Mark Ruffalo tells Europeans on the environment: “You guys are the heroes now”

By Khaled Diab | META | February 5, 2020

Read the full article by Khaled Diab (META the European Environmental Bureau)

"Hollywood superstar Mark Ruffalo spoke in Brussels today about his new film Dark Waters, which depicts the lengthy legal battle against a US corporation which polluted the environment with toxic “forever chemicals” for decades.

Despite REACH, the world’s strictest chemical legislation, Europe faces similar risks from under-regulated chemical innovation. This demands urgent legislative reform.

At the European Parliament today, Hollywood superstar and prominent activist Mark Ruffalo spoke about his critically acclaimed, hard-hitting new film Dark Waters chronicling the decades-long cover up of the health and environmental consequences of Dupont’s dumping of the toxic chemical C8 (which it used in the manufacturing of Teflon) into the local water supply..."