Hawaii, the EPA, the Navy, and 6:2 FTS

By Pat Elder | Military Poisons | June 28, 2024

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“See the report, ‘Red Hill AFFF Assessment Sampling’ by APPL Labs, dated December 27, 2022. The results for Adit 6 show 4,700 parts per trillion, (ppt) of 6:2 Fluorotelomer sulfonic acid (6:2 FTS) in groundwater. This is a frightening level.

Adit 6 is the location of the PFAS spill of 1,300 gallons of PFAS concentrate released by the Navy at Red Hill on November 29, 2022.

To understand the significance of the 4,700 ppt in groundwater, see the concentrations of 11 PFAS compounds below reported by the Navy from the leak at Adit #6.” …

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