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States begin to regulate PFAS In water discharges

7 Aug 2020 | JD Surpa

These new monitoring requirements will provide additional data on the presence of PFAS.

New state PFAS standards put Livingston Airport on cleanup list

6 Aug 2020 | WHMI

The new Michigan drinking water and groundwater standards resulted in 42 new sites being added.

FDA takes an important step by phasing out paper greaseproofing agents containing a specific PFAS

4 Aug 2020 | EDF

FDA secured voluntary agreements with three companies, Archroma, Asahi Glass, and Daikin, to phase-out products based on 6:2 FTOH. The action affects 15 food contact substance notifications approved by the agency between 2006 and 2016.

FDA announces voluntary phase out of PFAS used in food packaging

3 Aug 2020 | Food Poisoning Bulletin

Three manufacturers have agreed to a 3 year phase out of PFAS by gradually eliminating their sales of compounds that contain 6:2 FTOH for use as food contact substances. This phase out will begin in 2021. It may take up to 18 months after that three year time frame to exhaust existing stocks of products.

Preliminary study: State’s highest levels of ‘forever chemicals’ found in Cape Fear’s raw water supply

2 Aug 2020 | Port City Daily

The high level was attributed to PFAS chemicals coming from discharges at the Chemours Fayetteville Works plant.

Settlement With DuPont Likely on PFAS Liability, Chemours Says

31 Jul 2020 | Bloomberg Law

The Chemours Co. and DuPont likely will reach a settlement in a lawsuit where Chemours claims its former parent saddled it with millions of dollars to clean upper- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS, in the environment, the company’s chief executive officer said Friday.

Maine looks to be first in nation with PFAS statute of limitations

28 Jul 2020 | National Law Review

The PFAS statute of limitations bill is being heard on an emergency basis after growing public outcry earlier in 2020 when a few milk farms learned that their milk was tainted with PFAS.

Toxic ‘forever’ chemicals pose risks to Rhode Islanders

27 Jul 2020 | ecoRI News

PFAS are in a significant portion of the state’s drinking water. More than 40 percent of the schools tested had levels above the new recommended standard of 20 ppt.

3M-Decatur enters into consent order with state to clean up industrial pollutants

26 Jul 2020 | Times Daily

3M Co. has entered into a consent order with the Alabama Department of Environmental Management that requires the company to clean up "forever chemicals" from its Decatur plant and from numerous waste sites in Morgan and Lawrence counties, ADEM announced today.

With ‘trepidation,’ Michigan settles Wurtsmith PFAS cleanup dispute

26 Jul 2020 | MLive

A major bone of contention has been around the Air Force’s reluctance to comply with a low, 12 ppt state cleanup threshold for PFOS at the point where contaminated groundwater vents to surface water bodies.

State investigating ‘very startling’ levels of PFAS chemicals on central Maine dairy farm

24 Jul 2020 | Portland Press Herald

State officials said the farm was sending a relatively small amount of milk to a processor that was blending it with milk from other farms. They are looking for sources of the contamination, potentially including sludge used as fertilizer or firefighting foam.

NY legislators vote to ban PFAS chemicals in food packaging

24 Jul 2020 | WENY News

If Governor Cuomo signs the measure, PFAS will no longer be allowed as a coating on wrappers, cardboard, plastic containers, or other materials found in some fast food and grocery store establishments.

[Press Release] Upcoming NY State Department of Health vote on PFAS in drinking water to take place while DOH stalls on disclosing critical public comments

23 Jul 2020 | Earthjustice

The public and advocates are left in the dark about the basis for changes to the proposal, on which a vote will take place next week.

New Michigan PFAS rules set to take effect Aug. 3, among nation’s strictest

23 Jul 2020 | The Detroit News

The rules set maximum contaminant levels at 6 ppt for PFNA; 8 ppt for PFOA; 400,000 ppt for PFHxA; 16 ppt for PFOS; 51 ppt for PFHxS; 420 ppt for PFBS and 370 ppt for HFPO-DA or Gen X.

Study: Novel PFAS comprise 24% of those measured in blood of Wilmington, N.C. residents

23 Jul 2020 | NC State News

The fluoroethers – Nafion byproduct 2, PFO4DA and PFO5DoA – these are the first measurements of these chemicals in humans. Two other fluoroethers, PFO3OA and NVHOS, were infrequently detected. Nearly all samples had at least one fluoroether present, but GenX was not found in any samples.

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