3 PFAS disposal technologies are most promising, US EPA says

December 21, 2020

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"Three technologies offer the best potential for disposing of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) while keeping these “forever chemicals” out of the environment, the US Environmental Protection Agency says.

PFAS are synthetic compounds that resist heat, harsh chemical conditions, or moisture, and they have broad applications in industry and society. Those same properties mean that they don’t readily degrade in the environment, creating a challenge when it comes time for disposal.

Burning PFAS as hazardous waste to destroy the chemicals is one of the three technologies the EPA suggests in interim guidance issued Dec. 18. Commercial incinerators, cement kilns, and lightweight aggregate kilns “can potentially achieve temperatures and residence times sufficient to break apart the PFAS contained in the waste stream being thermally treated,” according to the guidance.:"


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