PFAS-Free Products

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Outdoor Gear

Rain Gear:


Read about recent research on PFAS in outdoor clothing.


Daily Wear:

Work Wear: 


Cosmetics and Personal Care Products



Dental Floss:


Menstrual Products:

Our PFAS in Cosmetics webpage has more information and guidance for manufacturers. See tips for makeup shopping on our blog.

Baby Products


Bumbleride (all strollers, policy)

Car Seats:

(brand: model)

  • Britax:
    • SafeWash Emblem Convertible
    • SafeWash B Safe Gen 27
  • Chicco: Cleartex Line
  • Clek Fllo: 
    • Mammoth Liing Infant7
    • Railroad Liing Infant
  • Maxi-Cosi
    • PureCosi Mico 30 Infant
    • Pria Max All-in-One 
  • Nuna: Pipa Infant7
  • UPPAbaby: Jordan KNOX Convertible7

Furniture and Home Textiles


Foodware and Appliances

Take Out Packaging:

Non-Stick Cookware:

Disposable Foodware (cups, plates, straws, and bowls):


Read about our groundbreaking 2017 study finding PFAS in fast-food packaging.

Carpet and Rugs



Our peer-reviewed study suggests that old carpets can be replaced with newer PFAS-free ones to significantly cut exposure in homes and schools. See our newsletter blurb for advice if removal or replacement isn’t an option.

Textiles and Textile Technologies

Durable Water Repellent (DWR)

Textile Technologies

Home Maintenance


Fire Extinguishers and Suppressants 


You can learn more about PFAS in kitchen countertop sealers on our blog. See where else PFAS is used in home maintenance products in our report.

Green Science Policy does not validate any PFAS-Free statements and provides this list based on information from a variety of sources. PFAS includes PFCs, fluorinated chemicals, C6, C8, etc. For products available in Europe see PFAS Free hosted by Fidra. Questions should be directed to brands.


1Items made with Exoshell 40™ shell and DWR M™ exterior treatment.

2Look for "PFC-Free" under features on the Mammut website.

3As of fall 2019, prAna reports certain items as "PFC-Free."

4As reported by Greenpeace.

5As reported by Credo, all products made by all 120+ Credo brands are PFAS-Free.

6As reported by the Silent Spring Institute.

7As reported by the Ecology Center.

8These furniture manufacturers have self-reported to Health Care Without Harm that they are PFAS-Free. Check with manufacturers for more information.

9Products are screened not to intentionally add fluorinated chemicals and tested not to contain more than 100 ppm total fluorine.

10Items reported as "No/Low Fluorine" by the Center for Environmental Health.

11All food contact nonstick coatings are PFAS-Free. Check with manufacturers for more information.

12These carpet manufacturers have made public statements that they no longer use PFAS. However, PFAS-containing carpets previously produced by these companies may still be for sale. Check with manufacturers for more information.

13All fire extinguishers and foams have been tested and found not to contain PFAS by the Foam Exposure Committee. Individuals may need to contact each company to inquire and purchase products. Please contact the product manufacturer or Foam Exposure Committee for additional guidance.