EU unveils plan for ‘largest ever ban’ on dangerous chemicals

26 Apr 2022

Thousands of potentially harmful chemicals could soon be prohibited in Europe under new restrictions, which campaigners have hailed as the strongest yet.

New England governors approve transformative laws on ‘forever chemicals’

26 Apr 2022

The governors of two New England states have approved key pieces of legislation that transform their relationships with cancer-linked “forever chemicals” — by restricting their use on Maine farmland and facilitating treatment avenues for toxic exposure in Vermont.  

Vermont PFAS Legislation and Litigation Updates

26 Apr 2022

Two significant events have occurred out of Vermont in April 2022 involving PFAS issues – one on the litigation front and one on the legislative front.

In National First, Maine’s Legislature Votes To Ban Spreading Of Pfas Laden Sludge And Compost Derived From Sludge

15 Apr 2022

The legislature voted overwhelmingly today to end the use of industrial and municipal sewage sludge as fertilizer.

PFAS bill would expand regulation of ‘forever chemicals’ in drinking water

12 Apr 2022

Alaska lawmakers are considering a bill that would expand testing and regulations for trace amounts of PFAS chemicals in groundwater that’s been linked to cancer and other serious health conditions.

Virtual briefing - Update on the universal PFAS restriction proposal and F-gases

12 Apr 2022

The video is an update on the progress with the EU restriction proposal for PFAS which is being developed by Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and Norway, with a special focus on F-gases and their applications.

New Washington state bill is the “fastest timeline in the nation” for phasing out PFAS

7 Apr 2022

A new Washington state bill, signed into law last Thursday by Gov. Jay Inslee, aims to phase out PFAS in select consumer products by 2025.

EPA Releases National PFAS Datasets Data Collection Tool

6 Apr 2022

Recently, EPA published a compilation of National PFAS Datasets that include a substantial amount of data regarding sources of PFAS across the country.

PFAS Air Regulations Proposed By House

6 Apr 2022

In the latest federal legislative move to try to force the EPA to take quicker action than contemplated by the agency’s PFAS Roadmap of 2021, a bill was recently introduced in the House that would require the EPA to set air emission limits for all PFAS under the Clean Air Act

Washington PFAS Law Takes Aim At Consumer Goods

5 Apr 2022

On March 31, 2022, Washington’s Governor signed into law a bill that significantly accelerates the state’s initiative to develop regulations for various consumer goods that contain PFAS.

German Environment Agency Guidelines for PFAS assessment

31 Mar 2022

The guidelines also provide benchmarks for evaluating study findings and for taking decisions on further action required where soil or water contamination is identified.

As “forever chemical” concerns mount, Colorado lawmakers move to ban product sales

31 Mar 2022

The sale of many products containing the dangerous “forever chemicals” known as PFAS would be banned in Colorado as early as 2024, under legislation to be introduced this week and backed by a host of consumer and environmental groups.

ECOS White Paper: Processes and Considerations for Setting State PFAS Standards, 2022 Update

31 Mar 2022

This March 2022 update reflects the addition of three states and new regulatory and scientific activities that have occurred over the past year. ECOS will continue to update it annually as appropriate.

[Press Release] New Kildee Bill Would Ensure Health Care For Veterans Exposed To PFAS Chemicals

22 Mar 2022

New Legislation Requires Veterans’ Affairs to Cover Health Conditions Linked to PFAS Contamination at Military Bases.

EPA Continues to Take Actions to Address PFAS in Commerce

22 Mar 2022

"Today’s action will help ensure that responsible parties are held accountable for any future PFAS contamination affecting communities,” said Assistant Administrator for the Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention Michal Freedhoff.