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  • Wisconsin leads 22-state coalition on PFAS


    10 Jun 2020 | Urban Milwaukee

    States are urging the agency to regulate more PFAS substances and consider regulating PFAS as a class of chemicals.

  • Johnson Controls pushes back on DNR order to test more wells for ‘forever chemicals’


    8 Jun 2020 | Milwaukee journal sentinel

    Tyco Fire Products, a subsidiary of Johnson Controls, started testing firefighting foam with perfluorinated chemicals at the training center in Marinette in 1962 and continued the practice until late 2017 when testing was moved indoors, where the chemicals could be captured and transported to a different site for disposal.

  • Wisconsin to miss deadline on action on PFAS compounds


    20 May 2020 | WXPR

    An executive order last year directed the Wisconsin PFAS Action Council to produce an action plan by June 30, 2020.

  • Elusive question of PFAS foam


    23 Apr 2020 | EagleHerald Publishing

    PFAS foams and naturally-occurring foams can be very similar in appearance, prompting DNR officials to warn people to avoid interaction with all surface water foams.

  • Dane County, Madison Water Utility sued for withholding PFAS records


    17 Mar 2020 | Wisconsin State Journal

    Decades of training with firefighting foam at the Dane County Regional Airport have led to PFAS in soil and groundwater.

  • Assembly advances PFAS bill


    23 Jan 2020 | Wort Radio

    The bill, which now heads to the State Senate, would prevent firefighters from using foam that contains PFAS, a family of toxic chemicals. The bill would allow the use of toxic foam in emergencies and in cases when fire departments have a plan to deal with the foam.

  • PFAS concern remains high In Marinette


    16 Jan 2020 | Milwaukee Public Media

    In 2013, Johnson Controls, firefighting foam production and training facility, discovered PFAS contamination in soil and wells within its 380-acre campus. Four years later, the company reported that it believed contamination had spread outside its property.

  • Senate Committee advances bill to ban PFAS in firefighting foam


    9 Jan 2020 | Wisconsin Public Radio

    A Wisconsin bill would ban the use of firefighting foam that contains PFAS in most cases. Democratic lawmakers objected, saying the bill doesn’t go far enough to protect the public.

  • More than 2 dozen groups urge Wisconsin lawmakers to act on PFAS contamination


    24 Oct 2019 | Wisconsin State Journal

    The coalition is pushing for adoption of a bill known as the CLEAR Act, which would require the DNR to establish and enforce standards for at least six PFAS. Additionally, the CLEAR Act, would allow the DNR to require anyone who possesses PFAS to prove they have the financial means to clean up any potential contamination. Lawmakers are also considering a Republican-sponsored bill that would limit where firefighters and others could test or train with foam containing PFAS.

  • America’s dairyland may Have a PFAS problem


    11 Oct 2019 | NRDC

    The toxic chemicals have been showing up in milk around the country. Anna Reade, an NRDC staff scientist specializing in toxic chemicals, suggests that state agencies test sludge before it’s spread on fields and milk before it goes to market. Then officials could see where the highest PFAS concentrations are coming from.

  • Wisconsin residents concerned over PFAS contamination on farm fields


    24 Sep 2019 | Wisconsin Public Radio

    The meeting, held by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, was the first in a series of six listening sessions on contamination resulting from PFAS. The agency considers the largest source of contamination to have spread from firefighting foam used at Tyco Fire Product's fire training facility.

  • Wisconsin Gov. Evers Signs Executive Order Relating to PFAS


    27 Aug 2019

    Executive Order #40 directs the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to take significant measures to address PFAS contamination. 

  • Wisconsin DNR asks sewage treatment plants to test for PFAS


    23 Jul 2019 | Kenosha News

    In an effort to understand how and where PFAS find their way into drinking water, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is asking 125 wastewater treatment plants to begin sampling for PFAS.

  • Perfluoroalkyl substances in older male anglers in Wisconsin


    15 Jul 2019 | Envionment International

    Exposure to PFAS leads to endocrine disruption in adult fishermen.

  • Wisconsin grapples with ‘green’ waste plants that spread hazardous PFAS


    23 Jun 2019 | Wisconsin State Journal

    Wisconsin pollution regulators have come to realize that sludge from wastewater treatment plants may be spreading hazardous industrial chemicals in ways that could increase health risks. Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District injects 37 million gallons of sludge into soil each year but doesn't test for PFAS.

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