Comic-themed bibs contaminated with harmful PFAS, California lawsuit alleges

By The Guardian | Tom Perkins | March 21, 2024

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“DC and Marvel comic-themed baby and toddler bibs are contaminated with toxic PFAS ‘forever chemicals’, leaving kids exposed to carcinogens that can easily be ingested, a new California lawsuit alleges.

Among others, the suit names the bibs’ US producer and Amazon as defendants. Under Proposition 65, products sold in California that contain PFOA, a highly toxic PFAS compound that was phased out of production in the US, must at a minimum contain a warning.

Even tiny amounts of PFOA can remain in the body for decades and be ‘detrimental’ to kids, said Vineet Dubey, the suit’s lead attorney.

‘If you’re exposed as an infant … then it is in your body, causing trouble, causing cancer, causing reproductive harm for the first 30 to 40 years,’ he said. Dubey brought the suit on behalf of Ecological Alliance, a consumer protection company that litigates Proposition 65 violations."

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