PFAS-Free Products

We will be adding many more products to this list.

For more information about these products, click links and see footnotes. 

Outdoor Gear



Car Seats

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Non-Stick Cookware

Green Science Policy does not validate any PFAS-Free statements and provides this list based on information from a variety of sources. PFAS includes PFCs, fluorinated chemicals, C6, C8, etc. Questions should be directed to brands.


¹As reported by Greenpeace.

2The Adidas Group, which includes Reebok, have made public statements that they no longer intentionally use PFAS, and are >99% PFAS-free. 

3Keen is 95% PFAS-free, with the exception of some workboots.

4As reported by the Ecology Center.

5These furniture manufacturers have self-reported to Healthier Hospitals that they are PFAS-Free. Check with manufacturers for more information. 

6As reported by the Silent Spring Institute.

7These carpet manufacturers have made public statements that they no longer use PFAS. However, PFAS-containing carpets previously produced by these companies may still be for sale.  Check with manufacturers for more information.