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Although useful, PFAS or highly fluorinated chemicals are associated with serious health harm and can remain in the environment forever.

Latest News

‘Forever chemicals’ entering Great Lakes through precipitation and air: Study

20 May 2024 | The Hill

Toxic “forever chemicals” are entering the Great Lakes through both precipitation and the air — reaching cities of all sizes along the U.S. and Canadian shores, a new study has found.

Toxic Gaslighting: How 3M Executives Convinced a Scientist the Forever Chemicals She Found in Human Blood Were Safe

20 May 2024 | ProPublica

Decades ago, Kris Hansen showed 3M that its PFAS chemicals were in people’s bodies. Her bosses halted her work. As the EPA now forces the removal of the chemicals from drinking water, she wrestles with the secrets that 3M kept from her and the world.

Fire chiefs eye future of gear without 'forever chemicals'

17 May 2024 | WGAL

If you look through the aisles of the Fire Expo Show, you'll see plenty of firefighting vehicles, equipment, and tools — including gear that does not contain so-called "forever chemicals" that have been linked to cancer and other health problems.

EPA Holds Webinar on “Reducing PFAS in Products: Progress and Challenges”

17 May 2024 | The National Law Review

Jennie Romer, EPA Deputy Assistant Administrator for Pollution Prevention, hosts webinars featuring businesses, Pollution Prevention grantees, and other experts about innovations and successes in implementing source reduction strategies to advance sustainability across sectors.

Forever chemicals on turf fields? Studies increase debate over synthetic vs. real grass

16 May 2024 | WGME

While that artificial grass may look greener, some communities, including Camden Hills, have concerns about its overall impact on students and the environment.

Latest Science

[Report] Recycling of Solar Panels: Comparison of scenarios for a more circular and safe product chain

20 May 2024 | RIVM

The Netherlands aims for a circular economy by 2050 and is developing recycling technologies for solar panels, with a focus on addressing hazardous substances like PFAS found in the panels' backsheets, to ensure safe and sustainable disposal as large-scale panel retirement begins in five years.

Considerations and challenges in support of science and communication of fish consumption advisories for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances

16 May 2024 | Integr Environ Assess Manag

Inconsistent state guidelines for environmental contaminants for PFAS create challenges for public health agencies. The authors therefore call for unified, science-based approaches to improve risk assessment and communication.

PFAS-Contaminated Pesticides Applied near Public Supply Wells Disproportionately Impact Communities of Color in California

14 May 2024 | ACS ES&T Water

Communities of Color in California face a higher risk of PFAS contamination in drinking water due to disproportionate pesticide applications near their water sources, highlighting the need for increased PFAS monitoring and remediation in these areas.

Investigation of the Link between Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances and Stress Biomarkers in Bottlenose Dolphins

14 May 2024 | Environ Sci Technol

Exposure to various PFAS chemicals in bottlenose dolphins from South Carolina and Florida correlates with changes in stress-related cortisol levels, suggesting PFAS may impact their stress response and highlighting the need for further long-term research.

Association of diet with per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances in plasma and human milk in the New Hampshire Birth Cohort Study

11 May 2024 | Sci Total Environ

Certain dietary factors during pregnancy, such as increased consumption of fish/seafood, eggs, coffee, or white rice, were found to be associated with higher concentrations of PFAS in both maternal plasma and human milk, indicating the importance of understanding food-related sources of PFAS exposure for pregnant individuals and their offspring. Fruit, whole grain, and fiber consumption was associated with lower levels of PFAS in maternal plasma.

Latest Policy

Rep. Carbajal’s Bipartisan Bills Combating PFAS Contamination At Airports Signed Into Law

17 May 2024

President Biden signs Rep. Carbajal’s ‘Clean Airport Agenda’, creating a new grant program to help airports transition away from PFAS firefighting foams and requiring routine updates from federal agencies for implementing phase out of toxic ‘forever chemicals’

NH Senate passes ban of PFAS in certain consumer products: 'We got it done'

16 May 2024

HB 1649 would ban the sale of certain consumer products containing intentionally added per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances, also known as forever chemicals, effective Jan. 1, 2027. The products would include things like adult mattresses, carpets and food packaging.

SB24-081 Perfluoroalkyl & Polyfluoroalkyl Chemicals

13 May 2024

This law will phase out the sale and distribution of certain products and product categories in the state of Colorado that contain intentionally added PFAS chemicals.

[Public Comment] Filing of Food Additive Petition From Environmental Defense Fund

6 May 2024

The Food and Drug Administration is announcing that it has filed a food additive petition, submitted by Environmental Defense Fund et al., proposing that the food additive regulations be amended to remove fluorinated polyethylene.

US polluters will pay for PFAS contamination cleanup following EPA ruling

24 Apr 2024

Michael S Regan, EPA administrator, said: “Designating these chemicals under our Superfund authority will allow EPA to address more contaminated sites, take earlier action, and expedite cleanups, all while ensuring polluters pay for the costs to clean up pollution threatening the health of communities.”


[Job for California College/University Students] Graduate Student Assistant - Environmental Health

Event: 16 Jun 2024

The California Department of Public Health is seeking to hire a graduate-level student to fill one paid student intern position.

[Public Comment] Filing of Food Additive Petition From Environmental Defense Fund

Posted: 6 May 2024

The Food and Drug Administration is announcing that it has filed a food additive petition, submitted by Environmental Defense Fund et al., proposing that the food additive regulations be amended to remove fluorinated polyethylene.

[Job] Research Associate - Michigan State University

Event: 1 Apr 2025

The Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition seeks a Research Associate (Postdoctoral Researcher) to work in Dr. Courtney Carignan’s research program.

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