[Webinar] PFAS in Food Packaging Alternative Assessments Webinar - Second Scope

May 25, 2021

PFAS Alternatives Assessment (AA) stakeholders,

Please join us Tuesday, May 25, 2021 to learn more and get your questions answered about the scope for the second AA.

Our team will provide a brief overview of the scope for the second AA. We will have plenty of time to answer questions from stakeholders.

What does the scope include?

We will publish the draft scope document soon. In this scope document, we will propose new definitions for the specific food packaging applications that will be the focus of this AA. We will also list alternatives to PFAS that we will prioritize evaluating.

We encourage you to use this webinar as an introduction to the scope. We will be asking for your input on the scope document, and will incorporate stakeholder feedback as we begin using the scope to plan the second AA.