PFAS Contamination and USDA's Lack of Engagement

January 4, 2023

Read the full article by Chris Clayton (Progressive Farmer)

"Favorite articles are great when you can point to that inspiring young farmer you wrote about, a road trip, a new innovation in the industry, or a great opportunity for farmers.

Sometimes, however, a journalist also has to point out that we don't live in a fairy-tale world.

In May, I wrote about how USDA appears to be ignoring the risks of farm contamination by "forever chemicals" through sewage sludge applied as fertilizer. USDA's press office declined to respond to my request to interview USDA staff, forcing me to file a Freedom of Information Act request to receive some information from the department.

My main article here revolved around a small cattle producer in Michigan, Jason Grostic, who built a local business direct marketing beef from his cattle -- until Michigan regulators told him he had to stop selling beef and couldn't get rid of his cattle either."