Potential harms of Biden’s microchip boom

December 15, 2022

Read the full article by Arlene Blum (The Hill)

"Basics of modern life, including our cell phones, laptops, cars and TVs ­run on small semiconductor silicon wafers called microchips. Although they were invented here in America, most chip manufacturing has moved overseas. And now, President Biden, to his credit and the benefit of our economy and national security, is changing that.

In August, Biden signed the bipartisan CHIPS and Science Act, to invest more than $200 billion over the next five years in federal grants and tax breaks for companies that make chips in the United States. However, this opportunity for jobs and chip security comes with a possible dark side. 

In the past, microchip manufacturing was a highly polluting process. Santa Clara County, the heart of Silicon Valley and the original home of chip production, has more highly polluted areas (designated as Superfund hazardous waste sites) than any other county in the country. Herein lies a golden opportunity for Biden: bring chip-making back home — and build it back better by cleaning up the process."