Why you can’t always trust claims on nontoxic cookware

By Nydia Han and Heather Grubola | WPVI | January 18, 2023

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“If you’re in the market for new pans in the new year, there is some important information about the non-stick variety you should know..

You might notice labels saying the pans are nontoxic and made without dangerous chemicals. But can these claims be trusted? Consumer Reports wondered the same thing and tested three recommended nonstick pans to find out…

Many newer nonstick pans are claimed to be free of some of the most widely known PFAS, including PFOA. But are they really free? Consumer Reports wanted to find out.

CR tested two ceramic-coated pans, the Our Place Always Pan and the Red Copper pan, and one with a traditional nonstick coating made from PTFE, the Swiss Diamond pan, which came with a “PFOA-free” claim.

The testing is intense, requiring hours of work by specially trained technicians using a rotating tool, scraping coatings from 30 samples of the three pans. The samples were tested for 96 different PFAS chemicals, including PFOA.

The results?

The two ceramic pans didn’t contain any of the 96 PFAS CR testers looked for. It was a different story for the PTFE-coated pan.”…

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