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Although useful, PFAS or highly fluorinated chemicals are associated with serious health harm and can remain in the environment forever.

Latest News

Texas Farms Detail PFAS Contamination in Lawsuit Over Biosolids Fertilizer

26 Feb 2024 | Progressive Farmer

With regulation of sewage-sludge fertilizer mostly unsettled nationally, a pair of Texas farms are suing the waste recycling and biosolids company Synagro for selling fertilizer that the farmers allege has affected their health, contaminated their water supply and left their fields and livestock with dangerous testing levels of "forever chemicals."

Personal injury firms look for people exposed to PFAS from Joint Base Cape Cod

26 Feb 2024 | wbur

Across the country, more than 10,000 people — many veterans and firefighters — have joined a lawsuit over exposure to toxic PFAS chemicals.

United Nations criticizes ‘forever chemical’ contamination in North Carolina

22 Feb 2024 | The Hill

“Even as DuPont and Chemours had information about the toxic impacts of PFAS on human health and drinking water, the companies continued to produce and discharge PFAS,” they said.

Frustrated Greenwich residents say not enough being done to fix toxic PFAS chemicals in water supply

22 Feb 2024 | Greenwich Time

Residents say they are frustrated by what they see as the town's piecemeal and convoluted approach to water testing and contamination, and many of them said so during a recent presentation on regulation and prohibition of toxic chemicals in the water supply.

How to talk to doctors about the potential health risks of PFAS

20 Feb 2024 | KXLY

ONeal is a nurse who lives in the area where it appears to be contaminated with PFAS. ONeal says to educate yourself, because many doctors and health providers might not be familiar with PFAS.

Latest Science

Integrated Analysis of Per-and Polyfluoroalkyl Substance Exposure and Metabolic Profiling of Elderly Residents Living near Industrial Plants

26 Feb 2024 | Environ. Sci. Technol.

Significant associations between PFAS exposure levels and metabolic profiles were identified among those residing near industrial plants, particularly within lipid metabolism pathways, shedding light on potential adverse health effects and emphasizing the importance of understanding and mitigating these risks.

PFAS Promotes Disinfection Byproduct Formation Through Triggering Particle-bound Organic Matter Release in Drinking Water Pipes

21 Feb 2024 | Water Research

Trace PFAS in drinking water can trigger particles to release organic matter, which are precursors for disinfection byproduct formation, suggesting that water utilities should further explore the roles of loose deposit particles in drinking water.

Reproductive toxicity of PFOA, PFOS and their substitutes: A review based on epidemiological and toxicological evidence

17 Feb 2024 | Environ Res

PFAS are widely recognized for their reproductive toxicity, with substitutes proving equally or more harmful; this review covers potential reproductive toxicity mechanisms for PFAS in both males and females.

Transport and health risk of legacy and emerging per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances in the water cycle in an urban area, China: Polyfluoroalkyl phosphate esters are of concern

16 Feb 2024 | Sci Total Environ

PAPs are a harmful group of PFAS that cannot easily be removed by drinking water treatment, and were found to be transported via precipitation more than municipal wastewater discharge.

Occurrence, bioaccumulation and trophic dynamics of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances in two tropical freshwater lakes

14 Feb 2024 | Environ Pollut

PFAS were measured in different fish species in two lakes in Nigeria, identifying the presence of novel PFAS, diSAMPAP and 9CL-PF3ONS, and documenting the role of urbanization on PFAS in the environment for the first time in Africa.

Latest Policy

Evers signals he won’t sign bill to fight PFAS as legislative session nears end

26 Feb 2024

Democratic Gov. Tony Evers signaled Wednesday that he has no intention of signing a Republican bill that would spend tens of millions of dollars to address pollution from the so-called forever chemicals known as PFAS because it dramatically scales back regulators’ enforcement authority.

Manufacturer-friendly PFAS bill abandoned by Indiana Senate committee

26 Feb 2024

Indiana senators ditched a bill on Monday that would have changed the definition of toxic PFAS chemicals to exempt those that Hoosier manufacturers want to keep using.

Indiana environmentalists, manufacturers at odds over bill to protect toxic PFAS chemicals

20 Feb 2024

The bill in question would ensure the “forever chemicals” can continue to be used in various products made in the Hoosier state.

2 Republican legislators push to set standards for PFAS in groundwater

20 Feb 2024

A newly proposed bill could give the Department of Natural Resources the green light to move forward with setting groundwater standards for "forever chemicals," despite the high cost of implementation.

EPA Proposes New Set of Rules to Regulate PFAS Under RCRA

15 Feb 2024

The U.S. EPA proposed two regulations that would add nine PFAS to the list of Resource Conservation and Recovery Act "hazardous constituents" and broaden the definition of "hazardous waste" applicable to corrective action at waste facilities, which taken together, would significantly enhance EPA's authority to regulate PFAS.


[Job] Senior Commercial Toxics Reduction Coordinator and a Senior Residential Toxics Reduction Coordinator

Event: 18 Mar 2024

The San Francisco Environment Department is recruiting for a Senior Commercial Toxics Reduction Coordinator and a Senior Residential Toxics Reduction Coordinator, offering opportunities to leverage both people skills and scientific expertise in advancing the reduction of toxic chemicals in everyday products and advocating for safer alternatives.

[Job] Research Scientist I

Event: 24 Apr 2024

Biomonitoring California at the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment is hiring for Research Scientist I.

[Job] Senior Environmental Scientist

Event: 24 Apr 2024

Biomonitoring California at the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment is hiring for Senior Environmental Scientist.

[Call for Applicants] Two Epidemiological PhD Projects

Event: 1 May 2024

The National Institute of Public Health, University of Southern Denmark is looking for applicants for two fully financed PhD student positions.

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