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[Podcast] The true cost of PFAS

26 Jul 2021 | Whooshkaa

Alissa Cordner, an Environmental Sociologist and Associate Professor at Whitman College, discusses a recent commentary paper "The True Cost of PFAS and the Benefits of Acting Now" which was published in Environment Science and Technology Journal.

Efforts underway in Europe to ban PFAS compounds

23 Jul 2021 | Chemistry World

The five European countries are proposing to ban the entire class of chemicals.

US House passes Dingell bill regulating ‘forever chemicals’ in drinking water

21 Jul 2021 | Michigan Advance

The legislation would direct EPA to start the regulatory process for regulating PFAS, in drinking water and making the decision on whether to set drinking water standards for certain types of PFAS or to regulate the entire class,.

PFAS update: Current state-by-state groundwater regulations

21 Jul 2021 | JD Supra

States have adopted a patchwork of regulations and guidance standards which presents significant compliance challenges to impacted industries.

Companies agree to $65M settlement over Hoosick Falls PFAS lawsuit

21 Jul 2021 | WAMC Northeast Public Radio

The agreement, which still needs court approval, would provide money and medical monitoring for thousands of property owners and residents.

‘Burden falls on exposed people’ as EPA weighs PFAS rules

21 Jul 2021 | E&E News

US EPA action to limit PFAS in drinking water is focused on just two compounds, meaning many Americans could continue drinking contaminated tap water for years to come.

Are we being kept safe from ‘forever chemicals’ injected into fracking sites?

21 Jul 2021 | The Guardian

A bombshell exposé revealed that oil and gas firms are injecting PFAS chemicals into fracking sites, threatening groundwater.

[Press Release] Detection of toxic PFAS chemicals increases to 2,790 communities

20 Jul 2021

The latest detections are based on new testing completed in Alabama, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, South Carolina and Vermont.

World’s first ban on products with PFAS adopted in Maine

19 Jul 2021 | C&EN

The US state of Maine is the first government in the world to ban the sale of products containing any chemical in a class of highly persistent synthetic compounds.

Seattle study of breast milk from 50 women finds chemical used in food wrappers, firefighting foam

18 Jul 2021 | The Seattle Times

This study represented the first PFAS analysis of breast milk in U.S. women since 2004, and offered a mixed progress report.

Local environmental groups form ‘PFAS Action Coalition’

16 Jul 2021 | NPR Michigan Radio

The new group is called the Great Lakes PFAS Action Network.

[Blog] Groundbreaking PFAS bills in Maine

15 Jul 2021 | Defend Our Health

Maine is the first state to require a comprehensive inventory of PFAS use and establish a procedure to eventually eliminate all currently unavoidable uses.

US House expects to vote next week on expanding PFAS regulations on toxic chemicals in drinking water

15 Jul 2021 | The Florida Phoenix

The bipartisan PFAS Action Act aims to reduce Americans’ exposure to the toxic chemicals in air, water and consumer products.

Time for EPA to come clean on PFAS

14 Jul 2021 | The Hill

Corporate coverups allowed PFAS to flood our environment. To stem the damage, we need to turn off the tap.

A landmark settlement: Delaware gets $50 million from DuPont, and chemicals companies for PFAS clean-up

13 Jul 2021 | WDEL News

This marks the first time the Delaware Department of Justice has resolved environmental damage claims on behalf of the state.

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