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  • Grayling homeowners cope with water contamination


    10 Jul 2019 | Record Eagle

    A toxic plume of PFAS chemicals currently seeps through the groundwater and into local surface waters, the result of decades of using and training with firefighting foam at Camp Grayling, the primary training facility for the Michigan National Guard and the largest U.S. National Guard training installation.

  • Michigan proposes strong, yet incomplete PFAS protections


    1 Jul 2019 | NRDC Expert Blog

    Michigan is proposing some of the most health-protective standards in the nation for several PFAS—yet could be missing out on the opportunity to protect its citizens in the long-term. Michigan has performed the most comprehensive PFAS monitoring in the nation, and the state has begun taking steps to protect it citizens from the health risk these dangerous ‘forever’ chemicals pose. Among the monitoring results, it was discovered that over 100 of their public water systems are contaminated with PFAS—affecting approximately 1.5 million of its citizens…

  • Michigan: Recommended PFAS health-based drinking water values


    27 Jun 2019

    Michigan Science Advisory Workgroup's recommended health-based drinking water values for 7 PFAS.  This information will be used to develop regulatory drinking water standards for PFAS by April 2020.

  • Michigan eyes toughest limits for some PFAS in drinking water


    25 Jun 2019 | MLive

    “LANSING, MI — Michigan could have some of the nation’s toughest drinking water limits for toxic fluorochemicals called PFAS if goals proposed by a state scientific workgroup survive the environmental rulemaking process unchanged and become law. On Thursday, June 27, the Michigan PFAS Action Response Team (MPART) received “health-based values” for seven separate PFAS compounds from an advisory panel tasked with recommending regulatory limits for the chemicals in public water supplies…

  • Amid PFAS nightmare, unlikely activists are born in Michigan


    14 Jun 2019 | Bridge Magazine

    That none of them can easily pronounce the name of the conference they’re attending says as much about their unlikely roles in fighting PFAS toxins as do their real jobs –  moms, a teacher, an office assistant, a psychologist for people with disabilities…

  • Determinants of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in midlife women: Evidence of racial/ethnic and geographic differences in PFAS exposure


    18 May 2019 | Environ. Res.

    Exposure levels to PFOS, PFOA, and PFNA varies between race/ethnic groups and geographic location in an all women cohort study.

  • You’re concerned about PFAS. MLive has answers to your questions


    16 May 2019 | Mlive

    What do you need to know about PFAS in water? Michigan is confronting how PFAS contamination is affecting the state. So far, it’s learned that at least 1.5 million residents and thousands of miles of waterways are impacted by the chemicals. The state has issued warnings on drinking water, eating contaminated fish  and ingesting PFAS foam…

  • Michigan AG plans to sue 3M over PFAS crisis


    9 May 2019 | woodtv

    Michigan Attorney General announced Thursday she will pursue litigation against Minnesota-based 3M, the maker of PFAS that has contaminated wells and waterways across the state… 3M produced PFAS for decades for products like Scotchgard and firefighting foam…

  • NRDC pushing Michigan to set very low PFAS drinking water limits


    8 May 2019 | MLive

    Defense Council is pushing Michigan to adopt public drinking water standards for several toxic PFAS chemicals that would be the strictest thus far of any state in the nation. In a new report delivered to state officials today, the NRDC says Michigan should set…

  • MI Gov. Whitmer establishes PFAS regulation policy, developing water standards, Action Response Team


    8 May 2019 | The Michigan Daily

    On Tuesday, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer released a statement saying Michigan will establish polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) drinking water standards this year. PFAS has been an issue for Michiganders and the Ann Arbor community over the past few years and has become increasingly concerning, especially after Ann Arbor reported an increase in PFAS levels…

  • Michigan: Health-based PFAS drinking water screening levels for a number of PFAS


    22 Apr 2019

    Michigan set new health-based PFAS drinking water screening levels: PFOA & PFNA (9 ng/L, ppt); PFOS (8 ppt); PFHxS (84 ppt); PFBS (1000 ppt). They plan to develop MCLs that consider costs, etc. for these 5 PFAS in the near future.

  • PFAS-related suits gain steam as litigants hit Wolverine Worldwide


    22 Apr 2019 | The Detroit News

    Read the full article by Leonard N. Fleming “Some of the nation’s high-profile environmental law firms, along with Michigan-based ones, are waging legal battles related to PFAS contamination in the state after decades of waste dumping by a popular shoe manufacturer that has seeped into private wells. The civil lawsuits over per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, the so-called forever…

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