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UArizona granted $1.5M to study firefighters’ health risks

15 Feb 2020 | KTAR.COM

Researchers will be testing the blood and urine of firefighters to determine the precise amounts of PFAS in their bodies, along with zeroing in on the best practices for limiting overall exposure to the potentially harmful chemicals.

Water Update: PFAS and the Cost of Cleanup

13 Feb 2020 | Fullerton Observer)

The board hopes to recover the cost of cleanup through legal means as well as grant funding. The California Attorney General may sue Dupont.

Airport enters multi-district PFAS lawsuit

13 Feb 2020 | MVTimes

The airport is attempting to recoup mitigation expenses spent making sure neighbors of the airport property have clean and safe water to drink.

New PFAS toxic chemical injury cases against DuPont being tried in Columbus federal court

12 Feb 2020 | The Columbus Dispatch

Thousands of people were awarded millions of dollars from DuPont de Nemours, Inc. in a settlement after their drinking water was contaminated. However, now about 60 people who have since developed testicular and kidney cancers are suing the company in hopes of getting compensation.

Report: PFAS, toxic flame retardants, chemical disclosure top issues for states

7 Feb 2020 | WAMC

At least 29 states will consider more than 180 policies to require companies to disclose what is in their products as well as limit exposures to toxic chemicals.

Study says water filters may not block some harmful compounds

7 Feb 2020 | North Carolina Public Radio

While filters are an option, "the real goal should be control of PFAS contaminants at their source," said Detlef Knappe of N.C. State University.

Mark Ruffalo tells Europeans on the environment: “You guys are the heroes now”

5 Feb 2020 | META

“Industry should not be allowed to sell substances before they are proven safe, but it does… Our children should not be born contaminated with toxic substances, but they are. The EU needs to get a grip on a reckless chemical industry, fast,” said EU Environment Commissioner Virginijus Sinkevičius.

[Press release] State legislatures take the lead on turning off tap on toxic chemicals

5 Feb 2020 | SaferStates

PFAS, toxic flame retardants and chemical disclosure are the top issues for states.

Replacement chemicals may put pregnancies at risk

4 Feb 2020 | NIEHS News

Pregnant women’s exposure to PFBS, a common substitute for for PFOS, linked with a significantly increased risk of preeclampsia and gestational hypertension.

What the brain really thinks about forever chemicals

4 Feb 2020 | Purdue News Service

“It is thought that the shorter chain PFOAs are less toxic,” Cannon said. “But I would say we truly don’t know that. The data is not there. We have all these alternatives in the environment with little to no toxicity testing. In some cases that may be true. They may metabolize and leave the body faster, but from a neurological standpoint the smaller compounds usually penetrate the brain better. So that is something we need to pay attention to.”

Wolverine Worldwide PFAS settlement finalized with Michigan attorney general’s office

4 Feb 2020 | Gongwer News Service

Wolverine to pay $69.5 million to extend city water to properties with contaminated wells. The state is accepting comments on the settlement through February 13.

Movie Review: In "Dark Waters,” Experience the Emotional Toll of an Attorney Fighting for Truth

3 Feb 2020 | Ohio State Bar Assocation

The science is certain on the dangers of PFOA, as revealed by Bilott’s work — and we’re just starting to recognize the risks of a thousand similar chemicals.

[Press release] Forever chemicals no more

3 Feb 2020 | HEAL

Belgian premiere of Hollywood movie “Dark Waters” highlights reality of PFAS pollution and the urgency to address it through ambitious regulation. According to the Nordic Council of Ministers, some 100,000 sites across Europe are potentially emitting PFAS.

‘Our voices are not being heard’: Colorado town a test case for California PFAS victims

31 Jan 2020 | Los Angeles Times

When Wendy Rash was diagnosed in 2005 with a thyroid disorder, chronic fatigue and other ailments, her doctor couldn’t explain her suddenly failing health. It wasn’t until 2016 that scientists tested the tap water they had been drinking and found it was contaminated with man-made chemicals known as per-fluorinated compounds.

Gov. officials signal alarm on PFAS

30 Jan 2020 |

Gov. Mike DeWine has since directed the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency and Ohio Department of Health to undertake further testing in order to get a better understanding of PFAS contamination in water sources throughout the state.

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