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  • [Op-ed] Hazardous chemicals and government silence — a dangerous mix


    26 Mar 2020 | The Hill

    Imagine this: More than six million Americans have drinking water that is poisoned by a group of closely related chemicals.

  • DuPont owes $50 million in PFAS cancer cases, jury finds


    3 Mar 2020 | Bloomberg Environment

    This combined trial is the first since the company entered a $670.7 million settlement to end roughly 3,500 pending cases in 2017 for plaintiffs seeking damages. These verdicts now set the tone for roughly 50 other suits piling up in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio.

  • [Press release] EPA conducting criminal investigations into industries’ handling of PFAS chemicals


    27 Feb 2020 | EWG

    In an update to its 2020 PFAS Action Plan, the EPA included details about the new probes, stating it “has multiple criminal investigations underway concerning PFAS-related pollution.”

  • New PFAS toxic chemical injury cases against DuPont being tried in Columbus federal court


    12 Feb 2020 | The Columbus Dispatch

    Thousands of people were awarded millions of dollars from DuPont de Nemours, Inc. in a settlement after their drinking water was contaminated. However, now about 60 people who have since developed testicular and kidney cancers are suing the company in hopes of getting compensation.

  • Movie Review: In "Dark Waters,” Experience the Emotional Toll of an Attorney Fighting for Truth


    3 Feb 2020 | Ohio State Bar Assocation

    The science is certain on the dangers of PFOA, as revealed by Bilott’s work — and we’re just starting to recognize the risks of a thousand similar chemicals.

  • More PFAS questions, concerns in Brunswick


    22 Jan 2020 | Star News Online

    Schools send bottled water to one site as county and water officials defend their current practices and future endeavors.

  • What to do about pollution from “forever chemicals”?


    9 Jan 2020 | NC Policy Watch

    The NC Department of Environmental Quality is proposing a maximum concentration of 70 ppt for PFOS and for PFOA in groundwater. This is the same level as recommended by the EPA.

  • [EWG News] DuPont made billions polluting tap water with PFAS; will now make more cleaning it up


    12 Dec 2019 | EWG

    DuPont announced on Wednesday it will purchase Desalitech Ltd., a manufacturer of closed-circuit reverse osmosis technology. Reverse osmosis is one of the most expensive water filter technologies on the market, but it can remove many fluorinated chemicals, known as PFAS.

  • Commentary: What ‘Dark Waters’ reveals about corporate science


    2 Dec 2019 | Chicago Tribune

    When government agencies consider potentially harmful exposures and activities... they should insist the regulated industries... be required to pay for the research, but the studies... be conducted by scientists without conflicts of interest, under provisions that ensure their complete independence.

  • What ‘Dark Waters’ reveals about corporate science


    26 Nov 2019 | Bloomberg Opinion

    When the first public concerns abound the compound emerged, DuPont did what too many corporations do: They took a page from Big Tobacco’s playbook and hired a firm to sow doubt about the scientific evidence.

  • ‘Dark Waters’ just the tip of the iceberg


    22 Nov 2019 | The Boston Globe

    What happened to Parkersburg is a tragedy — tens of thousands of people were poisoned by a cancer-causing chemical called PFOA. What’s more tragic is that Parkersburg is far from alone.

  • ‘Forever chemicals’ found in drinking water across Kentucky


    21 Nov 2019 | WFPL

    In total, PFAS were found in 41 of the 81 water treatment plants sampled. In about 82 percent of those samples, researchers found levels under five ppt. The highest levels (PFOS + PFOA at 42 ppt or sum of all PFAS at 66 ppt) were measured in Eastern Kentucky along the Ohio River in South Shore.

  • Mark Ruffalo’s environmental drama ‘Dark Waters’ gets DC premiere


    20 Nov 2019 | The Hill

    In his new film, Ruffalo plays lawyer Robert Bilott, who spent 20 years fighting a class action lawsuit against the DuPont chemical company, winning a more than $600 million settlement in 2017. The suit was over toxic runoff from a DuPont landfill with PFAS chemicals, which linger and contaminate water and food sources long after their initial use. There is no federal regulation of these chemicals, though the US EPA acknowledges that exposure to them can be dangerous for humans and that the chemicals can be found in food and water supplies.

  • ‘Forever chemicals’ legacy weighs on Chemours’ future


    4 Nov 2019 | Bloomberg Environment

    Estimates of Chemours’ liabilities related to PFAS, range from the company’s figure of up to $802 million, to one analyst’s calculation of more than $160 billion—more than 15 times the company’s highest-ever market capitalization.

  • PFAS solution IN (or OUT) of the NDAA?


    1 Nov 2019 | National Law Review

    Read the full article by Steven Barringer and Katie Reed (National Law Review) “As legislative days dwindle, Congress is in a full sprint to pass the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) (related blog post), among several other must-pass bills. Controversial issues, such as border wall funding, military actions related to Iran, PFAS, among others, have bedeviled congressional…

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