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To reduce PFAS levels in food, cook at home

9 Oct 2019 | Consumer Reports

A new study finds eating out and getting takeout may expose you to more toxic PFAS chemicals than eating meals prepared at home.

Toxic PFAS chemicals found in artificial turf

8 Oct 2019 | The Intercept

PFAS chemicals have been identified in synthetic turf, according to lab tests performed on several samples of the artificial grass that were shared with The Intercept. The presence of the chemicals, members of a class that has been associated with multiple health problems, including cancer, adds to growing concerns about the grass replacement that covers many thousands of acres in parks, schools, professional sports stadiums, and practice fields around the U.S.

Firefighting foam leaves toxic legacy in Californians’ drinking water

8 Oct 2019 | Los Angeles Times

California regulators say there is little they can do to speed up the military’s testing or cleanup efforts around its contaminated bases. Because the EPA has delayed setting a standard for cleaning up groundwater contamination, the military has avoided large-scale remediation costs.

Michigan House of Reps passes AFFF bills

5 Oct 2019 | Alpena News

A package of three bills that would keep better tabs on the amount of hazardous firefighting foam used in the state was passed in the state House and is headed to the Senate.

Judge asks for crash course in the science of PFAS chemicals

4 Oct 2019 | Bloomberg Environment

A judge in South Carolina before embarking on a major “forever chemicals” case is asking to arrange a crash course.These types of ‘Science Days’ becoming more frequent in complex liability suits.

[Press release] UN experts recommend elimination of additional hazardous chemicals to protect human health and the environment

4 Oct 2019 | Stockholm Convention Press Release

More than 100 scientific experts, from all over the world, attended the 15th meeting of the Stockholm Convention’s Persistent Organic Pollutants Review Committee (POPRC-15), in Rome under the auspices of the United Nations, and recommended that a group of hazardous chemicals (PFHxS and related compounds) be eliminated in order to better protect human health and the environment from its harmful impacts.

Testing for PFAS on Cape Cod: STEEP Team visits Barnstable, Yarmouth

4 Oct 2019

46 percent of 101 private wells tested in 12 Cape towns contained at least one PFAS chemical. Two or more PFAS chemicals were detected in 28 percent of the wells. Three percent had PFAS levels exceeding a new, stricter groundwater standard of 20 ppt for six emerging chemical. Presentations from STEEP Science Day are available online at

[EWG Press Release] Federal judge’s ruling allows class action suit against PFAS makers to proceed

3 Oct 2019 | EWG

This class action includes every U.S. resident with detectable levels of PFAS chemicals in their blood and who have claimed they have been injured as a result of being exposed.

3M suit aims to block tougher PFAS standards for water in NH

1 Oct 2019 | GateHouse Media

Chemical company 3M – along with the Plymouth Water & Sewer District, a Center Harbor farmer and a second company – filed a lawsuit against the state Department of Environmental Services seeking to block the implementation of new standards for a series of PFAS chemicals.

Michigan steps closer to PFAS standards for drinking water

28 Sep 2019 | Traverse City Record Eagle

The Michigan PFAS Action Response Team unanimously voted to draft rules founded on the health-based values recommended by a science advisory work group.

Temple researchers will look at link between PFAS and cancer

27 Sep 2019

Researchers at Temple University’s College of Public Health have been awarded a grant to look at potential links between PFAS-contaminated drinking water and cancer as part of a national, federally funded health study. The study will involve seven sites across the country, including Bucks and Montgomery counties in Pennsylvania and Gloucester County in New Jersey.

Drinking water serving 7.5 million Californians contaminated with ‘forever chemicals,’ new report says

27 Sep 2019 | CNN Wire

According to the EWG review of water samples taken between 2013 and 2019, water sources for 74 community water systems -- serving 7.5 million people in California -- have been contaminated with PFAS.

EPA: 3M discharged chemicals without required permit, took years to disclose reporting errors

26 Sep 2019 | WHNT News 19

A U.S. EPA inspection report found high levels of perfluorinated chemicals from discharge sites, noted 3M lacks a state discharge permit for a chemical that it's already been discharging and pointed out 3M waited three years to inform regulators about hundreds of instances of incorrect discharge information it had filed.

Silent Spring Institute awarded $1M to study health impacts of PFAS in drinking water

26 Sep 2019 | The Barnstable Patriot

The team plans to collect blood samples from 1,000 adults and 300 children in two communities in Eastern Massachusetts—Hyannis and Ayer—where public drinking water supplies have been contaminated by PFAS from the use of firefighting foams at nearby fire training areas.

Peters' resolution to phase out PFAS in fire fighting foam passes Senate

25 Sep 2019 | WKZO AM/FM

The unanimously passed resolution is calling for the final National Defense bill sent to the President to include a provision prohibiting the Department of Defense from using firefighting foams containing PFAS by the end of 2023.

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