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Colorado Intensifies Efforts Against ‘Forever Chemicals’ in Water Supplies

29 Nov 2021 | Fresh Water News/Colorado Politics

Colorado has launched an emergency grant program aimed at helping communities where PFAS have appeared in drinking water.

DNR Finalizing Rules Limiting Some PFAS in Drinking, Surface Waters

29 Nov 2021 | Wisconsin State Journal

The agency is separately working on rules to limit PFOA and PFOS in groundwater and another 12 fluorinated compounds in drinking water.

Maine found ‘forever chemicals’ in deer, but has no idea how widespread the problem is

24 Nov 2021 | Bangor Daily News

The discovery of “forever chemicals” in deer in central Maine and the subsequent guidance to not eat the meat raises serious questions about whether it is safe to consume venison killed in areas of the state where high levels of the chemicals have been detected or are suspected to exist.

[Opinion] COVID and PFAS: A match not made in heaven

24 Nov 2021 |

Somewhat overlooked has been the actual effects of accumulation of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances in our bodies, and there’s a new reason to study it.

Maine Issues ‘Do Not Eat’ Advisory for Deer Harvested Near PFAS-Contaminated Fields in Fairfield Area

23 Nov 2021 | The Portland Press Herald

The advisory area includes farm fields that have been contaminated by spreading municipal or industrial sludge for fertilizer that contained PFAS.

[Analysis] 7 things the White House should do to limit PFAS pollution

23 Nov 2021 | Environmental Health News

Addressing legacy PFAS pollution is not enough; it is crucial to prevent additional PFAS from entering commerce and further exposing us and our environment.

Two ‘Forever Chemicals’ More Toxic Than Previously Thought: EPA Drafts

18 Nov 2021 | The Hill

The agency also found that PFOA is “likely” carcinogenic to humans.

[Press Release] Bipartisan Bill to Ban PFAS Chemicals in Food Containers Introduced to Congress Today

18 Nov 2021 | Safer Chemicals Healthy Families and Toxic-Free Future

PFAS policy leaders and science experts urge Congress to act soon on the legislation.

EPA board to review new data on PFAS exposure effects

17 Nov 2021 | Coastal Review

The EPA has asked its science advisory board to review new data that suggest certain PFAS, can cause negative health effects at lower levels of exposure than initially thought and one in particular is likely carcinogenic.

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to ask Hundreds of Businesses to Begin Monitoring for PFAS

16 Nov 2021 | Star Tribune

The results could offer one of the most comprehensive understandings yet of exactly where PFAS contamination is still coming from.

Biden Billions for PFAS in Drinking Water

16 Nov 2021 | National Law Review

The monumental infrastructure bill that President Biden signed yesterday will send $10 billion to the States to pass on to drinking water suppliers to test for the "forever chemicals" known collectively as PFAS and then filter the parts per trillion of PFAS out of the water when they're found. 

Pennsylvania DEP Strict Limits for ‘Forever Chemicals’ in Drinking Water

16 Nov 2021 | The Philadelphia Inquirer

The rule would set limits of 14 ppt for PFOA and 18 ppt for PFOS.

[Press Release] EPA Advances Science to Protect the Public from PFOA and PFOS in Drinking Water

16 Nov 2021 | EPA

Following peer review, this information will be used to inform health advisories and the development of Maximum Contaminant Level Goals and a National Primary Drinking Water Regulation for PFOA and PFOS.

Exposed to Contaminated Water at Pease? Health Officials Urge Signing Up for Health Study

16 Nov 2021 | Portsmouth Herald

The information from the Pease Study will be compiled with results from seven different sites across the U.S. where people were exposed to drinking water contaminated by PFAS.

The infrastructure law aims to clean up pollution in your community

15 Nov 2021 | Vox

The law also makes another $10 billion investment in cleaning up PFAS, a class of “forever chemicals” commonly found in drinking water.

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