[Workshop] Beyond Science and Decisions: PFAS Limits: How Did We Get So Far Apart? Public Health and Policy Implications

October 17, 2023

Date: October 17-19, 2023
Location: Georgetown University, Leavy Conference Center, 3700 O St NW, Washington, DC 20057
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  • To use a multi-stakeholder approach to share information on differing PFAS/PFOA risk assessments that are supporting the development of widely different regulations.
  • To promote discussion on PFAS chemistries, such as those that:
    • Reflect relevant biology and mode of action;
    • Describe assumptions, strengths, and limitations of relevant data;
    • Consider population and human variability, including underlying disease;
    • Harmonize the underlying basis for risk assessments.
  • To discuss how rulemaking processes are impacted given the current diversity in scientific opinion and resulting risk assessments.


Attendees will include regulators, corporate scientists, environmental lawyers, professors, and any stakeholder who has an interest in the PFAS chemicals. 

The admission fee is $300 (except for government and NGO employees without funding). All paying participants will receive membership to the Inter Soc of Reg Tox and Pharm (ISRTP) which includes an annual subscription to Regulatory Tox and Pharmacology (worth $550 per year). Refreshments and lunches will also be provided.