[Working Paper] Nordic enforcement project on PFOS and PFOA in chemical products and articles

By Petteri Talasniemi, Sara Björkqvist, Maryam Ashja, Amanda Rosen, Christian Iversen, Bergdís Björk Bæringsdóttir
January 25, 2022

The objectives of the Nordic Enforcement Group’s joint enforcement project were to inspect the compliance of chemical products and articles placed on the Nordic market with the restrictions in the POPs Regulation (EU No 2019/1021) on PFOA and PFOS, to raise awareness of the restrictions in the POPs Regulation and to learn together how the enforcement of the new restriction on PFOA can be carried out. In addition, the presence of PFAS that are not yet restricted in any chemical legislation and extractable organic fluorine (EOF) were analyzed to improve the knowledge of the authorities on the use of PFASs in various products and articles. In total, 158 products were inspected, 95 chemical products and 63 articles.


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