In National First, Maine’s Legislature Votes To Ban Spreading Of Pfas Laden Sludge And Compost Derived From Sludge

April 15, 2022

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"The legislature voted overwhelmingly today to end the use of industrial and municipal sewage sludge as fertilizer. This sludge was the source of widespread contamination from PFAS ‘forever chemicals’ in the state that has forced family farms to discontinue sales and face financial ruin. It has also poisoned the drinking water wells of families in entire rural communities.

The legislation, LD 1911, which was engrossed unanimously in the Senate yesterday and enacted with an 85 to 50 vote in the House today, is now nearly ready for the Governor’s desk. As the bill enjoyed the support of her administration, the Governor is expected to sign it.

“We cannot afford to ignore this contamination in the vain hope it will just go away. We cannot pass along the mistakes of past generations to our children for them to deal with,” said Rep. Bill Pluecker (I-Warren), the lead sponsor of the bill. “Passing LD 1911 is vital to the prevention of further contamination. This legislation enables us to take decisive action to help future farmers and give our children safe land, capable of growing healthy food that will feed Mainers for generations to come.”