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PFAS are raining down on Lake Superior

8 Jun 2024 | Quetico Superior Foundation

A recent study published in Environmental Science and Technology reveals that rain has played a large role in spreading PFAS into all five Great Lakes.

Drinking Water Has Highest Contamination Levels in These Five States

8 Jun 2024 | Newsweek

New Jersey, Massachusetts, California, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania have the most highly contaminated drinking water systems, according to the Environmental Working Group's (EWG) interactive map.

Looking to avoid toxic 'forever' chemicals? Here's your best chance of doing so.

7 Jun 2024 | USA TODAY

It may also be wise to avoid beauty or cookware products that are advertised as being waterproof, greaseproof, or nonsticking if they aren't specifically labeled as PFAS-free.

Texas Farmers Sue EPA for Alleged Inaction on Forever Chemicals

6 Jun 2024 | Bloomberg Law

The complaint, filed in the US District Court for the District of Columbia, says the Environmental Protection Agency’s inaction allowed PFAS from sewage sludge fertilizers to contaminate farmlands, livestock, crops, and water supplies.

Maine's biggest water district sues over so-called forever chemicals

6 Jun 2024 | Associated Press

The Portland Water District lawsuit comes as the cost of the disposal of PFAS-contaminated sewage sludge has doubled from $1.6 million to $3.2 million over the last three years.

Governor Cooper Proclaims June 3rd - 7th PFAS Awareness Week in North Carolina

31 May 2024 | Governor Roy Cooper

North Carolina leads effort to understand and protect against PFAS pollution while special interests lobby to block clean drinking water rules.

PEER Files Request for Correction Regarding Verification Analysis for PFAS in Pesticide Products

31 May 2024 | The National Law Review

According to PEER, “[i]n an effort to protect its reputation,” EPA issued false statements that the pesticides it tested contained no detectable PFAS.

Research funded to see whether mushrooms can remediate PFAS

29 May 2024 | Michigan Public

A National Science Foundation grant of $275 thousand will help the Marquette company Myconaut see if one of the oldest lifeforms on earth and the newest computer technology can combine to get rid of PFAS pollution.

Alarming levels of ‘forever chemicals’ found in water near Bangladesh garment factories

29 May 2024 | The Guardian

Study confirms huge concentrations of potentially dangerous PFAS in rivers, lakes and taps in Dhaka.

North Yorkshire town has UK’s highest concentration of ‘forever chemicals’

28 May 2024 | The Guardian

The market town of Bentham, which is home to 3,000 people and set on the banks of the River Wenning, is also home to the Angus International Safety Group – locally known as Angus Fire – which, since the 1970s, has been producing firefighting foams containing PFAS at a factory near the town centre.

EPA accused of ‘egregious’ misconduct in PFAS testing of pesticides

28 May 2024 | The Guardian

US agency found PFOS and other types of PFAS in pesticides but failed to disclose those results, watchdog group alleges.

Lawyers to Plastics Makers: Prepare for ‘Astronomical’ PFAS Lawsuits

28 May 2024 | The New York Times

At an industry presentation about dangerous “forever chemicals,” lawyers predicted a wave of lawsuits that could dwarf asbestos litigation, audio from the event revealed.

They’re in pans, fruit, dust – and even tap water. But can I eradicate toxic forever chemicals from my home?

25 May 2024 | The Guardian

One person’s attempt to reduce PFAS exposure from everyday items.

EPA announces $18.9M in funding to address PFAS contamination in New Mexico

24 May 2024 | New Mexico Political Report

While the funding announced on Thursday will help water utilities, including mutual domestics, communities that rely on well water such as La Cienega and La Cieneguilla will not benefit from this round of funding despite having had wells test positive for PFAS contamination.

Kalamazoo focuses on 2 pump stations to meet new federal PFAS standards

24 May 2024 | Wood TV

Kalamazoo is asking the state for $51 million to help get rid of PFAS from its water on the city’s east side.

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