[Press Release] Chemical companies tout green credentials whilst developing hazardous chemicals behind closed doors

ChemSec | December 9, 2021

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"Chemical companies around the world are actively marketing their greener, more sustainable products, whilst holding back details on the mass production of hazardous chemicals, ChemSec’s ranking of chemical companies reveals today.

ChemScore finds that 38 out of 50 companies (76%) are actively marketing greener, sustainable products on their website. Yet no companies were found to have public information on global hazardous chemicals production; only 4 out of 50 (8%) showed evidence of a public strategy with plans to phase out existing hazardous chemicals; and all continue to produce hazardous chemicals in dangerously high numbers.

ChemScore is the annual ranking of the world’s 50 largest global chemical companies based on their environmental impact and treatment of hazardous chemicals, setting the benchmark for a sustainable chemicals industry. It helps investors to assess which companies have strong chemicals management strategies, and which do not. The ranking covers companies’ hazardous chemical portfolio; their development of safer chemicals and circular products; their chemical management and company transparency; and their response to controversies, lawsuits and regulation."