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3M evaluating options for PFAS manufacturing in Belgium

25 Sep 2023

3M said on Monday it was looking at options to further accelerate the stoppage of manufacturing of PFAS chemicals at its Zwijndrecht facility in Belgium and warned of a likely hit due to the continued idling of the plant.

Michigan AG Brings PFAS Lawsuit Against the Gerald R. Ford International Airport Authority

25 Sep 2023 | JD Surpa

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel has filed suit against the Gerald R. Ford International Airport Authority to enforce demands by the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy related to alleged PFAS contamination of the regional drinking water supply caused by the airport authority.

We tested EU politicians’ blood for PFAS. Here’s what they had to say about it

22 Sep 2023 | ChemSec

ChemSec was in Brussels this week, putting a needle in some parliamentarians and testing their blood for PFAS chemicals.

City of La Crosse reportedly denies $42.4 million PFAS compensation claims, clearing the path for lawsuit

22 Sep 2023 |

The City of La Crosse has denied claims totaling $42.4 million related to PFAS contamination on French Island.

Higher levels of 'forever chemicals' found in women with breast, skin, and ovarian cancers

21 Sep 2023 | MedicalNewsToday

Now, researchers from the University of Southern California have discovered women who developed breast, ovarian, skin, and uterine cancers had significantly higher levels of these types of chemicals in their bodies.

Buffalo Sewer Authority moves to remove forever chemicals from landfill leachate through firm's new tech

20 Sep 2023 | Buffalo News

The largest landfill in New York State for years has been trucking up to 150,000 gallons of leachate per day to Buffalo for treatment at the city's Bird Island wastewater plant, where toxic levels of chemicals such as ammonia and nitrogen are removed before the water gets piped into the Niagara River.

Scientists say some pitcher filters eliminate PFAS from your tap water

19 Sep 2023 | News Center Maine

The report by the Environmental Working Group tested 10 pitcher filter brands.

PFAS at Santa Susana Seep Through Regulatory Cracks

19 Sep 2023 | PEER

Despite historic use of toxic PFAS chemicals at the Santa Susana Field Laboratory, California’s public health agencies are not monitoring the migration of these chemicals and have no plans to clean them up, according to Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility.

‘Forever chemical’ exposure linked to higher cancer odds in women

18 Sep 2023 | The Guardian

Women exposed to several widely used chemicals appear to face increased odds for ovarian and other types of cancers, including a doubling of odds for melanoma, according to new research funded by the US government.

The battle over PFAS in Europe

18 Sep 2023 | c&en

Industry pushes back on the government proposal to ban fluoropolymers.

2 ways of knowing if there are PFAS in your drinking water

17 Sep 2023 | Popular Science

If forever chemicals made it into your water supply, a filtration system can help remove them.

Toxic PFAS ‘forever chemicals’ found in drinking water across Georgia

15 Sep 2023 | The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

A new round of testing has revealed toxic chemicals linked to cancer and impaired immunity, including in children, in the drinking water of nearly a dozen systems across Georgia, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Firefighters fear the toxic chemicals in their gear could be contributing to rising cancer cases

14 Sep 2023 | AP

Boston firefighter Daniel Ranahan had heard about colleagues getting cancer but he was stunned when doctors discovered a large tumor in his chest.

UL Solutions Enhances Restricted Substance Management Software to Help Clients Identify PFAS in Product Data and Aid Compliance Management

14 Sep 2023 | UL Solutions

UL Solutions, today announced an addition to its restricted substance and chemical data management software that helps clients to quickly identify PFAS in product and product portfolio data.

Nissan doubles restricted substances over 4 years, including PFAS

13 Sep 2023 | Nikkei Asia

Self-regulation by automaker and partner Renault goes beyond some national rules.

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