This Maine artist’s work is laden with PFAS – on purpose

16 Sep 2022 | Bangor Daily News

Not all that long ago, artist and University of Maine professor Susan Smith hadn’t heard the acronym that most Mainers are now all too familiar with: PFAS, also known as ‘forever chemicals,‘ the compounds that have contaminated soil and water across the country.

Firefighters and supporters are pushing hard for PFAS-free turnout gear

15 Sep 2022 | NC Health News

Firefighting is an occupation that comes with inherent risks. For instance, the rate at which firefighters develop cancer outpaces the general population by 9 percent.

PFAS and Federal Contracting: What Contractors Should Know and Why

15 Sep 2022 | JDSurpa

Government contractors should monitor PFAS developments both in the litigation and government acquisition space to ensure they are prepared should an issue arise.

CA legislature turning off tap on PFAS ‘forever’ chemicals

14 Sep 2022 | Natural Resources Defense Council

Read the full article by Avinash Kar (Natural Resources Defense Council) “The end of the legislative session in California brought welcome news on PFAS, a class of toxic ‘forever’ chemicals consisting of 12,000+ chemicals. Several pieces of legislation addressing this toxic and persistent class of chemicals moved forward. PFAS contaminate drinking water across the state…

Congress should finish the job and protect us from PFAS in food packaging

13 Sep 2022 | Toxic-Free Future

When Congress returns to DC next week for just a few weeks of legislative activity, they have unfinished business: getting toxic PFAS banned in food packaging materials.

Report outlines health effects of PFAS chemicals in children, provides recommendations for testing

13 Sep 2022 | AAP News

New clinical recommendations on PFAS from the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) call for testing children who may have high exposure to the chemicals and providing families with strategies to reduce exposure.

As concerns about PFAS rise, doctors scramble to learn about the toxic chemicals

12 Sep 2022 | WBUR

A major report from the National Academies recommended that individuals with significant exposure to toxic chemicals, known as PFAS, get a blood test and ongoing medical monitoring.

Chemours expansion plans infuriate environmentalists

12 Sep 2022 | City View

North Carolina environmental groups are outraged over the Chemours chemical corporation’s plans to expand its Fayetteville Works plant in Bladen County.

These ‘forever chemicals’ are in your body. Here’s what you need to know about them

10 Sep 2022 | Deseret News

New research shows that a category of toxic substances, often known as “forever chemicals,” has a big impact on the liver.

An End of PFAS? Not Quite Yet

8 Sep 2022 | Sierra Club

But in a world where we are all too eager to share some “good news” about the PFAS crisis, stories generally overstated the careful explanations of the lead researchers themselves, and may have confused the general public.

Senate unanimously approves Peters’ legislation on PFAS at airports

8 Sep 2022 | Radio Results Network

U.S. Senator Gary Peters (MI) today announced bipartisan legislation he authored to reduce the spread of toxic PFAS contamination at commercial airports has passed the U.S. Senate unanimously.

‘Allow us the right to know what the risks are’: Nonprofits continue legal battle against EPA to test PFAS for health effects

6 Sep 2022 | Port City Daily

Local and national nonprofits continue to fight for the Cape Fear region impacted by contaminated drinking water.

Assembly passes bill to end use of PFAS chemicals in new fabrics and textiles

1 Sep 2022 | California Globe

A bill to end the use of PFAS chemicals in new fabrics and textiles in California was passed by the Assembly Tuesday.

EPA finally moves to label some ‘forever chemicals’ as hazardous

29 Aug 2022 | The Washington Post

The long-awaited move from the Environmental Protection Agency is meant to spark the cleanup of scores of sites defiled by industrial compounds and make the public more aware of their presence.

Polluters could pay billions in fines for PFAS cleanup under new Biden plan

29 Aug 2022 | The Guardian

The Biden administration on Friday announced a new proposal that could force polluters of two common PFAS compounds to pay billions of dollars for the toxic substances’ cleanup.