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Although useful, PFAS or highly fluorinated chemicals are associated with serious health harm and can remain in the environment forever.

Latest News

EPA Recommends States Monitor PFAS in Locally Caught Edible Fish

11 Jul 2024 | Bloomberg Law

The EPA included PFAS for the first time alongside cyanotoxins, arsenic, lead, pesticides and other pollutants in its national guidance and recommendations for which contaminants states should monitor in their fish and shellfish advisory programs.

‘Forever Chemicals’ Ban Could Impact Millions of Americans

10 Jul 2024 | Newsweek

The proposed Pennsylvania House Bill 2238, which has not yet been passed, hopes to outlaw the use of PFAS chemicals in cleaning products, carpets, cookware, cosmetics, dental floss, food packaging, infant and children's products, menstrual products, and textiles, among others, by 2027.

‘Forever chemical’ polluters land hefty contracts to meet electric vehicle battery demand

10 Jul 2024 | The Examination

Companies making battery chemicals stand accused of misleading regulators, hiding information and contaminating communities while making similar, related products.

Lithium ion batteries a growing source of PFAS pollution, study finds

8 Jul 2024 |

Texas Tech University's Jennifer Guelfo was part of a research team that found the use of a novel sub-class of PFAS in lithium ion batteries is a growing source of pollution in air and water.

Coffee, eggs and white rice linked to higher levels of PFAS in human body

8 Jul 2024 | The Guardian

A study that researchers say highlights chemicals’ ubiquity also shows PFAS association with seafood and red meat.

Latest Science

Effect of Short-term Sample Storage and Preparatory Conditions on Losses of 18 Per-and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) to Container Materials

15 Jul 2024 | Chemosphere

Glass and PET labware containers had the lowest losses of PFAS to adsorption, highlighting the need for careful selection of container materials and storage conditions when analyzing PFAS, especially for long-chain compounds.

Occurrence and potential ecological risks of PFAS in Pampulha Lake, Brazil, a UNESCO world heritage site

10 Jul 2024 | Sci Total Environ

PFAS have been found in high concentrations in Pampulha Lake, Brazil, posing ecological risks and potential health concerns due to bioaccumulation in fish, highlighting the need for more research in urban watersheds of low and middle-income countries.

Lithium-ion battery components are at the nexus of sustainable energy and environmental release of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances

8 Jul 2024 | Nature

A cradle to grave evaluation of PFAS in lithium ion batteries found contamination near manufacturing sites from PFAS with similar ecotoxicity and treatability to PFOA, a highly toxic legacy PFAS. This work underscores the importance of lifecycle impacts when evaluating low-carbon energy technologies.

Impacts of rapidly urbanizing watershed comprehensive management on per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances pollution: based on PFAS “diversity” assessment

8 Jul 2024 | Water Research

In rapidly urbanizing Shenzhen, China, watershed comprehensive management failed to reduce overall PFAS pollution and diversity, often exacerbating contamination through river sediment dredging, though it improved point source pollution and revealed new high-risk PFAS, highlighting the need for better regulatory measures.

A Decade of Data and Hundreds of Analytes: Legacy and Emerging Chemicals in North American Herring Gull Plasma

8 Jul 2024 | Chemosphere

Between 2010 and 2021, 199 herring gull serum samples from the Great Lakes were analyzed for various pollutants, revealing a significant decrease in regional concentrations of PFAS, PCBs, PBDEs, and pesticides, though PFAS emerged as the dominant contaminant, with PCBs still posing a threat near certain areas.

Latest Policy

EPA Releases New Science-Based Recommendations to Help More States, Tribes, and Territories Reduce Exposure to PFAS in Fish

15 Jul 2024

“It’s important for EPA to continue advancing the science on PFAS as part of our comprehensive effort to protect the public from these harmful substances,” said EPA Acting Assistant Administrator for Water Bruno Pigott. “By considering the latest science in their local advisories and testing for PFAS in fish at a local level, states and Tribes can protect subsistence, recreational, and sport fishers.”

Firefighting Foam: DOD is Working to Address Challenges to Transitioning to PFAS-Free Alternatives

8 Jul 2024

The Defense Department is mandated to stop using PFAS-containing firefighting foam, but faces challenges like the lack of a suitable replacement, an estimated transition cost of over $2.1 billion, and potential delays requiring waivers until 2026.

NH property-buyers to be notified about potential PFAS contamination under new law

5 Jul 2024

Gov. Chris Sununu signed House Bill 398 on Wednesday, a measure to include PFAS, along with radon and arsenic in the notification about common contaminants in New Hampshire provided to property-buyers.

[Agency Communication] Questions and Answers on PFAS in Food

26 Jun 2024

A Q&A on the impact of PFAS in food according to the Federal Food and Drug Administration.

PFAS ‘forever’ chemical laws need an overhaul – recent court rulings highlight the loopholes

25 Jun 2024

According to the “polluter pays principle”, polluters should pay for the pollution they cause, including the cost of measures taken to prevent, control and remedy any pollution.


[Job] EPA Fellowship on Application of Non-Targeted Analysis of PFAS in Biota

Event: 8 Nov 2024

A research training opportunity is available at the EPA, Office of Research and Development, Center for Environmental Measurement and Modeling, Atlantic Coastal Environmental Sciences Division located in Narragansett, Rhode Island.

[Job] Research Associate - Michigan State University

Event: 1 Apr 2025

The Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition seeks a Research Associate (Postdoctoral Researcher) to work in Dr. Courtney Carignan’s research program.

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