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Although useful, PFAS or highly fluorinated chemicals are associated with serious health harm and can remain in the environment forever.

Latest News

Rokita launches PFAS lawsuit aimed at companies around Indiana using toxic ‘forever chemicals’

15 Apr 2024 | Indiana Capital Chronicle

The move is in sharp contrast to state lawmakers’ attempts earlier this year to ensure manufacturers can use most PFAS substances.

Babies exposed to PFAS weigh less at birth, earn less as adults, study finds

15 Apr 2024 | Minnesota Reformer

People born in the 1970s and 1980s near military bases with high levels of groundwater PFAS contamination had lower birth weights, were less likely to graduate college, and today earn less money than similar individuals who were not exposed to high levels of PFAS, according to a new working paper by economists at Iowa State University and the U.S. Census Bureau.

What are PFAS? "Forever chemicals" and their health effects, explained

11 Apr 2024 | CBS News

But according to industry documentation, evidence has been growing for decades that PFAS are toxic.

USGS study finds PFAS levels increase in Rio Grande as it flows past Albuquerque

10 Apr 2024 | KRQE News

“When we look for PFAS, typically guess what? We find it. And that’s the nature of the chemical: it does not break down in the environment, it does accumulate in our bodies, so the less we ingest the better off we are,” says James Kenney, cabinet secretary of the New Mexico Environment Department (NMED).

Toxic ‘forever’ chemicals found in excessive levels in global groundwater, study says

8 Apr 2024 | CNN

“The significance of this (new) paper is highlighting the failure of chemical policy and allowing widespread release of PFAS to the extent that they have been dispersed across the globe to contaminate water everywhere,” said David Andrews, a senior scientist for the Environmental Working Group.

Latest Science

Partitioning of PFAS to serum, tissues, eggs, and hatchlings of an Australian freshwater turtle

15 Apr 2024 | J. Hazard. Mater.

Higher levels of certain PFAS were discovered in male turtles compared to females, with PFOS being the most prevalent in the turtles' tissues, while PFHxA was predominant in the surrounding water. All of the long chain PFAS were transferred from yolk to hatchling, suggesting an intergenerational effect.

Estimating the dynamic early life exposure to PFOA and PFOS of the HELIX children: Emerging profiles via prenatal exposure, breastfeeding, and diet

9 Apr 2024 | Environ. Int.

Children's exposure to PFAS from birth to 12 years old was estimated using a model that revealed fluctuations in plasma concentrations influenced by factors such as fetal development, breastfeeding, and food intake, thereby highlighting the importance of investigating early-life exposure to enhance risk assessment.

PFAS Contamination in Europe: Generating Knowledge and Mapping Known and Likely Contamination with “Expert-Reviewed” Journalism

9 Apr 2024 | Environ Sci Technol

The "Forever Pollution Project" (FPP), a collaborative effort between journalists and scientific advisers, used investigative techniques to reveal widespread PFAS contamination across Europe, emphasizing the importance of data transparency and collaboration among researchers, policymakers, and journalists in addressing environmental issues.

Underestimated burden of per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances in global surface waters and groundwaters

8 Apr 2024 | Nature

This study compiled data from over 45,000 surface and groundwater samples worldwide to assess the global prevalence of PFAS contamination, revealing that many samples exceed safe drinking water guidelines.

Constraining global transport of perfluoroalkyl acids on sea spray aerosol using field measurements

5 Apr 2024 | Science Advances

PFAAs were found to be present in sea spray aerosols in global oceans at levels significantly higher than in seawater, indicating that sea spray aerosols emissions may be a major source of PFAAs in the atmosphere, comparable to or greater than other known sources such as manufacturing emissions and precursor degradation.

Latest Policy

Vermont House unanimously passes bill to ban PFAS, or 'forever chemicals'

11 Apr 2024

A roll call vote passed unanimously, with a vote of 130-0.

EPA imposes first national limits on 'forever chemicals' in drinking water

10 Apr 2024

For the first time, the Environmental Protection Agency has established national limits for six types of perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances in drinking water.

‘Forever chemicals’: French MPs approve PFAS product ban

4 Apr 2024

The bill, introduced by environmentalist Nicolas Thierry, called for a ban on the manufacture, import and sale of any cosmetic product, wax product (for skis) or clothing textile product PFAS, with the exception of protective clothing for safety and civil security professionals from January 1, 2026.

PFAS Drinking Water Rule Clears White House: Let the Litigation Begin

1 Apr 2024

As we have previously predicted, we expect immediate and numerous lawsuits from various groups challenging the PFAS drinking water regulation.

US appeals court kills ban on plastic containers contaminated with PFAS

30 Mar 2024

Conservative fifth circuit overturns EPA’s ban prohibiting Inhance from using manufacturing process creating toxic compound.


[Job] Research Scientist I

Event: 24 Apr 2024

Biomonitoring California at the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment is hiring for Research Scientist I.

[Job] Senior Environmental Scientist

Event: 24 Apr 2024

Biomonitoring California at the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment is hiring for Senior Environmental Scientist.

[Call for Applicants] Two Epidemiological PhD Projects

Event: 1 May 2024

The National Institute of Public Health, University of Southern Denmark is looking for applicants for two fully financed PhD student positions.

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