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Updated Toxics in Packaging Legislation Adds PFAS and Phthalates

1 Mar 2021 | The National Law Review

The Toxics in Packaging Clearinghouse revised its Model Toxics in Packaging Legislation to include PFAS and phthalates as regulated chemicals and establishes new processes for identifying additional packaging chemicals of high concern.

Word of warning: Advisory issued for Lake Superior smelt due to PFAS “forever chemicals”

1 Mar 2021 | Duluth News Tribune

The fish consumption advisory for smelt is to limit consumption to one per month. This is the first PFAS-specific warning for Lake Superior, and for the Great Lakes.

NSW moves to ban ‘toxic’ firefighting foam containing PFAS chemicals

28 Feb 2021 |

The new regulations in New South Wales include banning the use of any PFAS firefighting foam for training and demonstration purposes, and restricting the use and sale of PFAS firefighting foam in portable fire extinguishers.

Wolverine Worldwide releases plan to deal with PFAS contamination at House Street property

24 Feb 2021 | FOX 17

The plan needs to be yet approved by the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy.

Lawsuits raise stakes for Saint-Gobain plan to fix chemical emissions

24 Feb 2021 | NHPR

Lawyers for the state and Merrimack are seeking injunctions as soon as possible to shut down the factory until a required upgrade is installed or emissions are otherwise controlled.

‘Forever chemicals’ found in Los Alamos waters

24 Feb 2021 | New Mexico PBS

While most water samples around the Los Alamos National Laboratory contained only trace levels of PFAS, some were 60 to 60,000 times the recommended lifetime exposure limit.

I Tested My Blood, Tap Water, Household Products, and Cat for PFAS

23 Feb 2021 | Consumer Reports

After spending several months reporting on the PFAS crisis, an alarming realization hit—taco night might be poisoning me.

Firefighters' Catch-22: Protective gear full of carcinogens

16 Feb 2021 | E&E News

Firefighters are exposed to cancer-causing chemicals in the very clothing and gear that is meant to protect them, a paradox that stems from standards set under industry influence.

‘Am I going to regret it?’: forever chemicals dilemma for breastfeeding mothers

15 Feb 2021 | The Guardian

Added exposure to PFAS through breastmilk can lead to a much higher level of the chemical in the infant compared with exposure in utero, causing additional risk during sensitive early development.

New University of Arizona studies looking at possible PFAS-COVID-19 link

15 Feb 2021 | Arizona Daily Star

Underlying this research are previous scientific findings that PFAS at high enough concentrations in people have been documented to weaken immune systems’ resistance to disease.

Topo Chico Cuts PFAS Levels by More Than Half in New Tests by Consumer Reports

12 Feb 2021 | Consumer Reports

Coca-Cola has reduced the level of PFAS chemicals in Topo Chico Mineral Water, the beverage maker’s popular sparkling mineral water, according to new tests by Consumer Reports.

Legal action taken on French Island PFAS contamination issue

11 Feb 2021 | WXOW

PFAS containing firefighting foam has been used in training sessions at the La Crosse Regional Airport.

Solvay impedes research into unknown PFAS by threatening testing lab with legal action

10 Feb 2021 | Consumer Reports

A Canadian laboratory can no longer sell a crucial product that independent researchers rely upon to test and analyze whether a particular PFAS chemical is present in soil or water.

Biden EPA dumps PFAS assessment over ‘political interference’

10 Feb 2021 | MLive

The EPA removed the toxicity assessment for PFBS from its website alleging the document was compromised by "political interference" in the final days of the Trump administration.

With PFAS everywhere, Minnesota calls for big new crackdown on the ‘forever chemicals’

10 Feb 2021 | Star Tribune

The plan calls for clearly designating the entire class of man-made chemicals called PFAS as a "hazardous substance" in state law.

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