Rapid, large-volume, thermally controlled 3D printing using a mobile liquid interface

By David A. Walker, James L. Hedrick, Chad A. Mirkin
November 19, 2019
DOI: 10.1126/science.aax1562

We report a stereolithographic three-dimensional printing approach for polymeric components that uses a mobile liquid interface (a fluorinated oil) to reduce the adhesive forces between the interface and the printed object, thereby allowing for a continuous and rapid print process, regardless of polymeric precursor. The bed area is not size-restricted by thermal limitations because the flowing oil enables direct cooling across the entire print area. Continuous vertical print rates exceeding 430 millimeters per hour with a volumetric throughput of 100 liters per hour have been demonstrated, and proof-of-concept structures made from hard plastics, ceramic precursors, and elastomers have been printed.


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