[Job] Senior Research Scientist

November 7, 2023

Job Description and Duties

Incumbents in one of these classifications, where a Master’s Degree is required to meet the minimum qualifications, shall receive an educational pay differential equivalent to 2% of their monthly base pay. Those where a Doctoral Degree is a required to meet the minimum qualifications, shall receive an educational pay differential equivalent to 3% of their monthly base pay. Individuals with both a Master’s and Doctoral Degree will be given the best benefit in relation to salary shall only be eligible for only one amount.

The incumbent works under the administrative direction of the Exposure Assessment Section Chief. The Research Scientist IV (RS IV) will use their advanced epidemiologic and statistical expertise to serve as a technical lead for the California Environmental Contaminants Biomonitoring Program (also known as Biomonitoring California) and as a technical advisor for the Environmental Health Investigations Branch (EHIB).

As lead scientist, the RS IV’s responsibilities will include designing biomonitoring and other environmental health studies and conducting data analysis to reveal population-level exposure trends and explore disparities and sources of exposure. The RS IV will also provide guidance on EHIB projects, related to exposure investigations, and impacts of climate change.


“Candidates who meet the minimum qualifications of the Research Scientist IV (Epidemiology/Biostatistics) classification and are interested in this position, may take the Research Scientist IV (Epi/ Bio) exam to obtain list eligibility. List eligibility is required prior to appointment.” If you have not taken the RS IV exam, please follow the link below:



The attached duty statement indicates whether this position is eligible for telework. All employees who telework are required to be California residents in accordance with Government Code 14200, and may be required to report to a CDPH office, when needed. Candidates who reside outside of the state of California may be interviewed; however, the selected candidate must have a primary residency in the state of California prior to appointment (and continue to maintain California residency) as a condition of employment. Failure to meet this requirement may result in the job offer being rescinded.

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You will find additional information about the job in the Duty Statement.


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