Republicans approve historic $125 million investment in 'forever chemical' clean up in state budget

May 18, 2023

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"Republicans on the Legislature's powerful budget-writing committee have approved a plan to dedicate a historic $125 million to clean up "forever chemical" contaminations across the state, an amount that exceeds what was previously proposed by Democratic Gov. Tony Evers, but the lawmakers also voted to put off spending it.

The 11 Republicans on the Joint Finance Committee voted late Thursday to put the money into a "PFAS trust fund." The funding will be accessed to fund programs related to PFAS when future bills are passed to spend it − a historically tough goal to achieve in the state Legislature in recent years but has garnered more support to accomplish among Republicans who had previously been opposed.

Department of Natural Resources officials also would likely need to get permission from the finance committee to access the funding for programs once it's allocated."