Majority of domestic US military sites leaking PFAS into environment

11 Nov 2023 | Envirotech Online

Recent reports have unveiled a disconcerting scenario wherein an array of U.S. Army bases have become inadvertent conduits of contamination, leaching hazardous chemicals into local water supplies.

How Worried Should We Be About “Forever Chemicals”?

8 Nov 2023 | Slate

PFAS are in … so many things. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

New Report: PFAS Industry Spent More Than $110 Million on Lobbying Since 2019

7 Nov 2023 | Food & Water Watch

Weak regulations in the U.S. have allowed multi-billion dollar chemical corporations to conceal the dangers of toxic compounds called PFAS.

Does your makeup contain 'forever chemicals'?

4 Nov 2023 | CBC News

Canadian government to decide soon if PFAS should be classified as toxic.

Is my dental floss actually toxic? Why TikTok is abuzz with "forever chemicals" in our oral care

3 Nov 2023 | Salon

PFAS can be toxic and many are alarmed that they appear in dental floss.

Study: PFAS detected in 71 percent of shallow private wells tested statewide

3 Nov 2023 | Wisconsin Public Radio

Most wells had at least one PFAS, but very few had levels of concern.

12 household products that contain toxic PFAS — how to protect against ‘forever chemicals’

1 Nov 2023 | New York Post

PFAS are lurking in your house right now — and you’re probably inviting more of them in every day.

EPA to Fund Studies of Toxic ‘Forever Chemicals’ in Agriculture

30 Oct 2023 | Inside Climate News

The Environmental Protection Agency announced on Thursday $8 million in new research funding to understand how the toxic compounds known as ‘forever chemicals’ are affecting plants and animals in agricultural, rural and tribal communities.

The race to destroy PFAS, the forever chemicals

30 Oct 2023 | MIT Technology Review

Scientists are showing these damaging compounds can be beat.

Chemical crisis: The unseen toxic threat contaminating wildlife worldwide

28 Oct 2023 | The Hill

An unseen but growing chemical contamination crisis is threatening wildlife across all seven continents, exacerbating a host of environmental threats they’re already facing. 

Emy Bensdorp takes on PFAS pollution by turning "toxic" soil into bricks

27 Oct 2023 | dezeen

The Dutch designer does not believe the process emits any toxic fumes or particles, but the testing for that is still to go ahead.

New ‘forever chemicals’ polluting water near North Carolina plant, study finds

27 Oct 2023 | The Guardian

Researchers say the discovery of at least 11 new kinds of PFAS in the water near a Chemours plant indicates more contamination than thought.

From Mount Everest to your liver: The alarming reach of 'forever chemicals' in our environment and health

26 Oct 2023 | News Medical

Researchers highlight PFAS sources in the environment, compare PFAS exposure risk amongst different age groups, and elucidate epidemiological studies on these substances' hepatotoxicity in vitro and in vivo.

EPA tightens reporting requirements for ‘forever chemical’ releases, closing controversial loophole

25 Oct 2023 | The Hill

The EPA has finalized a rule that will tighten the reporting requirements for facilities that use or release certain types of toxic ‘forever chemicals.’

Defence says PFAS in groundwater travelling 'faster than predicted' from Forest Hill RAAF base

24 Oct 2023 | ABC News

Chemical run-off from an Air Force base has been detected near a NSW city's water supply, more than four decades ahead of schedule.