Charting a Path: PFAS Testing Methods

September 1, 2020

“Charting a Path to PFAS Solutions” is an initiative of the Center for Environmental Health, BizNGO (a program of Clean Production Action), San Francisco Department of the Environment, and the Cancer Free Economy Network. It is an informal, multi-stakeholder group where information sharing and discussion across manufacturers, retailers, health care organizations, governments, and NGOs provide a platform for real solutions to PFAS in food service ware and packaging applications.

You're welcome to this call for a deep-dive into PFAS testing methods.

  • What are they?
  • What applicable to?
  • Which ones are most applicable to which media (for example, drinking water, firefighting foam, food packaging)?

Engage and hear from:

  • Erika Schreder, Science Director, Toxic-Free Future,
  • James Ewell, Sustainable Chemistry Practice Lead, Anthesis
  • Shari Franjevic, GreenScreen Program Manager, Clean Production Action


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