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  • Assembly advances PFAS bill


    23 Jan 2020 | Wort Radio

    The bill, which now heads to the State Senate, would prevent firefighters from using foam that contains PFAS, a family of toxic chemicals. The bill would allow the use of toxic foam in emergencies and in cases when fire departments have a plan to deal with the foam.

  • Up to 40,000 to sue Australian Government over PFAS contamination


    29 Oct 2019 |

    The largest class action ever launched in Australia will be filed against the Federal Government by Christmas. The lawyers will argue that residents living in PFAS contaminated areas have seen their property prices fall, in some cases by up to 50 per cent. They believe the Federal Government should provide enough compensation to allow residents to leave these unsafe communities.

  • Pumping PFAS-contaminated water from airport expansion into ocean is ‘insanity’, chemical expert says


    15 Oct 2019 | ABC News

    The Sunshine Coast airport was inundated during heavy rainfall leaving more than 125 million litres of PFAS-contaminated water at the site. The Sunshine Coast Council's proposed building a pipeline to funnel the contaminated water from the airport construction site and into the nearby ocean at Marcoola. This plan has residents and chemical experts worried.

  • Federal PFAS hearing to focus on ‘widespread industrial contamination’


    22 Jul 2019 | MLive

    PFAS pollution across a 25-square mile swath of West Michigan traced to Wolverine World Wide’s manufacturing over decades raises questions of federal policy, state action and corporate responsibility… Sandy Wynn-Stelt’s home is just yards from a former Wolverine dump that is poisoning her water. Her blood tested at 750 times the…

  • Study examines PFAS data from 3 states


    17 Jul 2019 | Coastal Review Online

    North Carolina, Colorado and Michigan, three states with PFAS water contaminated are the focus of a three-year study to better understand the extent of contamination, the routes of exposure for the affected communities, and how these man-made chemicals move in the environment.

  • You’re concerned about PFAS. MLive has answers to your questions


    16 May 2019 | Mlive

    What do you need to know about PFAS in water? Michigan is confronting how PFAS contamination is affecting the state. So far, it’s learned that at least 1.5 million residents and thousands of miles of waterways are impacted by the chemicals. The state has issued warnings on drinking water, eating contaminated fish  and ingesting PFAS foam…

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