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[Analysis] What do PFAS Actions Tell us About State Regulatory Officials?

22 Sep 2020 | Packing World

For one thing, the organization who brought us the model toxics law back in the 1990s that prohibited intentional use of four heavy metals in packaging, is considering amending their model law to include PFAS and phthalates.

Colorado testing fish in new push to prevent health harm from toxic “forever chemicals”

20 Sep 2020 | The Denver Post

Efforts to contain PFAS reflect growing concerns about unregulated contaminants degrading groundwater, soil and drinking water. Fish can accumulate PFAS at concentrations up to 10,000 times higher than the already-elevated levels in groundwater and people eating toxic fish could face health harm.

Air Force won’t follow NH’s new PFAS water safeguards

18 Sep 2020 |

U.S. Air Force officials said they will continue to follow the EPA’s “lifetime health advisory” for PFAS and not New Hampshire’s more protective standards.

EU agency sets limit on PFAS in food

17 Sep 2020 | Chemical & Engineering News

Recommended threshold applies to combined exposure to 4 PFAS, based on their ability to decrease people’s immune system response to vaccinations.

Coronavirus creates delay in Pentagon research for alternative to 'forever chemicals,' official says

15 Sep 2020 | The Hill

The coronavirus has caused a delay in researching alternatives to using cancer-linked chemicals in military firefighting foam, the director of the Defense Department’s Strategic Environment Research and Development Program said Tuesday.

Faster, on-site way to detect PFAS

15 Sep 2020 | Science Daily

The only way to prevent PFAS entering the food chain, is to minimise or remove the chemicals from the environment -- making early detection a highly desirable part of this removal process.

[Press Release] Minn. study is first to show cause-and-effect link between ‘forever chemicals’ in drinking water and reproductive harms

11 Sep 2020 | Environmental Working Group

A peer-reviewed study reports that the rate of premature and low-weight births in Oakdale, Minn., dropped dramatically and fertility rates increased after the city began filtering PFAS from its tap water.

$700 million plan unveiled to deal with ‘forever chemicals’ in east metro drinking water

11 Sep 2020 | Star Tribune

The plan still isn’t final — it’s open for a 45-day comment period through Oct. 26 — but it’s a major milestone in the $850 million settlement Minnesota reached with 3M Co. in 2018 over the man-made chemicals.

CFPUA asks to join Chemours lawsuit as new, previously unknown PFAS identified in the water

10 Sep 2020 | Port City Daily

The Cape Fear Public Utility Authority is contending that it should be granted equal standing in negotiations for a lawsuit against Chemours, in which the state is arguing that Chemours has allowed undue levels of PFAS into the drinking water of some New Hanover County residents.

City of Anaheim, Brown and Caldwell to partner on PFAS removal project

10 Sep 2020 | Water Finance & Management

Earlier this year, Orange County water agencies took more than 40 drinking water wells in north and central Orange County out of service, temporarily resulting in increased reliance on costlier water supplies imported from Northern California and the Colorado River.

Broad ‘fishnet’ PFAS testing worries industry, helps regulators

8 Sep 2020 | Bloomberg Law

North Carolina, the EPA, and an international standards organization want to use a method for detecting known and unknown “forever chemicals” in water that the chemical industry opposes for being too broad.

Neighbors file appeal to stop artificial turf field

3 Sep 2020 | Woodbridge Town News

The appeal states that the use of an athletic stadium employing artificial turf poses “unreasonable impacts to the health, safety and welfare of the community and the appellants” and that guarantee regarding PFAS/PFOS is unenforceable and unreasonably vague.

Groundwater council calls for action on PFAS; nitrate remains top contaminant

2 Sep 2020 | Wisconsin State Journal

While past Wisconsin Groundwater Coordinating Council’s reports have addressed PFAS, this is the first to call for direct action.

NC officials investigating foam containing chemicals found in Gray’s Creek

1 Sep 2020 | Cumberland County News

The surface water sample below the foam did not reflect it, but preliminary test results of the foam found significant levels of PFOS.

Pentagon will test firefighters’ blood for PFAS. But then what?

1 Sep 2020 | E&E News

The fiscal 2020 National Defense Authorization Act mandates that the military stops using PFAS containing foam by Oct. 2024 and requires DOD to test current military firefighters' blood starting in Oct. 1, 2020. There is however no guidance in place that will help to interpret the results.

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