N.H. Senator Maggie Hassan introduces bill to ban PFAS in food wrappers

November 18, 2021

Read the full article by Mara Hoplamazian (nhpr)

"New Hampshire Sen. Maggie Hassan introduced a bill earlier this month to ban PFAS chemicals in food wrappers and packaging.

The harmful PFAS chemicals that have contaminated drinking water in the state also show up in the packaging of our fast food, used to repel grease, oil, and water.

Researchers have known for years that PFAS chemicals are an issue in fast-food packaging. A 2017 study found that fluorinated chemicals were prevalent in fast food packaging and could contribute significantly to PFAS exposure in our diets.

Some companies, like Whole Foods, have come out ahead of government regulations, saying they’re committed to removing PFAS from their packaging. And some states and countries have already banned PFAS from food packaging."

Hassan’s new legislation would amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to prohibit food packaging containing “intentionally added PFAS.” The “Keep Food Containers Safe from PFAS Act of 2021” would go into effect in 2024.