What are PFAS? 'Forever chemicals' are common and dangerous.

2 May 2024 | USA Today

"The general public shouldn’t be responsible for removing their PFAS exposure as the chemicals were released into the environment by chemical companies in the first place," says Dr. Erin Haynes, a professor of preventive medicine and environmental health at the University of Kentucky College of Public Health.

‘Forever chemicals’ are known for lingering in the body. Menstruation helps expel them

29 Apr 2024 | The Hill

“Some PFAS bind strongly to proteins in blood, and when women menstruate, they lose those blood proteins linked to PFAS,” Suzanne Fenton, who at the time was a group leader in the Mechanistic Toxicology Branch of the National Toxicology Program at the National Institutes of Health, told The Hill.

PFAS increase likelihood of death by cardiovascular disease, study shows

29 Apr 2024 | The Guardian

In a first, researchers were able to compare records of people who drank polluted water in Veneto, Italy, with neighbors who did not.

Lawyers in PFAS water pollution settlements win $956 mln fee award

25 Apr 2024 | Reuters

A U.S. judge on Tuesday awarded over $956 million in legal fees to plaintiffs’ lawyers who secured two settlements worth more than $11 billion with major manufacturers of toxic “forever chemicals” on behalf of public water systems.

Breaking Down New Rules About ‘Forever Chemicals’

24 Apr 2024 | The New York Times

Lisa Friedman, who covers climate change, discussed the fight to regulate toxic chemicals found in nearly half of America’s tap water.

'Zero evidence': Logan Paul responds to claims of Prime drinks containing PFAS

24 Apr 2024 | USA Today

YouTuber Logan Paul is defending Prime Hydration after the company he co-founded was named in a class action lawsuit claiming its sports drinks contain PFAS.

[Video] What is Canada doing about 'forever chemicals'?

23 Apr 2024 | CBC

Andrew Chang explores how prevalent these chemicals are in our daily lives, why they're so dangerous and what Canada is doing to deal with them.

[Opinion] We Regulate a Tiny Fraction of the 12,000 ‘Forever Chemicals.’ There’s a Better Way

21 Apr 2024 | The New York Times

“We should not have to risk repeated exposure to these substances, with the most powerful bonds in organic chemistry, caused by the willful negligence of industry each time we place our faith in a glass of water.”

E.P.A. Will Make Polluters Pay to Clean Up Two ‘Forever Chemicals’

19 Apr 2024 | The New York Times

The step follows an extraordinary move that requires utilities to reduce the levels of carcinogenic PFAS compounds in drinking water to near-zero.

The EPA is cracking down on PFAS — but not in fertilizer

19 Apr 2024 | Grist

In Texas, a group of farmers whose properties were contaminated with PFAS from fertilizer are claiming the manufacturer should have done more to warn buyers about the dangers of its products.

Superfund Designations Could Fuel PFAS Litigation

19 Apr 2024 | U.S. News

EPA officials have said that the agency will prioritize enforcement against PFAS manufacturers.

Ocean spray emits more PFAS than industrial polluters, study finds

19 Apr 2024 | The Guardian

Research into release of ‘forever chemicals’ raises concerns about contamination and human exposure along world’s coastlines.

I'm a Michigan nun. Pope Francis says PFAS contamination is a sin against God. | Opinion

17 Apr 2024 | Detroit Free Press

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently enacted the first-ever limits on PFAS in drinking water. This is great news, but the damage will be very hard to reverse.

Dozens of Texas water systems exceed new federal limits on “forever chemicals”

17 Apr 2024 | The Texas Tribune

The EPA set its first-ever drinking water limits for five types of PFAS chemicals, and nearly 50 of Texas public water systems have reported exceeding the new limits for at least one.

Toxic PFAS chemicals found in little penguin colonies around Tasmania, new study says

17 Apr 2024 | ABC News

A new study has found toxic PFAS chemicals in the nesting soils and blood of little penguin populations around Tasmania.