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Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) in blood of captive Siberian tigers in China: Occurrence and association with biochemical parameters

19 May 2020 | Env Poll

Ten PFASs were detected in the blood of captive Siberian tigers, including PFOS alternative 6:2 Cl-PFESA, primarily from the consumption of PFAS-contaminated meat.

Removal of eight perfluoroalkyl acids from aqueous solutions by aeration and duckweed

19 May 2020 | Sci the Total Env

With duckweed, >95% of long chain PFAS at 200 ppb were removed after 2 weeks.

Perfluoroalkyl Substance Exposure Was Negatively Associated With Cortisone Levels in Pregnancy

19 May 2020 | J Endocr Soc

Early pregnancy concentrations of maternal PFAS were inversely associated with late pregnancy cortisone levels, indicating potential endocrine disruption in highly exposed mothers.

Investigation of Levels of Perfluoroalkyl Substances in Surface Water, Sediment and Fish Tissue in New Jersey, USA

19 May 2020 | Sci of Total Env

PFOS, PFDA, PFUnA, and PFDoA were the predominant PFAS detected in fish tissue with the highest levels downstream of a military facility.

Challenges in the analytical determination of ultra-short-chain perfluoroalkyl acids and implications for environmental and human health.

19 May 2020 | Anal Bioanal Chem

The present review gives an overview of the currently used analytical methods and summarizes the findings regarding potential analytical challenges regarding ultra-short-chain PFAS.

Association of perfluoroalkyl substances with gestational hypertension and preeclampsia in the MIREC study.

19 May 2020 | Environ Int

Higher levels of PFHxS were associated with the development of preeclampsia during pregnancy.

Adverse effects of in vitro GenX exposure on rat thyroid cell viability, DNA integrity and thyroid-related genes expression.

19 May 2020 | Environ. Pollut.

GenX exposure is associated with endocrine disruption by damaging the thyroid cell's DNA.

Persistent organic pollutant exposure and celiac disease: A pilot study

13 May 2020 | Environ. Res.

Females found to be at higher risk of celiac disease associated with exposure to PFOS and PFOA.

Recent advances in the analysis of per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS)—A review

12 May 2020 | ET&I

The existing analytical techniques are summarised (since 1985 till now) for the identification and quantification of PFAS.

Long-term investigation on the removal of perfluoroalkyl substances in a full-scale drinking water treatment plant in the Veneto Region, Italy

12 May 2020 | Sci. of the Total Envir.

A granular activated carbon system was studied for five years in Italy to determine various PFAS breakthrough behaviors.

Associations of Per-/Polyfluoroalkyl Substances with Glucocorticoids and Progestogens in Newborns

12 May 2020 | Env. Int.

These results suggested that not only PFOS and PFOA but also other PFAS have potential impacts on the endocrine system in newborns.

Investigating the OECD database of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances – chemical variation and applicability of current fate models

12 May 2020 | Environ. Chem.

3363 individual PFAS were extracted from the OECD database and separated into 12 groups, where only half were populated by well-studied compounds, thus indicating the significant knowledge gaps.

In-situ Sequestration of Perfluoroalkyl Substances Using Polymer-Stabilized Powdered Activated Carbon

12 May 2020 | ES&T

Experiments conducted in a model aquifer further demonstrated the potential for powdered activated carbon to be effective in situ treatment option for PFAS-impacted groundwater.

Early Life Exposure to Perfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) and ADHD: A Meta-Analysis of Nine European Population-Based Studies.

12 May 2020 | Environ. Health Perspect.

PFAS exposure was associated with an increased prevalence of ADHD in children from low-educated households.

The Relationship between Perfluoroalkyl Substances Concentrations and Thyroid Function in Early Childhood: A Prospective Cohort Study.

12 May 2020 | Thyroid

A significant relationship was found between early-life exposure to PFAS and thyroid function.

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