Societal cost of ‘forever chemicals’ about $17.5tn across global economy – report

By Tom Perkins | The Guardian | May 12, 2023

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“The societal cost of using toxic PFAS or ‘forever chemicals’ across the global economy totals about $17.5tn annually, a new analysis of the use of the dangerous compounds has found.

Meanwhile, the chemicals yield comparatively paltry profits for the world’s largest PFAS manufacturers – about $4bn annually.

The report, compiled by ChemSec, a Belgium-based NGO that works with industry and policymakers to limit the use of toxic chemicals, partially aims to highlight how the ‘astronomical’ cost of using PFAS is shouldered by governments typically forced to fund the clean up of pollution and individuals who suffer from health consequences.

‘If you compare the profits that they make and the cost to society – it’s ridiculous,’ said Peter Pierrou, ChemSec’s communications director."

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