3M Loses US Contractor Immunity Argument in PFAS Case

September 16, 2022

Read the full article by Samantha Hawkins (Bloomberg Law)

"3M Co. failed to persuade the federal judge presiding over PFAS mass tort litigation that the company is immune from liability for alleged damages for the toxic substances as a government contractor.

That question is for the jury to decide, Judge Richard M. Gergel said in a ruling Friday denying the manufacturer’s motion for summary judgment on the issue.

Companies including 3M, Chemguard Inc., Kidde-Fenwal Inc., National Foam Inc., and Dynax Corp. have been sued for damages allegedly caused by the chemicals, which are in fast food containers, cosmetics, furniture, and other products, more than 6,400 times since 2005.

The chemicals can’t break down naturally. They accumulate in water, on soil, and in blood, and can lead to severe health and environmental effects."