[Conference] 2023 International Symposium on Alternatives Assessment

October 24, 2023

Date: October 24-26, 2023
Location: Tacoma, WA
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Registration is open for the 2023 A4 Symposium!

Registration is open for A4's International Symposium on Alternatives Assessment on October 24–26, 2023 at the University of Washington in Tacoma, WA. This year's theme is "Enhancing Safety, Health and Equity". The Symposium sessions will support continued learning about advances in the field across all facets of the assessment process with a special focus on advancing equity considerations to protect against unintended and unjust consequences in the outcomes of an alternatives assessment.

Early bird registration is open through September 15, 2023 – Be sure to register early to save!

Who Attends

The symposium provides an opportunity to convene the broad community of individuals working on various aspects of alternatives assessment and informed substitution programs.

  • Professionals working in supporting scientific disciplines including exposure, hazard, and life cycle assessment and decision-analysis
  • Developers of data and tools to support alternatives assessment
  • Researchers and practitioners in alternatives assessment and informed substitution, including those:
      • working on alternatives assessment methods
      • conducting, evaluating, and implementing assessments
      • supporting informed substitution activities

New Short Course Announced!

This year's Symposium theme, "Enhancing Safety, Health and Equity" includes a special focus on advancing environmental justice and equity considerations in alternatives assessments. Although environmental justice has its roots in the United States, the concept is highly linked to social justice and related human rights issues that form the basis of global environmental and social governance (ESG) initiatives.

The Social Hotspots Database Project aims to foster greater collaboration in improving social conditions worldwide by providing the data and the tools necessary for improved visibility of social hotspots in product supply chains. Symposium short course participants can expect to learn about: (1) key attributes applicable to alternatives assessments to evaluate social impacts of chemical/product manufacturing globally using tools such as social life cycle assessment; (2) how to use the social hotspots database; and (3) lessons learned from the instructor and participants to support evaluating and utilizing information about social hotspots to inform chemical selection decisions.

Please note that the short course will be held on Tuesday, October 24 and registration is separate from the A4 Symposium ticket. You must register separately for this event!