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  • Military challenging states on $2 billion chemical liability


    16 Apr 2019 | Bucks County Intelligencer

    The U.S. Department of Defense has quietly begun battling environmental regulators in several states, after the agencies attempted to force the military to clean toxic firefighting chemicals from polluted streams, marshes and aquifers. The efforts mark the opening acts of what could turn into a…

  • Should you be concerned about PFAS chemicals?


    13 Apr 2019 | Consumer Reports

    A group of substances known as PFAS chemicals are behind a variety of everyday conveniences that make our lives a little bit easier. They line pizza boxes and fast-food packaging so grease doesn’t seep through, form the nonstick coating on many pans, make fabrics and carpets stain-resistant, and help outdoor…

  • PFAS found at Gordie Howe International Bridge site in Detroit


    12 Apr 2019 | MLive

    Michigan’s search for PFAS contamination now touches the Gordie Howe International Bridge, where multiple samples over four months on the Detroit side of the project showed the chemicals in both soil and groundwater. Now officials are ensuring that plans for soil movement and stormwater address the presence of the per-…

  • WI groups issue joint statement on PFAS


    12 Apr 2019 | Citizens for Safe Water Around Badger

    Background Information: A statewide coalition of 28 organizations organized by CSWAB issued a joint position statement today supporting regulation of PFAS as a class of compounds. Assessing risks of chemicals having a similar mechanism of toxicity is not unusual and is similar to how…

  • Why is high persistence alone a major cause of concern?


    11 Apr 2019 | Environ Sci Process Impacts

    Increasing concentrations of PFAS, will result in increasing probabilities of the occurrence of known and unknown effects and that, once adverse effects are identified, it will take decades, centuries or even longer to reverse contamination and therefore effects.

  • CDC maps out chemical health study, excludes cancer


    8 Apr 2019 | Bucks County Courier Times

    The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has announced its plans for a highly anticipated health study on PFAS, but the study will not assess whether or not the chemicals can cause cancer, a primary concern of impacted communities, including in Bucks and Montgomery counties. The U.S.…

  • Maternal serum concentrations of perfluoroalkyl substances and birth size in British boys


    8 Apr 2019 | Int J Hyg Environ Health

    Prenatal exposure to high levels of PFOS may be associated with reduced birth size in male infants.

  • Couple believe son’s death, their health issues result of high PFAS in drinking water


    2 Apr 2019 | MLive

    After more than a decade of drinking water that recently was determined to have high levels of PFAS and related compounds, Steven and Patsy Lamb believe the ‘forever chemicals’ were behind the untimely death of their son and their own health problems…

  • New Jersey is making companies pay for toxic contamination — Shining a new light on a little-known offender


    2 Apr 2019 | The Intercept

    New Jersey laid financial responsibility for dealing with PFAS contamination squarely at the feet of the chemical companies responsible for it. The state’s Department of Environmental Protection issued a directive on Monday ordering five companies to pay the costs of dealing with the toxic chemicals that have been associated with numerous health…

  • U.S. Congress: H.R. 1863, the "Testing for Impacted Firefighters"


    25 Mar 2019

    Rep. Norcross, Donald (D-NJ) introduced a bill that would require the Secretary of Defense to provide blood testing for firefighters of the Department of Defense to determine exposure patterns to PFAS.

  • Linking pollution and infectious disease


    18 Mar 2019 | Chemical & Engineering News

    Read the full article by Britt E. Erickson “Thousands of seals died along the coasts of the heavily polluted Baltic Sea in the late 1980s. Scientists traced the deaths to a virus similar to the one that causes distemper in dogs. Last year, the same virus struck hundreds of seals in Maine. In both instances,…

  • Pentagon pushes for weaker standards on chemicals contaminating drinking water


    15 Mar 2019 | New York Times

    Facing billions of dollars in cleanup costs, the Pentagon is pushing the Trump administration to adopt a weaker standard for groundwater pollution caused by chemicals that have commonly been used at military bases and that contaminate drinking water consumed by millions of Americans. The Pentagon’s…

  • Assessing the human health risks of perfluorooctane sulfonate by in vivo and in vitro studies


    8 Mar 2019 | Environ Int

    This article systematically reviews the human health risks of PFOS based on the currently known facts found by in vivo and in vitro studies from 2008 to 2018.

  • U.S. Congress: H.R. 1567, the "Prompt and Fast Action to Stop Damages Act of 2019


    6 Mar 2019

    Rep. Lujan, Ben Ray (D-NM) introduced this bill would authorize the Department of Defense to provide clean uncontaminated water for agricultural purposes to areas affected by PFOS and PFOA contamination from military installations.

  • State of knowledge on current exposure, fate and potential health effects of contaminants in polar bears from the circumpolar Arctic


    5 Feb 2019 | Sci. Total Environ.

    A comprehensive view of the current exposure and health outcomes of arctic polar bears to persistent organic pollutants including PFAS.