ECHA Clarifies Next Steps for PFAS Restriction Proposal

18 Mar 2024

The European Chemicals Agency issued a press release on March 13, 2024, to outline how the Scientific Committees for Risk Assessment and for Socio-Economic Analysis will progress in evaluating the proposal to restrict PFAS in Europe.

Japan’s food safety panel drafts intake limit for 'forever chemicals'

4 Mar 2024

The Food Safety Commission of Japan released a draft report last month on the daily intake limit for PFAS, a set of fluorinated chemicals recently linked to a range of health issues such as cancer and pregnancy complications.

Fast-Food Wrappers That Contain PFAS Are No Longer Sold in the US, the FDA Says

28 Feb 2024

Starting in 2020, the FDA obtained commitments from U.S. food manufacturers to phase out PFAS in wrappers, boxes and bags with coating to prevent grease, water and other liquids from soaking through.

[Press Release] Scientists Successfully Head Off Concerning PFAS Bill

26 Feb 2024

This public health victory shows what happens when scientists contribute their expertise to the policymaking process,” said Marta Venier, an environmental chemist at Indiana University who testified in the hearings.

Evers signals he won’t sign bill to fight PFAS as legislative session nears end

26 Feb 2024

Democratic Gov. Tony Evers signaled Wednesday that he has no intention of signing a Republican bill that would spend tens of millions of dollars to address pollution from the so-called forever chemicals known as PFAS because it dramatically scales back regulators’ enforcement authority.

Manufacturer-friendly PFAS bill abandoned by Indiana Senate committee

26 Feb 2024

Indiana senators ditched a bill on Monday that would have changed the definition of toxic PFAS chemicals to exempt those that Hoosier manufacturers want to keep using.

Indiana environmentalists, manufacturers at odds over bill to protect toxic PFAS chemicals

20 Feb 2024

The bill in question would ensure the “forever chemicals” can continue to be used in various products made in the Hoosier state.

2 Republican legislators push to set standards for PFAS in groundwater

20 Feb 2024

A newly proposed bill could give the Department of Natural Resources the green light to move forward with setting groundwater standards for "forever chemicals," despite the high cost of implementation.

EPA Proposes New Set of Rules to Regulate PFAS Under RCRA

15 Feb 2024

The U.S. EPA proposed two regulations that would add nine PFAS to the list of Resource Conservation and Recovery Act "hazardous constituents" and broaden the definition of "hazardous waste" applicable to corrective action at waste facilities, which taken together, would significantly enhance EPA's authority to regulate PFAS.

Critics: Bill cutting protections from PFAS toxic chemicals a step backward for Indiana

12 Feb 2024

University of Notre Dame professor Graham Peaslee, a nationally recognized PFAS expert, agreed: "I've never met a good PFAS."

Sign-on: Scientists' statement on accurate and complete PFAS definitions

12 Feb 2024

This statement will be shared with policymakers throughout the United States to show support for a science-based and protective PFAS definition.

Finalizing PFAS Detection Methods, EPA Moves Closer to Locating and Limiting Further PFAS Releases and Requiring Their Cleanup

9 Feb 2024

EPA’s plans to investigate – and eventually establish limits on and liability for – PFAS in wastewater discharges and biosolids crossed a significant milestone on January 31, 2024, with the completion of two new analytical methods to detect these ubiquitous contaminants.

EPA Releases List Of Known PFAS Chemicals Covered By New Reporting Rules

1 Feb 2024

The US EPA published on January 26, 2024, a list of specific PFAS that trigger reporting requirements under EPA’s recently promulgated Toxic Substances Control Act Section 8(a)(7) PFAS reporting rule.

Senator Gillibrand announces PFAS contamination legislation

1 Feb 2024

The PFAS Accountability Act seeks to make it easier for contaminated victims to sue manufacturers.

EPA Adds Seven More PFAS To Toxic Release Inventory List

29 Jan 2024

Six PFAS were automatically added for Reporting Year 2024 because EPA had finalized a toxicity value during 2023.