Investors Push World’s Top Chemical Companies Over Hazardous Substances

13 Dec 2021 | Reuters

Investors managing $4.1 trillion in assets are urging the world's biggest chemicals companies to phase out production of hazardous substances which linger in the environment and have been linked to serious health problems.

Gulp! Wellesley water bills could rise 60% due to PFAS

12 Dec 2021 | The Swellesley Report

We’re expecting our MWRA bill to go up by over $1M dollars, and that’s going to result in a significant rate increase for our customers…to the order of …it could be as high as 60% increase on the water bill just for the water we’ve already used because [the Morses Pond treatment plant] is shut down.

Officials Underestimating ‘Forever Chemicals’ Lurking in US Food

12 Dec 2021 | The Hill

Data on PFAS exposures in the U.S. food supply are minimal and analytical methods in research are limited — likely leading to an underestimation of exposures.

[Press Release] Chemical companies tout green credentials whilst developing hazardous chemicals behind closed doors

9 Dec 2021 | ChemSec

Chemical companies around the world are actively marketing their greener, more sustainable products, whilst holding back details on the mass production of hazardous chemicals, ChemSec’s ranking of chemical companies reveals today.

Cloudy Water and Notices of Warning Elevated PFAS Levels Have Woburn Residents Worried Their Water Isn’t Safe

9 Dec 2021 | CBS Boston

According to Woburn's Water Department, in October the PFAS level was 27.1 ppt.

Why PFAS are so Impervious, and Who is Most at Risk from Forever Chemicals

9 Dec 2021 | PBS

Miles O'Brien looks at the impact they've had in one community in New Hampshire.

OB Drafts Regs to Ban Artificial Tuft With PFAS

9 Dec 2021 | Marthas Vineyard Times

The contaminant threshold in the drafted regulations is one ppm.

[Press Release] 100+ Organizations to REI: Lead the Outdoor Industry Away from PFAS

8 Dec 2021 | Safer Chemicals Healthy Families and Toxic-Free Future

The letter is part of a national campaign calling on REI to “opt out” of PFAS.

EPA-Linked Consultant Undercuts Agency’s PFAS Concerns

8 Dec 2021 | E&E News and Greenwire

An industry toxicologist promoting artificial turf fields has repeatedly cited her work for EPA while downplaying the risks of PFAS used to produce plastic grass blades, making contentious claims often at odds with the agency’s own findings.

PFAS Polluter Agrees to Pay $13M for Dover’s New Water Treatment Plant

8 Dec 2021 | Fosters Daily Democrat

New England Metal Recycling Inc., which polluted city aquifers with harmful PFAS contaminants, has agreed to pay for the construction and operation of a new city water treatment facility.

[EWG News] Decades Later, Plumes of ‘Forever Chemicals’ from Defense Installations Still Contaminate Nearby Wells

7 Dec 2021 | EWG

PFAS concentrations measured at DOD installations are among the highest in the country, with some bases having concentrations in the millions of ppt.

EGLE Kicks Off Great Lakes PFAS Summit

6 Dec 2021 | Michigan Public Radio Network

The “Great Lakes Virtual PFAS Summit” is a week-long event where policymakers, environmentalists and researchers can learn about how to address the threat posed by PFAS.

Food Packaging PFAS Ban Introduced in Congress

4 Dec 2021 | National Law Review

The lack of a definition in the Act for "intentionally added PFAS" opens the door to future debate of intent.

Biden Infrastructure Act Provides $10 Billion for PFAS Issues

4 Dec 2021 | National Law Review

The longer-term effects of the Act’s steps to address PFAS issues may in fact lead to additional litigation against companies.

Rockland Contends with PFAS- ‘Forever Chemicals’- Above State Limits at Treatment Plant

3 Dec 2021 | The Patriot Ledger

The sample from the end of September had the highest level of PFAS since testing started at 29 parts per trillion.