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‘Forever chemicals’ may pose a bigger risk to our health than scientists thought

5 Dec 2022 | ScienceNews

Growing evidence of PFAS’ danger prompts new guidance for safe drinking water and health care.

Wooden spoons and glass mugs: how to avoid toxic chemicals in your kitchen

2 Dec 2022 | The Guardian

Here’s his guide to help you find safe alternatives for your kitchen.

[Press Release] Investors with $8 trillion call for phase-out of dangerous “forever chemicals”

29 Nov 2022 | ChemSec

The world’s biggest chemical companies are turning a blind eye to the emerging global crisis.

What should I do about PFAS in my water?

28 Nov 2022 | Wisconsin Watch

A consumer guide details how people can deal with harmful PFAS in local water sources being detected nationwide, including around Wisconsin.

PFAS Rule to Cost Many Millions More, EPA Analysis Finds

23 Nov 2022 | Bloomberg Law

Companies would pay hundreds of millions of dollars more to report their production of PFAS and importation of goods made with the chemicals than the EPA originally estimated, according to a revised economic analysis the agency will publish Friday.

Many DOE weapons complex sites record exposure to PFAS, mull next steps

23 Nov 2022 | Exchange Monitor

Many sites within the Department of Energy’s weapons complex have at least some level of exposure to certain human-made chemicals drawing increasing attention from the U.S. EPA, according to a report released Tuesday.

GAO Calls for Nationwide Analysis of “Forever Chemicals”

22 Nov 2022 | JAMA Network

The US GAO recommended that the US EPA conduct a national analysis of PFAS, a class of synthetic chemical compounds.

GAC Filters Continue To Effectively Remove Chemours’ PFAS

21 Nov 2022 | Cape Fear Public Utility Authority 

CFPUA has an ongoing program to monitor PFAS in raw, untreated water from the Cape Fear River and in finished, treated drinking water.

More than 110 experts raise alarm over WHO’s ‘weak’ PFAS limits for drinking water

19 Nov 2022 | The Guardian

Independent scientists raise concerns about apparent industry influence and distortions of the science in WHO guidelines.

A Year in Review: EPA’s Work on PFAS

18 Nov 2022 | Environmental Protection

The EPA’s A Year of Progress Under EPA’s PFAS Strategic Roadmap, published this week, outlines what actions have been taken so far to better the lives of people in our communities.

PFAS in San Francisco Bay Water

14 Nov 2022 | San Fransisco Estuary Institute & The Aquatic Science Center

Scientists with the San Francisco Bay RMP detected PFAS, also known as “forever chemicals,” at parts per trillion concentrations in the waters of the Bay.

Water Associations Share Final Comments on PFAS CERCLA Proposal

14 Nov 2022 | Water & Waste Digest

The U.S. EPA has proposed that PFAS chemicals be listed as hazardous substances in the Superfund.

[Press Release] 116 Scientists Reject WHO’s Draft PFAS Guidelines

10 Nov 2022 | Green Science Policy Institute

More than 100 scientists sent a letter to the World Health Organization today urging a complete overhaul or withdrawal of the organization’s draft drinking water guidelines for the two most well-studied PFAS.

Baltimore sues companies over ‘forever chemical’ pollution in waterways and water system

7 Nov 2022 | The Baltimore Banner

Baltimore sued a slew of chemical companies Friday, accusing them of “knowingly” allowing hazardous PFAS chemicals to contaminate its waterways and water system.

States take on PFAS ‘forever chemicals’ with bans and lawsuits

5 Nov 2022 | The Washington Post

They don’t naturally break down and are so widespread that they are found in the blood of 97 percent of Americans.

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