Workers exposed to PFAS in a variety of industries

17 May 2022 | Environmental Health News

For the better part of 20 years, Peter Arlein worked as a professional ski technician, waxing skis across Colorado. Working occasionally in smaller shops with poor ventilation, he breathed in fumes released by the waxes.

How to Avoid PFAS

17 May 2022 | Consumer Reports

Organizations like the Green Science Policy Institute have put together guides that consumers can use to limit their exposure, by seeking out PFAS-free products, says Jamie DeWitt, PhD, a professor of pharmacology and toxicology at East Carolina University in Greenville.

Maine bans use of sewage sludge on farms to reduce risk of PFAS poisoning

13 May 2022 | The Guardian

Maine last month became the first state to ban the practice of spreading PFAS-contaminated sewage sludge as fertilizer.

Here’s another reason to donate blood: it reduces ‘forever chemicals’ in your body

12 May 2022 | The Guardian

Now, for the first time, scientists have found a way to remove PFAS from the human body: by donating blood.

‘Weak language’: Analysis finds that government agencies downplay PFAS risks

11 May 2022 | The Fayetteville Observer

Communication from the agencies also failed to address the needs of people who have been highly exposed to the PFAS compounds, according to a statement released by the journal.

‘Forever chemicals’ found in nearly 60% of children’s ‘waterproof’ or ‘stain-resistant’ textiles

10 May 2022 | The Hill

Nearly 60% of children’s textiles labeled “waterproof”, “stain-resistant”, or “environmentally friendly” that were tested as part of a new study contained toxic PFAS substances known as “forever chemicals” due to their persistence in the environment.

20 Million Acres of U.S. Cropland May Be Contaminated by PFAS ‘Forever Chemicals’

9 May 2022 | EcoWatch

 PFAS are used to make products water-, heat- or stain-resistant, The Guardian reported.

Scientists link ‘forever chemicals’ exposure to liver damage

2 May 2022 | The Hill

Scientists have identified a link between exposure to “forever chemicals” and liver damage, as well as a potential connection to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, in a study published on Wednesday.

Take-back program aims to remove PFAS ski wax from the slopes

2 May 2022 | Boise State Public Radio News

Now, a partnership between the Colorado company MountainFlow Eco-Wax and students in a collegiate challenge has resulted in a take-back program for those potentially dangerous waxes containing "forever chemicals."

‘A worldwide public health threat’: Rob Bilott on his 20-year fight against forever chemicals

2 May 2022 | The Guardian

Last month, an Ohio court certified a class action lawsuit brought by lawyer Rob Bilott that would cover 7 million people – and at some point possibly everyone living in the United States – who have been exposed to certain hazardous ‘forever chemicals.'

Army investigates PFAS chemical leak on Kwajalein base in Marshall Islands

26 Apr 2022 | Star and Stripes

The Army is investigating the leak of about 380 gallons of a firefighting foam into the ground on Kwajalein Island in the Marshall Islands, Army Garrison-Kwajalein said in a newsletter published April 16.

Colorado finds “forever chemicals” PFAS in 100% of fish sampled in 3 big counties

22 Apr 2022 | The Colorado Sun

A new Colorado study found toxic PFAS ‘forever chemicals’ in 100% of the fish it sampled from previously known contaminated water bodies in El Paso, Jefferson, and Adams counties, adding to a growing series of reports.

PFAS are in face masks. Should you be concerned?

22 Apr 2022 | E&E News

New data published recently confirms that so-called forever chemicals are present in some face masks, including the kind used to protect people from Covid-19.

Evidence of PFAS in organic pasta sauces

19 Apr 2022 | Environmental Health News

Four popular organic pasta sauces have detectable levels of fluorine, an indicator of toxic PFAS.

PFAS water filter developed through NIEHS funding

19 Apr 2022 | NIEHS

A new filter cartridge that is compatible with Brita pitchers can remove PFAS from drinking water.