EPA Considering Revised Effluent Limitations Guideline Relating to PFAS

8 Apr 2021

Recently, the U.S. EPA took a preliminary step toward requiring limits on some National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System discharges of PFAS into surface water.

Following Years Of Advocacy, Gillibrand Joins Community In Hoosick Falls To Announce New Legislation To Create Access To Medical Monitoring For Victims Of Significant PFAS Exposure

5 Apr 2021

U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand announced legislation to provide Americans with improved legal pathways that would help courts award medical monitoring for victims of PFAS exposure and bolster PFAS research.

Industry Eyeing EPA’s Hustle to Control ‘Forever Chemicals’

30 Mar 2021

Industry attorneys say they’re bracing for a wave of corporate liability and litigation as the Biden administration works swiftly to fulfill a campaign promise to control “forever chemicals.

PFAS Water Lawsuits Expose Financial Impacts on State’s Poor Communities

22 Mar 2021

Santa Clarita, a comfortable exurb of some 213,000 residents about 30 miles northwest of Los Angeles, is one of hundreds of California communities and districts grappling with the pricey problem of drinking water that’s been tainted by PFAS.

67 experts to Regan: Crack down on 'serious risks' of PFAS

16 Mar 2021

A group of nearly 70 science experts are calling on EPA Administrator Michael Regan to crack down on "forever chemicals.

EPA TSCA PFAS Reporting Rule Sent for White House Review

16 Mar 2021

On March 1, 2021, the EPA sent for the White House Office of Management and Budget prepublication review a proposed rule that would require reporting and recordkeeping for the production of PFAS under the TSCA.

Washington State to Ban PFAS in Four Types of Food Packaging

8 Mar 2021

Washington state has announced that, based on the availability of safer alternatives, PFAS in four types of food packaging will be banned as of February 2023.

Carper, Peters release GAO showing need to address PFAS contamination

2 Mar 2021

Sen. Tom Carper and Sen. Gary Peters released on March 1 a report by the Government Accountability Office that shows the federal government needs to take further action to clean up and prevent contamination from PFAS.

Gillibrand, Rep. Maloney Announce Bill To Protect Firefighters From PFAS

22 Feb 2021

New York U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney were in Newburgh Monday announcing legislation to protect firefighters from PFAS.

$4 billon settlement to protect Chemours, DuPont, Corteva against legacy PFAS liabilities

13 Feb 2021

DuPont, Chemours and Corteva reached the agreement in 2020 and made the announcement three weeks into the new year. It attempts to protect all three against “potential legacy PFAS liabilities,” a joint statement from the three CEOs says.

EPA PFAS Regulations: “PFAS A Priority” Says Incoming Administrator

9 Feb 2021

While Mr. Regan was questioned on many topics during his hearing, his statements supported two key points that we have been predicting for several months: (1) that Biden’s EPA will place top priority on PFAS and (2) that the EPA’s PFAS regulations under the Safe Drinking Water Act are coming – soon.

EPA Delivers Results on PFAS Action Plan

26 Jan 2021

The U.S. EPA announced a suite of actions from across the agency that will continue the significant progress the agency has made to implement the PFAS Action Plan—the most comprehensive cross-agency plan ever to address an emerging chemical of concern.

Notice of Availability for Public Comment: Interim PFAS Destruction and Disposal Guidance

12 Jan 2021

The EPA is requesting public comment on its recently published Interim PFAS Destruction and Disposal Guidance.

PFAS Product Liability Cases – Are the Floodgates Now Open?

12 Jan 2021

A signal that this “next wave” of products liability litigation may be here came late last week with the announcement that a product manufacturer settled a group of pending PFAS lawsuits – some of the damages going to environmental cleanup, but some of the damages going towards settlement with individuals for personal injury.

State to begin monitoring ‘forever chemicals’ in public water supplies

4 Jan 2021

The Minnesota Department of Health will sample public water systems for PFAS starting in early 2021.

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