EWG’s Inaugural PFAS Conference

July 14, 2021


The “forever chemicals” known as PFAS are found in the blood of 99 percent of Americans, including newborn babies. These highly toxic fluorinated chemicals are notorious for contaminating drinking water and are found in hundreds of everyday products. PFAS chemicals are particularly harmful to our health, because they build up in our bodies and never break down in the environment. Even exposure to very small doses of PFAS has been linked to cancer, reproductive and immune system harm, and other diseases.

This July, EWG is convening our Inaugural PFAS Conference, which will bring together policymakers, scientists and marketplace leaders to share the latest developments, discuss how best to shed light on the impact of these toxic “forever chemicals” on us, and find out what is being done to address the harms PFAS cause to human health and the environment.

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