California PFAS Bills Set To Have Business Impacts

September 13, 2022

Read the full article by John Gardella (National Law Review)

"This week, California’s Governor Newsom is expected to sign into law three major California PFAS bills, each of which will have significant impacts on businesses nationally and globally. Two of the bills would ban products from being sold in the state that contain PFAS in cosmetics and textiles, while the third would require companies to report certain data to the state for any goods sold in or otherwise brought into California that contain PFAS.

With increasing attention being given to PFAS in consumer goods in the media, scientific community, and in state legislatures, the California PFAS bills underscore the importance of companies anywhere in the manufacturing or supply chain for consumer goods to immediately assess the impact of the proposed PFAS legislation on corporate practices, and make decisions regarding continued use of PFAS in products, as opposed to substituting for other substances.  At the same time, companies impacted by the PFAS legislation must be aware that the new laws pose risks to the companies involvement in PFAS litigation in both the short and long term."