Tackling PFAS With Superfund Law Risks Shifting Costs to Public

30 Nov 2022

The EPA’s plan to speed Superfund cleanups of two “forever chemicals” to make polluters rather than taxpayers foot the bill raises concerns that the law’s limited flexibility will shift the burden of costs back to communities, attorneys and groups representing public services say.

Cleanup Liability Among Concerns About EPA’s Hazardous PFAS Plan

28 Nov 2022

The EPA is vowing to move quickly to designate two “forever chemicals” as hazardous substances under the Superfund law, but has to balance the Biden administration’s desire to better protect disadvantaged communities with public and private sector fears they’ll be held liable for a problem not of their own making.

[Blog] The Clean Energy Future: How We Get There Matters

21 Nov 2022

In the midst of global efforts to clean up and eliminate the use of PFAS, Chemours is doubling down on manufacturing these toxic “forever” chemicals.

Michigan judge sides with 3M, invalidates PFAS cleanup rules

17 Nov 2022

he state of Michigan did not follow proper administrative procedure when setting groundwater cleanup standards for PFAS chemicals, according to a judicial order which invalidated those rules this week but did not immediately prohibit their continued usage.

California sues over PFAS ‘forever chemicals’ that taint water

14 Nov 2022

A lawsuit filed Thursday by the state of California accuses 3M, Dupont and 16 smaller companies of covering up the harm caused to the environment and the public from chemicals manufactured by the firms that have over decades found their way into waterways and human bloodstreams.

California Sues 3M and DuPont Over PFAS Chemicals

10 Nov 2022

California is suing 3M Co. and DuPont de Nemours Inc. along with other manufacturers of PFAS, a collection of chemicals that have been linked to health issues including cancer and are commonly found in consumer products such as fabrics, food packaging and cookware.

California Atty. Gen. Rob Bonta sues makers of cancer-causing ‘forever chemicals’

10 Nov 2022

The state of California on Thursday sued the manufacturers of a class of chemicals known as “forever chemicals” that are found in a variety of consumer items including food packaging and cookware and are linked to cancer and other illnesses.

3M Agrees to EPA Order to Sample and Provide Treatment for PFAS Contamination in Drinking Water near Cordova, IL Facility

3 Nov 2022

EPA Enforcement Part of Agency Strategy to Characterize and Address PFAS Releases from Major Manufacturers

Fashion Sustainability Shot - Entrevista con Nathaniel Sponsler (Afirm Group)

2 Nov 2022

Watch an interview with Nathaniel Sponsler Afirm Group.

PFAS in Products - Maine

2 Nov 2022

Effective January 1, 2030, any product containing intentionally added PFAS may not be sold in Maine unless the use of PFAS in the product is specifically designated as a currently unavoidable use by the Department.

Issuance Of Notification And Response Levels For Perfluorohexane Sulfonic Acid (PFHxS) In Drinking Water, Updated Monitoring Orders

2 Nov 2022

The Deputy Director of the State Water Board’s Division of Drinking Water, California issued a notification level of 3 parts per trillion (ppt) and a response level of 20 ppt for PFHxS.

EPA Awards Nearly $750,000 in Funding to Research PFAS Exposure Pathways

28 Oct 2022

The U.S. EPA announced $748,180 in research grant funding to three institutions for research to improve our understanding of how people are exposed to PFAS in several communities throughout the country.

Shaheen Helps Lead Bipartisan, Bicameral Bill to Support Farmers Affected by PFAS

21 Oct 2022

In a bipartisan, bicameral effort to provide vital assistance to farmers affected by PFAS exposure, U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) joined U.S. Senators Susan Collins (R-ME) and Angus King (I-ME) to introduce the Relief for Farmers Hit with PFAS Act.

EPA loophole lets 600 toxic PFAS chemicals evade review, petition says

13 Oct 2022

A loophole in the federal government’s procedures for reviewing new chemicals has allowed at least 600 so-called forever chemicals into American markets despite evidence they pose serious health risks, according to a petition filed Thursday.

The litigation landscape around PFAS is heating up

10 Oct 2022

With or without federal PFAS regulation, the litigation landscape around PFAS is heating up, according to Alex Roje, partner in Lathrop GPM’s Insurance Recovery practice.