Attorney puts City of La Crosse on notice for PFAS contamination

9 Feb 2021 | News8000

An attorney representing 125 people served the city for contaminating their private wells.

States Clash With Pentagon on PFAS Water Limits, Polluted Sites

8 Feb 2021 | Bloomberg Law

Six states with drinking water standards for so-called “forever chemicals” are now wrestling with what those limits mean when water contamination from Department of Defense sites seep into their communities.

Bill to protect firefighters from PFAS reintroduced in Congress

6 Feb 2021 | Holland Sentinel

The bill would direct federal agencies to develop training and best practices to limit exposure to PFAS in fire departments nationwide.

[Press Release] Study: Almost all fluorine detected in fire stations’ dust is from unknown ‘forever chemicals

5 Feb 2021 | EWG

The findings reinforce an earlier study that found PFAS used to treat firefighters’ gear could pose a threat to health.

US EPA nominee stresses environmental justice and PFAS control

4 Feb 2021 | Chemical & Engineering News

Michael Regan wants to limit PFAS releases to air and water.

New tests trigger alert on Galesburg water; exceeds guidelines for PFAS which could be harmful

1 Feb 2021 | The Register-Mail

The IL EPA’s draft guidance level for PFOA is 2 ppt. Galesburg’s water supply tested at 17 parts per trillion in November and 12 in December.

PFAS control ranks high on environmental agenda

1 Feb 2021 | Chemical & Engineering News

Biden's campaign platform called for the EPA to designate some PFAS as hazardous substances under the federal Superfund law for cleaning up contaminated land and aquifers.

‘Water is Life’: Record-Eagle testing project uncovers PFAS in Indigenous household wells

31 Jan 2021 | Record Eagle

The contamination found in their water isn’t high enough to require state officials to address the issue, but its presence still bothers those affected.

Pentagon needs ‘culture change’ on pollution, say PFAS caucus members

29 Jan 2021 | M Live

The task force sent a letter to President Joe Biden in which 132 members of Congress from both parties urged immediate steps to tackle the contamination problem across the nation.

DEQ cites Chemours for PFAS treatment system failures

28 Jan 2021 | North Carolina Health News

The chemical plant in Bladen County, NC receives notice of violation for problems with a new treatment system that is expected to remove 99 percent of residual PFAS before they reach the Cape Fear River. This is the third notice of violation the DEQ has issued Chemours for its treatment system, and one of many since the public became aware of the contamination from the plant.

Firefighters Battle an Unseen Hazard: Their Gear Could Be Toxic

26 Jan 2021 | The New York Times

“We’re exposed to these chemicals every day,” Captain Mitchell said. “And the more I looked into it, the more it felt like the only people who were saying these chemicals were safe were the people who make it.”

Biden administration looks set to target ‘forever chemicals,’ as 3M warns about ‘onerous regulation’

26 Jan 2021 | Market Watch

President Joe Biden’s administration looks poised to crack down on a group of “forever chemicals” that have been linked to a range of health problems, a move that could put companies like 3M and DuPont on the hook for billions of dollars in cleanup costs.

Firefighters battle an unseen hazard: Their gear could be toxic

26 Jan 2021 | New York Times

Firefighters are demanding independent testing for cancer-linked chemicals known as PFAS in their gear and that their union drop sponsorships from chemical and equipment makers.

EWG Petitions EPA To Fine Chemical Maker More Than $400M for Failure To Report Tests

26 Jan 2021 | EWG

As the EPA continues to move forward with its assessment of risks posed by PFAS, address contamination, and protect public health, we write to notify you of an apparent violation of reporting requirements by Solvay under Section 8(e) of the Toxic Substances Control Act

[PRESS RELEASE] DuPont, Chemours and Corteva reach $4 billion settlement on ‘forever chemicals’ lawsuits

22 Jan 2021 | Environmental Working Group

Under the terms of a cost-sharing agreement to settle lawsuits involving the historic use of PFAS, expenses will be split, with DuPont and Corteva responsible for half and Chemours responsible for the other half.