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Neighbors want to know what Sauget incinerator is burning

28 Nov 2020 | Fairfield Citizen

Environmental activists are concerned the incinerator could start burning PFAS firefighting foam.

Contaminants in NJ soil and water are toxic, documents reveal

25 Nov 2020 | The Intercept

Solvay had previously withheld information about the PFAS chemicals on the grounds that it was “confidential business information.”

Solvay workers found to have unregulated PFAS in their blood, documents show

25 Nov 2020 | Consumer Reports

The company, which says it now plans to phase out the chemicals, has known of potential risks for at least 15 years, internal studies show.

‘Dark Waters’ attorney: New ‘forever’ chemicals pose threat to environment, human health

24 Nov 2020 | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Mr. Bilott said. “The regulators need to address GenX as a class of chemicals because it’s impossible for the EPA to keep track of and regulate every one.”

Duty to defend: Under North Carolina law, insurer must defend personal injury claims arising from direct exposure to AFFF despite “hazardous materials exclusion” in CGL policy

24 Nov 2020 | Fox Rothschild

The terms “discharge,” “dispersal,” “release,” and “escape” are particular environmental terms of art in this context, and a “discharge, dispersal, release, or escape” of a pollutant must be into the environment to trigger the pollution exclusion clause and deny coverage.

First-of-its-kind study estimates daily PFAS dietary exposure from vegetables in adults and children

23 Nov 2020 | Mines Newsroom

The team used real-world data from PFAS-contaminated groundwater to conduct a hazard analysis of a theoretical farm comparing different risk estimates based on established state, federal, and international toxicity reference doses.

Pittsboro task force recommends “deep discounts” so poor residents can afford clean drinking water

23 Nov 2020 | North Carolina Health News

The Pittsboro Drinking Water Task Force wants the town to provide deeply discounted reverse osmosis filtration systems to low-income residents while it continues to explore permanent solutions for a community rocked by contaminated drinking water.

[Press Release] Governor Cuomo signs legislation banning incineration of firefighting foam containing PFAs in certain New York cities

23 Nov 2020 | New York State

Under the new law, incineration of this foam is prohibited in cities designated as Environmental Justice areas by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation where the population is between 16,000 and 17,000 residents.

Newly released data disclose Navy knew of toxic PFAS chemicals in groundwater at Grumman ‘fence line’ in 2016

21 Nov 2020 | Riverhead Local

The Navy had not previously disclosed the data on PFAS chemicals in samples taken at the fence line system dating back to December 2017 — and in one instance, September 2016.

State: 193 discharge facilities report PFAS

20 Nov 2020 | Colorado Politcs

A map of discharge permit-holders mostly indicated a potential or actual presence of foam or other PFAS-containing material along the Front Range and pockets of the Western Slope.

Well water throughout California contaminated with ‘forever chemicals’

19 Nov 2020 | CALmatters

Californians are largely left in the dark about the safety of their drinking water: Less than 9% of roughly 14,350 public drinking water wells in the state have been tested for PFOA and PFOS. State requirements have focused on areas considered vulnerable to contamination, such as near airports and landfills.

Op-Ed: Dear Joe Biden: are you kidding me?

19 Nov 2020 | The Guardian

The president-elect has tapped a former DuPont consultant to join his Environmental Protection Agency transition board.

Residential water wells test positive for PFAS pollution

18 Nov 2020 | Traverse City Record Eagle

The highest level found in East Bay Township neighborhood in Michigan was 1,300 ppt (PFOS, associated with firefighting foam). The state’s limit for that chemical in drinking water is 16 ppt.

‘Forever chemicals’ found in Chesapeake seafood and Maryland drinking water

17 Nov 2020 | Bay Journal

States like New Jersey urged its anglers to limit consumption of recreationally caught fish with comparable PFOS levels to what was found in the Potomac River striped bass.

Solvay withholds data about toxic PFAS pollution in New Jersey

17 Nov 2020 | The Intercept

New Jersey has sued Solvay Specialty Polymers over its refusal to release secret studies of its PFAS chemicals.

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