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  • N.H. approves unprecedented limits for PFAS chemicals in drinking water


    19 Jul 2019

    New Hampshire adopted the country’s most sweeping limits for PFAS chemical contamination in drinking water. It makes New Hampshire the first state to require local water systems, landfills and wastewater plants to routinely test and treat for four chemicals classified as PFAS.

  • Perfluorooctanoate and changes in anthropometric parameters with age in young girls in the Greater Cincinnati and San Francisco Bay Area


    15 Jul 2019 | Int J Hyg Environ Health

    PFOA is associated with decreased Body Mass Index and waist/height ratio in young girls.

  • The Air Force polluted 4 SC bases with a toxic firefighting foam, didn’t tell neighbors


    13 Jul 2019 | The Post and Courier

    Four Air Force bases in South Carolina are severely contaminated with chemicals that scientists continue to investigate for possible links to thyroid disease, pregnancy complications, and kidney and testicular cancers.

  • A vote this week may help launch changes to federal PFAS oversight


    10 Jul 2019 | MLive

    Congress is looking at a wave of proposed PFAS legislation, including several amendments added to the military spending bill for 2020. If the U.S. House of Representatives votes as expected this week on its version of the National Defense Authorization Act for 2020, environmental proponents say, they’re likely to include measures that would strengthen PFAS requirements for the federal government and military...

  • New York proposes new drinking water standards for 3 chemicals


    9 Jul 2019 | Newsday

    The state Department of Health recommended new drinking water standards for three chemicals... the first time in nearly 20 years new contaminants would be regulated in New York. The proposed limit for 1,4-dioxane of 1 ppb would be a first in the nation... PFOS and PFOA each would be limited to 10 ppt...

  • New York to set limits for industrial chemicals in water


    8 Jul 2019 | Associated Press

    Health Commissioner Howard Zucker has accepted the New York State Drinking Water Quality Council’s recommendations for limits of 10 parts per trillion for PFOA and PFOS in drinking water...

  • 3M to test for more chemicals leaking into river in Decatur


    8 Jul 2019 | Alabama Media Group

    3M has agreed to test three closed landfills near its Decatur plant on the Tennessee River to see whether they may still be releasing PFOA and PFOS into the river or groundwater.

  • New York: The Nation's Most Protective MCLs for PFOA/PFOS Accepted


    8 Jul 2019

    New York's Health Commissioner has accepted the Drinking Water Quality Council's recommendation to adopt MCLs of 10 ppt for PFOA and 10 ppt for PFOS. These levels are the lowest in the nation. Once adopted, the Environmental Facilities Corporation and the Department of Environmental Conservation will closely coordinate with the Department of Health to help fund and remediate water systems that test above the new maximum contaminant levels.

  • Michigan proposes strong, yet incomplete PFAS protections


    1 Jul 2019 | NRDC Expert Blog

    Michigan is proposing some of the most health-protective standards in the nation for several PFAS—yet could be missing out on the opportunity to protect its citizens in the long-term. Michigan has performed the most comprehensive PFAS monitoring in the nation, and the state has begun taking steps to protect it citizens from the health risk these dangerous ‘forever’ chemicals pose. Among the monitoring results, it was discovered that over 100 of their public water systems are contaminated with PFAS—affecting approximately 1.5 million of its citizens…

  • Chemours says DuPont lowballed environmental liabilities


    1 Jul 2019 | Washington Post

    Chemours, a spinoff of DuPont’s Performance Chemicals unit, filed a recently unsealed lawsuit against DuPont, claiming that the maximum liability exposure figures that DuPont certified prior to the spinoff have proven to be “systematically and spectacularly wrong.”

  • Guam: Senators defy governor’s call to vote quickly on water contamination lawsuit bill


    1 Jul 2019 | Pacific Daily News

    Most senators on Monday defied Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero’s call for an immediate vote and request for waiver of the public hearing requirement on a bill that would authorize the hiring of specialized lawyers to help Guam in a potential drinking water contamination lawsuit… The governor seeks Guam's inclusion in multi-state lawsuits against manufacturers of chemicals that she said have been known to contaminate drinking water across the nation...

  • Prenatal exposure to perfluoroalkyl substances, immune-related outcomes, and lung function in children from a Spanish birth cohort study


    28 Jun 2019 | Int J Hyg Environ Health

    Exposure to PFOA linked to reduced lung function in young children.

  • Senate vote requires military, EPA to deal with harmful 'forever chemicals'


    27 Jun 2019 | The Hill

    The Senate passed the 2020 Defense Spending Bill including a bipartisan amendment that would commission the U.S. Geological Survey to track PFAS contamination nationwide and require public utilities to test drinking water for PFAS. The House is expected to vote on this legislation in July.

  • Impacts of PFAS chemicals on immune system highlighted


    27 Jun 2019 | NJ Spotlight

    “A new compilation of research into how toxic PFAS chemicals affect the human immune system finds suppressed immune function, lower vaccine effectiveness, hypersensitivity and greater risk of autoimmune diseases. Environmental Working Group, a nonprofit that advocates for tighter curbs on the chemicals nationwide, reviewed previously published…

  • Michigan: Recommended PFAS health-based drinking water values


    27 Jun 2019

    Michigan Science Advisory Workgroup's recommended health-based drinking water values for 7 PFAS.  This information will be used to develop regulatory drinking water standards for PFAS by April 2020.