The EPA’s proposed PFAS regulations ignore a major source of drinking water contamination

18 May 2023 | Grist

A new study suggests unregulated “precursor” compounds account for half of total PFAS pollution at sites around the country.

Pentagon’s ‘forever chemicals’ cleanup budget falls ‘dramatically’ short

18 May 2023 | The Guardian

The cost of cleaning up toxic PFAS “forever chemical” contamination around hundreds of US military installations is ballooning, but Congress and the Pentagon are failing to keep pace, a development that is leaving service members and civilians indefinitely at risk, a new analysis finds.

Minnesota Legislature passes environment and energy package that includes ban on "forever chemicals" PFAS

18 May 2023 | CBS News Minnesota

Both chambers of the state legislature on Thursday approved a ban on so-called "forever chemicals" PFAS in consumer products, sending the bill to Gov. Tim Walz's desk for signature. 

Communities of color disproportionately exposed to PFAS pollution in drinking water

15 May 2023 |

People who live in communities with higher proportions of Black and Hispanic/Latino residents are more likely to be exposed to harmful levels of PFAS in their water supplies than people living in other communities.

Societal cost of ‘forever chemicals’ about $17.5tn across global economy – report

12 May 2023 | The Guardian

The societal cost of using toxic PFAS or ‘forever chemicals’ across the global economy totals about $17.5tn annually, a new analysis of the use of the dangerous compounds has found.

Outdoor brands phase out PFAS, ‘forever chemicals,’ ahead of state bans

12 May 2023 | EHN

The outdoor footwear company KEEN made a discovery about their shoes in 2014: they were rife with stain- and water-resistant chemicals known to harm human health called PFAS, also known as ‘forever chemicals.’

Lawmakers move to delay start of first-in-the-nation PFAS law

11 May 2023 | Central Maine

A legislative committee has endorsed a bill to delay the deadline for reporting the presence of PFAS in products sold in Maine.

Minnesota poised to ban non-essential uses of PFAS, or ‘forever chemicals’

11 May 2023 | PBS

Minnesota is on the verge of banning non-essential uses of “forever chemicals.”

America’s first high-volume ‘PFAS Annihilator’ is up and running in West Michigan

4 May 2023 | woodTV8

After five years of development, a four-way business partnership has created the nation’s first high-volume closed-loop PFAS destruction system — and it’s right here in West Michigan.

What a pediatrician wants parents to know about PFAS, the ‘forever chemicals.’

3 May 2023 | Novant Health

PFAS are linked to problems with fetal development, thyroid disease, and issues with livers and kidneys.

Another source of toxic PFAS in Wisconsin: Toilet paper?

3 May 2023 | Wisconsin NPR

When you flush your toilet, sending waste to a nearby sewage treatment system, you might also be contributing toxic chemicals to the local watershed.

‘Toxic trail of pollution’: states step up to curb the use of ‘forever chemicals’

2 May 2023 | The Guardian

Partisanship has thwarted Congress’s attempts to limit PFAS, but a patchwork of state laws is pushing for their phase-out.

PFAS lurking in waterways pose hidden threat to health

2 May 2023 | CBS News

"It contained a whole host of industrial chemicals that were washing out of consumer products and people's homes or that were entering from industrial facilities," Nordell said.

Researchers Pin Down PFAS Prevalence in Firefighter Gear

1 May 2023 | NIST

Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology have conducted an in-depth examination of a range of textiles used in turnout gear coats and pants, which are constructed in three layers.

North Carolina residents urge UN to investigate toxic PFAS pollution

28 Apr 2023 | The Guardian

Chemical manufacturer Chemours accused of violating human rights by releasing ‘forever chemicals’ into Cape Fear River basin.