Frustrated Greenwich residents say not enough being done to fix toxic PFAS chemicals in water supply

By Robert Marchan | Greenwich Time | February 22, 2024

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"Residents say they are frustrated by what they see as the town's piecemeal and convoluted approach to water testing and contamination, and many of them said so during a recent presentation on regulation and prohibition of toxic chemicals in the water supply.

Nearly a dozen hands shot up during the question-and-answer section following a brief lecture given by Anne Hulick, the statewide director of a national environmental watchdog organization, on the presence of a group of chemicals known as PFAS, in drinking water in Greenwich and many other places across the world. The Greenwich Sustainability Committee sponsored the event.

The chemicals have turned up in elevated levels at numerous private wells in the north end of Greenwich. PFAS were also discovered in Parkway School's water supply late last year, requiring students and staff to rely on bottled water until a new filtration system can be installed."