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Although useful, PFAS or highly fluorinated chemicals are associated with serious health harm and can remain in the environment forever.

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3M evaluating options for PFAS manufacturing in Belgium

25 Sep 2023

3M said on Monday it was looking at options to further accelerate the stoppage of manufacturing of PFAS chemicals at its Zwijndrecht facility in Belgium and warned of a likely hit due to the continued idling of the plant.

Michigan AG Brings PFAS Lawsuit Against the Gerald R. Ford International Airport Authority

25 Sep 2023 | JD Surpa

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel has filed suit against the Gerald R. Ford International Airport Authority to enforce demands by the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy related to alleged PFAS contamination of the regional drinking water supply caused by the airport authority.

We tested EU politicians’ blood for PFAS. Here’s what they had to say about it

22 Sep 2023 | ChemSec

ChemSec was in Brussels this week, putting a needle in some parliamentarians and testing their blood for PFAS chemicals.

City of La Crosse reportedly denies $42.4 million PFAS compensation claims, clearing the path for lawsuit

22 Sep 2023 |

The City of La Crosse has denied claims totaling $42.4 million related to PFAS contamination on French Island.

Higher levels of 'forever chemicals' found in women with breast, skin, and ovarian cancers

21 Sep 2023 | MedicalNewsToday

Now, researchers from the University of Southern California have discovered women who developed breast, ovarian, skin, and uterine cancers had significantly higher levels of these types of chemicals in their bodies.

Latest Science

Associations between PFAS concentrations and the oxidative status in a free-living songbird (Parus major) near a fluorochemical facility

25 Sep 2023 | Environ Pollut

Some songbirds with high PFAS concentrations exhibit increased antioxidant defenses, indicating that they have managed to protect themselves against potential PFAS-induced oxidative stress, which may impact their overall well being.

Impact of per-and polyfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS) on the marine environment: Raising awareness, challenges, legislation, and mitigation approaches under the One Health concept

25 Sep 2023 | Mar. Pollut. Bull.

The authors call for more recognition of the long-term impact of PFAS on the marine environment, discussing mitigation challenges and approaches, regulations and ecosystem management, and the exacerbation of PFAS persistence and bioaccumulation by climate changes and synergies with other pollutants.

A critical review of perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) landfill disposal in the United States

25 Sep 2023 | Sci. Total Environ.

Annually, an estimated 7.5 metric tons of PFAS enter municipal solid waste landfills, with the majority staying in the solid waste and 16% leaving through leachate and landfill gas.

Per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances chemical degradation strategies: insights into the underlying reaction mechanisms

18 Sep 2023 | Curr. Opin. Chem. Eng.

This review discusses how PFAS are degraded by different mechanisms in order to facilitate the advancement of PFAS destruction methods.

An integrated assessment of ecological and human health risks of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances through toxicity prediction approaches

18 Sep 2023 | Sci Total Environ

PFOS and PFOA are the most prevalent PFAS in surface water and in humans, and modeling indicates that they result in endocrine disruption and multi-generational behavioral effects.

Latest Policy

PFAS disclosures from the Department of Defense cause fear and uncertainty for farmers

21 Sep 2023

Disclosures are an important first step in uncovering the full extent of PFAS contamination in the food system.

US Agencies Move Towards Buying PFAS-Free Fire Suppressants

19 Sep 2023

The Pentagon approved its first PFAS-free fire suppressant, opening the door toward airports putting out deadly fires without simultaneously putting firefighters, people, and the environment at risk.

Proposed PFAS draft legislation could give chemical companies regulation loopholes

18 Sep 2023

Two North Carolina moms who are activists against PFAS pollution met with federal leaders, including Sen. Thom Tillis, to speak out against new draft legislation that could allow polluters to avoid regulation.

Rep. Carbajal Introduces Clean Airport Agenda: Two New Bipartisan Bills To Help Central Coast Airports Remove Threat Of Forever Chemicals

8 Sep 2023

Congressman Salud Carbajal (CA-24) introduced two bipartisan bills aimed at helping the Central Coast curb the threat of forever chemicals in communities near regional airports.


[Public Comment] Proposed Solvay West Deptford Plant PFAS Settlement

Event: 6 Oct 2023

Members of the public are invited to provide feedback on the proposed settlement by submitting an official comment for the record. 

[Workshop] Beyond Science and Decisions: PFAS Limits: How Did We Get So Far Apart? Public Health and Policy Implications

Event: 17 Oct 2023

A multi-stakeholder approach to share information on differing PFAS/PFOA risk assessments that are supporting the development of widely different regulations. October 17-19, 2023 | Washington, DC.

[Proposal Submission] PFAS free solutions for non-stick coating for bakeware

Event: 17 Oct 2023

We are looking for proposal submissions of PFAS-free alternatives to PTFE non-stick coating solutions that can be suitable for application on bakeware products.

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