in food according to the Federal Food and Drug Administration.

PFAS ‘forever’ chemical laws need an overhaul – recent court rulings highlight the loopholes

25 Jun 2024

According to the “polluter pays principle”, polluters should pay for the pollution they cause, including the cost of measures taken to prevent, control and remedy any pollution.

New Colorado law will ban sales of dental floss, clothes, & other household products containing toxic "forever chemicals"

24 Jun 2024

Here's how the law will work: starting in 2026, the sale of certain cleaning products, cookware, dental floss, menstruation products, and ski wax that contain PFAS will be banned.

Maine’s new fishing limits are examples of ongoing state actions to combat PFAS

21 Jun 2024

Maine has recently updated and expanded its fish consumption advisories as part of that state’s broader work to limit its resident’s exposure to PFAS.

First US state bans PFAS, other chemicals from period products

17 Jun 2024

The chemicals banned include PFAS, phthalates, formaldehyde, 1,4-dioxane and mercury. The law is set to come into force in January 2026.

Rep. Ted Davis pushes PFAS liability bill through committee despite NC Chamber opposition

12 Jun 2024

Local officials succeeded in moving a PFAS manufacturer liability bill through the North Carolina House of Representatives environmental committee, but its leading sponsor foresees a challenging road ahead for the proposed legislation.

Lamont signs PFAS ban — with a suggested improvement

10 Jun 2024

Unlike versions passed in other states, the new Connecticut law lacks a waiver process for keeping a product on the market when there is no reasonable alternative, Lamont noted in his signing letter.

After progress on PFAS bills this session, Merrimack reps promise, ‘We’ll be back’

6 Jun 2024

“The goal is to stop the source,” said Rep. Nancy Murphy, a Merrimack Democrat who sponsored several PFAS-related bills. “And that’s our intent, and we’re not gonna stop until we do that.”

New bill could bail out US farmers ruined by ‘forever chemical’ pollution

30 May 2024

The bipartisan proposal that would remediate farms affected by toxic PFAS contamination is gaining speed in Congress.

San Francisco bans PFAS from firefighter gear to combat cancer risk

24 May 2024

San Francisco has become the first major U.S. city to ban PFAS chemicals from its firefighters' protective gear, aiming to reduce the elevated cancer risk among firefighters.

Maine Amends Its PFAS Statute, Exempting Certain Product Categories from the Sales Prohibition and Eliminating the General Notification Requirement

24 May 2024

The legislation also creates new sales prohibitions for products with intentionally added PFAS with varying effective dates, expands the exemption of certain product categories from the prohibitions, and establishes a new reporting program for those product categories that receive a currently unavoidable use determination from MDEP.

Rep. Carbajal’s Bipartisan Bills Combating PFAS Contamination At Airports Signed Into Law

17 May 2024

President Biden signs Rep. Carbajal’s ‘Clean Airport Agenda’, creating a new grant program to help airports transition away from PFAS firefighting foams and requiring routine updates from federal agencies for implementing phase out of toxic ‘forever chemicals’

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