‘All-natural’ Simply Orange Juice has high toxic PFAS levels, lawsuit alleges

By Tom Perkins | The Guardian | January 19, 2023

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“A new class-action lawsuit in the US alleges Coca-Cola and Simply Orange Juice deceived customers with claims of an all-natural, healthy product when the juice has been found to be contaminated with toxic PFAS at levels ‘hundreds of times’ above federal advisory limits for drinking water…

…The complaint takes aim at several specific claims on Simply’s packaging and branding, including mentions of ‘all natural ingredients’, ‘simply natural’, and ‘nothing to hide’. The inclusion of ‘filtered water’ leads ‘reasonable consumers to believe that additional care has been taken to remove any incidental chemicals or impurities,’ the complaint states.

‘In reality, testing has revealed that the product contains [PFAS], a category of synthetic chemicals that are, by definition, not natural,’ the complaint states…

…The labeling is part of Simply’s wider marketing campaign, which positions the orange juice as being ‘transparent, natural, simple in order to gain the trust of reasonable consumers who reasonably believe that the product is free from synthetic’ ingredients, the suit says."

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