PFAS Drinking Water Rule Clears White House: Let the Litigation Begin

April 1, 2024

Read the full article by John Gardella (The National Law Review)

"For a few years, we have written about the EPA’s efforts to enact enforceable drinking water levels at the federal level for PFAS. It was clear long ago that the EPA’s PFAS drinking water standards would include at least PFOA and PFOS, with a likelihood of at least a couple of other PFAS included in any proposed regulation. On March 14, 2023, the EPA issued a release detailing the EPA’s proposed drinking water limits for certain PFAS. After considering public comments and sending the proposed regulation to the White House for review, the White House has now cleared EPA’s final drinking water rule, which sets the stage for the rule to be made final and enforceable by the EPA in the coming weeks.

Understanding what will come next, though, is critical for corporations, insurers, and financial world portfolio risk analysts alike as they begin to assess the enormous financial impact that the finalization of the drinking water rule will have."