Dow, 3M and others exploit loophole to avoid reporting ‘forever chemicals’ releases

September 22, 2022

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"At least five facilities around the U.S. operated by Dow Chemical, 3M and other companies are using very large amounts of the toxic “forever chemicals” known as PFAS but are likely using a regulatory loophole to avoid reporting their releases of PFAS into the environment.

This means the amount of PFAS being discharged – into the air or water or disposed of in the land – could be much higher than what we already know about. The problem shows the need for stronger Environmental Protection Agency regulation of industrial PFAS uses, and a series of pending rules could help tackle this issue.

The loophole stems from EPA’s Toxics Release Inventory, which requires manufacturers to track and report their management and any releases of 180 different PFAS over 100 pounds per year. A release refers to a chemical's discharge into to the air or water or placed in a land disposal."