National park wild boar contain five-times more toxic PFAS than humans allowed to eat, study finds

By The James Hutton Institute | | June 26, 2024

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"Wild boar in a European national park have been found to contain levels of toxic PFAS "forever chemicals" nearly five-times higher than is allowed to be sold in meat for human consumption under EU law, according to a new study.

The work, by experts in PFAS at The James Hutton Institute in Aberdeen and the University of Graz in Austria, was carried out to assess background levels of the chemicals in the environment, using wild boar from the Bohemian Forest National Park in the Czech Republic as "bio-indicators." The research is published in the journal Science of The Total Environment.

It found that, compared to an earlier study of wild boar in a rural area of north-east Germany, the boar in the park contained twice as much PFAS."