EPA Releases National PFAS Datasets Data Collection Tool

April 6, 2022

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"Recently, EPA published a compilation of National PFAS Datasets that include a substantial amount of data regarding sources of PFAS across the country. The information collected by EPA includes:

  • Ambient Environmental Sampling for PFAS;
  • Drinking Water Testing (conducted by EPA as well as individual states);
  • PFAS Manufacture and Import Information Filed with EPA Pursuant to TSCA’s Chemical Data Reporting Rule;
  • Listings of Superfund Sites with PFAS Detections;
  • Clean Water Act Discharge Monitoring Data;
  • Listings of Federal Facilities with Known or Suspected PFAS;
  • Listing of Suspected Industries that may Handle or Release PFAS, such as Fire Training Sites and Airports;
  • Hazardous Waste Transfers Reported Under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act;
  • National Response Center Spills Incidents; and
  • Limited Toxics Release Inventory Reporting Information.

Most of the material contained in the National PFAS Datasets was otherwise publicly available from various different repositories. But EPA’s new tool compiles this wide array of data in one place, with a commitment to continually update the Datasets to provide interested users with “a more complete picture of PFAS occurrence.”