PFAS-Tox Database

By Katie Pelch, Taylor Wolffe, Carol Kwiatkowski, Kim Schultz, Chris Ribbens, Anna Reade, Julia Varshavsky, Francheska M. Merced-Nieves, Haleigh Cavalier, and Keshia Rose
April 21, 2021

The PFAS-Tox Database was created by a collaborative group of scientists to provide easy access to health and toxicology data on PFAS. The database currently includes 29 of the most commonly studied PFAS mapped to 15 health outcome categories. Systematic review methods were used to search, select, and extract data from over 740 studies of PFAS in humans, animals, and cells. Full citations, abstracts, and study details, including exposure concentrations and measured outcomes, are provided for each study. Filters let you select specific study types (human, animal, or in vitro), only developmental studies, or studies with or without potential financial conflicts of interest. See for yourself what the 10 studies on GenX say, or if PFHxA affects the endocrine system. The methodology, relevant publications, and other documentation can all be found on the Open Science Framework site. 

See the PFAS-Tox Database here.

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