Colorado finds “forever chemicals” PFAS in 100% of fish sampled in 3 big counties

By Michael Booth | The Colorado Sun | April 22, 2022

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“A new Colorado study found toxic PFAS ‘forever chemicals’ in 100% of the fish it sampled from previously known contaminated waterbodies in El Paso, Jefferson and Adams counties, adding to a growing series of reports on damage from the waterproofing materials’ spread in the environment.

Staff from the Colorado health department, the Colorado School of Mines, and Colorado Parks and Wildlife collected 49 fish across 10 species in the summer and fall of 2020, according to a new summary of the study. They sampled fish from Willow Springs Pond in Fountain, in El Paso County; Mann-Nyholt Lake in Henderson, in Adams County; and Tabor Lake in Wheatridge, in Jefferson County. 

The sites were chosen in part because they are popular fishing spots where anglers often eat their catch."

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