New York moves to ban PFAS from clothes

3 Jan 2023 | Spectrum News

New York state is set to ban the use of PFAS chemcials in the manufacturing of apparel and clothing under a law signed by Gov. Kathy Hochul. 

Scientists Destroyed 95% of Toxic 'Forever Chemicals' in Just 45 Minutes, Study Reports

3 Jan 2023 | Vice

Using hydrogen and UV light, scientists reported destroying 95% of two kinds of toxic PFAS chemicals in tap water in under an hour.

Peters and Dingell bill to protect firefighters from hazardous PFAS chemicals becomes law

2 Jan 2023 | Press & Guide

The legislation led by U.S. Sen. Gary Peters and U.S. Rep. Debbie Dingell to help protect the health and safety of firefighters and emergency responders from PFAS exposure has been signed into law.

New US lawsuit targets ‘forever chemicals’ in plastic food containers

28 Dec 2022 | The Guardian

A new lawsuit says many plastic containers used in the US to hold food, cleaning supplies, personal care items and other consumer products are likely to be contaminated with toxic PFAS.

Facing Litigation And Years-Long Push For Increased Regulation, Conglomerate Ends Production Of PFAS Chemicals

28 Dec 2022 | Forbes

This decision by 3M follows efforts by state lawmakers to enact broad bans or other regulations restricting the use of PFAS in recent years.

PFAS are everywhere. We need systems change to fix that

27 Dec 2022 | Sierra Club

Some of the most hazardous chemicals to human health and the environment are in just about everything we purchase and consume, whether it’s personal-care products, food packaging, cookware, or clothes.

3M sees “writing on the wall,” says it will stop making PFAS

21 Dec 2022 | The New Lede

The company 3M, which makes over 60,000 products, said Tuesday it will stop manufacturing toxic PFAS “forever chemicals” and work to discontinue use of PFAS in its products by the end of 2025.

3M will stop making 'forever chemicals.' What to know about their link to cancer, health risks

20 Dec 2022 | USA Today

3M announced this week that it will stop making chemicals commonly known as “forever chemicals” and stop using them in its products in the coming years.

Troops at two dozen bases exposed to toxic chemicals in drinking water

19 Dec 2022 | MilitaryTimes

The report, made public by the EWG on Thursday, found that water tested from each of the bases contained more than 70 parts-per-trillion of PFAS, the EPA’s previous cut-off for safe drinking water.

[Blog] A look back on 2022: states led the way on protecting public health from toxic chemicals

16 Dec 2022 | Safer States

By the end of 2022, bipartisan majorities in 14 states adopted at least 33 policies that are transforming our economic system to be one that better protects communities and creates incentives for industry to develop safer chemicals. 

Toxic: 3M knew its chemicals were harmful decades ago, but didn’t tell the public, government

16 Dec 2022 | Minnesota Reformer

Internal documents show the Minnesota company hid the dangers for decades.

A 'complete and utter shock': Wells in an Oneida County town have 'forever chemicals' 160 times over state standards

16 Dec 2022 | Laura Schulte

Private wells in a northern Wisconsin town near Rhinelander have tested positive for "forever chemicals" at levels so high the water in them can no longer be safely consumed by residents.

[Opinion] Potential harms of Biden’s microchip boom

15 Dec 2022 | The Hill

With proper safeguards, the CHIPS and Science Act could add jobs and opportunities to communities around the country, as well as make the world a healthier place.

WA warns against eating some Lake Washington fish, citing chemicals

15 Dec 2022 | The Seattle Times

The state Department of Health is warning residents not to eat some fish in Lake Washington and two other King County lakes because they contain a chemical found in firefighting foam and other products.

With PFAS rules up in the air, MRF operators seek ways to get ahead of regulations

12 Dec 2022 | WASTECON

It’s not yet clear how future PFAS regulations will affect MRFs. Operators that want to plan ahead should keep an eye on local food packaging laws and stormwater regulations, WASTECON speakers said.