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[Op-ed] Hazardous chemicals and government silence — a dangerous mix

26 Mar 2020 | The Hill

Imagine this: More than six million Americans have drinking water that is poisoned by a group of closely related chemicals.

Pentagon cleanup of toxic ‘forever chemicals’ likely to last decades

22 Mar 2020 | The Hill

The Defense Department now has 651 sites it suspects could be contaminated with PFAS. Their timeline shows it will take anywhere from six to 13 years before DOD will begin cleaning up PFAS.

INSIGHT: Congress Confronts PFAS in National Defense Authorization Act—What you need to know

20 Mar 2020 | Bloomberg Environment

The final version of the NDAA dropped provisions that would have: (1) designated 4,000 PFAS as hazardous substances under CERCLA; (2) restricted PFAS discharges into drinking water supplies under the Clean Water Act; and (3) required water utilities to reduce the amount of PFAS in tap water.

3M announces progress on PFAS initiatives and actions

19 Mar 2020 | Business's Wire (

3M has launched a research clearinghouse webpage and is releasing previously unavailable PFAS reference standards.

Groups bring suit over secret approval process for PFAS chemicals

18 Mar 2020 | Courthouse News Service

In approving these chemicals without restriction, the EPA is certifying that the substances are not likely to pose an unreasonable risk.

Foam exposure committee leading PFAS research

18 Mar 2020 |

The mission of the committee is to reduce firefighter/first responder exposures to PFAS chemicals used in firefighting foams in order to protect their health and lives.

N.C. State receives $7.4 million grant to establish PFAS research center

18 Mar 2020 | NC Health News

The center will expand on existing studies, including human exposure to PFAS in Wilmington and the Fayetteville area, and take a deeper look into getting rid of the chemicals.

Military sees surge in sites with 'forever chemical' contamination

17 Mar 2020 | The Hill

The military now has at least 651 sites that may have been contaminated with cancer-linked “forever chemicals,” a more than 50 percent jump from its last tally.

Dane County, Madison Water Utility sued for withholding PFAS records

17 Mar 2020 | Wisconsin State Journal

Decades of training with firefighting foam at the Dane County Regional Airport have led to PFAS in soil and groundwater.

UC Riverside research finds possible end to forever chemicals

16 Mar 2020 | WaterWorld

Using excess electrons could help break the strong carbon-fluorine bonds of PFAS in water, leaving by-products that might even accelerate the process. The reaction also formed a hydrogen fluoride molecule. Whether or not these shortchain molecules are carcinogens at typical concentrations in water has not yet been determined.

Rash of lawsuits intensify concerns of 3M's liabilities over PFAS chemicals

13 Mar 2020 | Star Tribune

A rash of recent lawsuits against 3M have intensified concerns that it could face massive legal and cleanup costs over a class of chemicals called PFAS.

How DuPont may avoid paying to clean up a toxic 'forever chemical'

13 Mar 2020 | NBC News

Robin Andrews of Pedricktown, New Jersey, has been fighting an autoimmune disease and thyroid condition for the past three years, suffering severe dental problems, hair loss and other symptoms. All, she believes, are the result of exposure to drinking water tainted by a group of chemicals called PFAS, used widely for decades in products like Teflon pans, stain-resistant carpets, even cosmetics.

$20 billion bill proposed to clean up PFAS water contamination nationally

12 Mar 2020 | Union Leader

“While enforceable drinking water, clean water standards and the designation of the most harmful PFAS under the Superfund law are all urgently needed measures to address widespread contamination near military installations or other sites, communities will continue to need funding to remediate contamination and keep drinking water clean for years to come,” Carper said in a statement.

New federal law requires PFAS users to report to EPA

11 Mar 2020 | JDSupra

Facilities that manufacture, process, or otherwise annually use more than 100 lbs of any listed PFAS must submit annual reports to EPA. EPA is authorized to lower reporting thresholds in the future. The first reports for calendar year 2020 are due July 1, 2021.

Landmark legal settlement as government pays $212m to victims of toxic contamination

11 Mar 2020 | The Sydney Morning Herald

The federal government will pay out $212.5 million to settle three class actions launched by victims of toxic firefighting contamination across Australia.

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