As more PFAS contamination is found, federal action becomes more urgent

15 Jan 2020 | BDN

As we’ve learned from the containment and removal of other hazardous substances, costs only grow as action is delayed.

Michigan files suit against 3M, DuPont and others over PFAS contamination

14 Jan 2020

The lawsuit claims the defendants withheld scientific evidence, and intentionally, knowingly and recklessly sold, distributed, released, transported, supplied, arranged for disposal or treatment, and handled and used PFAS and PFAS-containing materials in Michigan in a way that they knew would contaminate natural resources and expose Michigan residents to harm.

NY bans use of toxic chemical in firefighting foam

11 Jan 2020 | NBC Universal

New York plans to restrict the use of firefighting foam that contains certain chemicals that have the potential to contaminate groundwater.

House passes sweeping bill to target spread of toxic ‘forever chemicals’

10 Jan 2020 | The Hill

Under the bill the EPA would be required to set a mandatory drinking water standard for PFAS. The bill includes a number of other measures that would further regulate PFAS, including requiring PFAS to be covered under the hazardous waste cleanup law, and imposes a five-year moratorium on the development of new PFAS chemicals.

Senate Committee advances bill to ban PFAS in firefighting foam

9 Jan 2020 | Wisconsin Public Radio

A Wisconsin bill would ban the use of firefighting foam that contains PFAS in most cases. Democratic lawmakers objected, saying the bill doesn’t go far enough to protect the public.

What to do about pollution from “forever chemicals”?

9 Jan 2020 | NC Policy Watch

The NC Department of Environmental Quality is proposing a maximum concentration of 70 ppt for PFOS and for PFOA in groundwater. This is the same level as recommended by the EPA.

State fines Air Force $1.7M over base wastewater monitoring near Clovis

9 Jan 2020 | Santa Fe New Mexican

Under the New Mexican state law, the Air Force is supposed to monitor its wastewater but has failed to do so. Aside from PFAS chemicals, the wastewater likely contains other pollutants, including nitrate, chloride, Kjeldahl nitrogen and dissolved metals that exceed state standards.

How to weigh in on Michigan’s proposed limits on PFAS in drinking water

8 Jan 2020 | Bridge Magazine

Through month’s end, the state is soliciting input on the proposed rules, including three community meetings, before likely rolling them out in late spring.

[Blog] California holds technical PFAS seminar on state of science and possible future drinking water regulations

7 Jan 2020 | Squire Patton Boggs

Many participants grappled with the clear tension between a general desire to develop meaningful regulations and the need to do so in an informed and deliberate manner.

House plans to take up sweeping new PFAS bill with waste implications

7 Jan 2020 | Industry Dive

While some waste companies have been wary of PFAS legislation, others are open to the potential upside.

High level of unsafe chemicals found in well near US Air Force Base in Yokota, Japan

6 Jan 2020

The contamination was about 19 times the U.S. drinking water health advisory. According to metropolitan government officials, the well was not being used as a source for drinking water at the time of the detection.

Broad-ranging PFAS chemicals bill on House floor next week

3 Jan 2020 | Bloomberg Environment

The House expects to begin considering a bill that would push the EPA to create nationwide protective measures against PFAS, and could vote on passage Jan. 10, according to an aide to House Majority Leader Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.)

Lawmakers back to square one on 'forever chemicals'

26 Dec 2019 | The Hill

Lawmakers must largely start anew after a major attempt to regulate a cancer-linked chemical that is spreading into the water supply across the United States was stripped from legislation this week, striking the best bet in years to address the problem.

New York moves to ban ‘forever chemicals’ in firefighting foam

26 Dec 2019 | Bloomberg Environment

New York enacted a ban on the use, manufacture, sale, or distribution of firefighting foam and equipment containing fluorinated chemicals known as PFAS, unless no viable alternatives are available.

Alabama school system prepares to sue over 3M contamination

26 Dec 2019 | AP News

News outlets reported that Decatur’s school system has filed notice saying it plans to sue over industrial toxins leaking from the one-time landfill beneath the former Brookhaven Middle School. Chemicals are leaking into a creek, groundwater and the Tennessee River, the system contends.