Pappas to IRS: PFAS rebates should be nontaxable based on existing guidance

November 3, 2023

Read the full article by Hadley Barndollar (New Hampshire Bulletin)

"Last spring, Congressman Chris Pappas filed legislation to change the Internal Revenue Service’s tax code in regard to state-issued PFAS remediation rebates. Now he’s working another avenue: asking the IRS to fix the issue itself.

In a letter to the IRS and Department of the Treasury this week, Pappas joined with Michigan Congressman Dan Kildee, fellow co-chair of the Congressional PFAS Task Force, in a continued pursuit to see that private well users are not taxed on rebate payments they receive for PFAS remediation.

It happened in New Hampshire this year, and could happen elsewhere if other states set up similar programs, particularly in light of the Environmental Protection Agency’s updated national drinking water standards for PFAS, often called “forever chemicals.”