America’s first high-volume ‘PFAS Annihilator’ is up and running in West Michigan

By Matt Jaworowski | woodTV8 | May 4, 2023

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"After five years of development, a four-way business partnership has created the nation’s first high-volume closed-loop PFAS destruction system — and it’s right here in West Michigan.

Heritage-Crystal Clean runs the system out of its wastewater treatment facility in Wyoming using technology developed and manufactured by Battelle spin-off Revive EnvironmentAllonnia and EPOC Enviro.

The long-lasting chemical compounds have made headlines for years in West Michigan as more contamination sites are found, and scientists learn more about the health impacts of the chemical compounds. Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances are a large group of compounds first developed in the 1940s and incorporated into all sorts of products for waterproofing and heat resistance. Decades later, research showed that PFAS compounds take a long time to break down organically and can build up in the human body, causing serious health problems including cancer."