[Opinion] Eliminate useless uses of forever chemicals

April 10, 2023

Read the full article by Jonas Lapier And Carol Kwiatkowski (The Hill)

"As the subject of countless news articles, talk show segments and even a major Mark Ruffalo film, the environmental and health harms of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are well-known. PFAS are associated with cancerliver damageobesityinfertilityreduced response to vaccinesmore severe COVID-19 outcomes and more. Due to their widespread use in everyday products — from nonstick pans to raincoats — they lurk in virtually all of our bodies.  

Years of rigorous peer-reviewed research have gone into investigating the risks of PFAS. However, few have questioned their benefits — until now.

Preceding their reputation as toxic “forever chemicals” was their reputation as “wonder chemicals.” They were heralded for making a wide range of products resistant to water, oil and stains. However, we heard from furniture textile manufacturers that the stain repellent finishes on their products don’t perform as promised. So, we decided to scientifically test the assumption that PFAS finishes prevent furniture stains."