Panel of scientists recommends stronger guidelines on PFAS

By Jim Spencer | Star Tribune | June 30, 2020

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"WASHINGTON – A panel of scientists has recommended that all forms of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) used in waterproofing, nonstick cookware, firefighting foams and other heat- and stain-resistant uses be classified collectively as problematic and restricted in uses.

PFAS — made by many companies including DuPont and Maplewood-based 3M — have been linked to environmental issues and also potential health problems. Known as “forever chemicals,” they have become a source of multiple pollution lawsuits and injury claims because they build up in humans and take years to clear from the body.

Thousands of PFAS exist and hundreds are used commercially. In an article in the latest issue of the journal Environmental Science & Technology Letters, a broad range of scientists, including university researchers and a former high-ranking government official, called for government regulators and businesses to consider all PFAS as potentially toxic and curb their use accordingly."