Two senate bills target chemicals found in firefighting foam

9 Mar 2020 | California Globe

Two bills that call for the partial banning and water testing of chemicals called perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) were introduced to the Californian Senate.

Indiana-based Companies in Charge of Incinerating Military’s PFAS Firefighting Foam Stockpiles

9 Mar 2020 | Indiana Environmental Reporter

Two Indiana-based hazardous waste treatment companies are playing a leading role nationally in the incineration of the U.S. military’s stockpiles of toxic firefighting foam and have landed in the middle of a legal battle.

U.S. Rep. Elissa Slotkin to highlight PFAS legislation at Oakland County forum

5 Mar 2020 | The Oakland Press

The Test Your Well Water Act would require the U.S. EPA to create an online tool on it's website for Americans with private wells to find resources to test their drinking water and understand what those results mean.

Fighting forever chemicals

5 Mar 2020 | WQP

Advanced oxidation holds what may be the best hope for a solution that permanently removes PFAS from the environment. However, the energy level needed to break the fluorine carbon bonds is very high, and to date no commercially viable advanced oxidation process has been demonstrated.

Court links toxic foam to cancer in legal blow to government

5 Mar 2020 | The Sydney Morning Herald

A landmark finding that there is "good evidence" toxic firefighting chemicals could potentially cause harmful health effects including cancer has undercut the federal government’s claim the risks are "minimal" and left it exposed to the threat of millions of dollars in legal payouts.

Municipalities want more help addressing ‘forever chemicals’

4 Mar 2020 | Associated Press (NBC Connecticut)

The largest organization of cities and towns in Connecticut has called on the state and businesses to provide them with more help in addressing the expensive environmental fallout from PFAS.

Press release: Study: PFAS act similar to known cancer-causing chemicals

4 Mar 2020 | EWG Press Release

A review of 26 PFAS found that they all display at least one characteristic of known human carcinogens.

Air Force allocates $13.5 million toward Oscoda PFAS remediation

3 Mar 2020 | Iosco News

“When it comes to our water, we need to think about environmental security the way we think about homeland security...” Rep. Elissa Slotkin (MI-08) expressed.

Officials seek to prohibit incineration of firefighting foam

3 Mar 2020 | Troy Record

Despite the fact that the safety of incineration as a method to dispose of PFAS firefighting foam is still being evaluated by the US EPA, the DOD entered into a contract with the Norlite facility in Cohoes, to incinerate PFAS firefighting foam without appropriate environmental review and was previously incinerating PFAS foam at the facility.

DuPont owes $50 million in PFAS cancer cases, jury finds

3 Mar 2020 | Bloomberg Environment

This combined trial is the first since the company entered a $670.7 million settlement to end roughly 3,500 pending cases in 2017 for plaintiffs seeking damages. These verdicts now set the tone for roughly 50 other suits piling up in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio.

Press release: Cleaning products could expose children to dangerous contaminants at child care facilities

2 Mar 2020 | IU Bloomington Press Release

The researchers were surprised that some PFAS were present in the dust at child care facilities at levels higher than in homes in the U.S. and Canada. Even more surprising was that the dust contained unexpectedly high levels of fluorotelomer sulfonates, a class of PFAS used in cleaners, waxes and polishes.

First batch of Pellston water tests detect PFAS in some area wells

29 Feb 2020 | Up North Live

Bottled water if need is being provided and plumbers are being scheduled so filters can be installed on any home that has detections.

Palo PFAS study finding ‘good news’

29 Feb 2020 | Daily News

If PFAS is found in the wells residents can call the health department to request the installation of a filter. The health department covers the cost, and then is reimbursed by the state.

[Press release] EPA conducting criminal investigations into industries’ handling of PFAS chemicals

27 Feb 2020 | EWG

In an update to its 2020 PFAS Action Plan, the EPA included details about the new probes, stating it “has multiple criminal investigations underway concerning PFAS-related pollution.”

PFAS class actions over groundwater contaminated by toxic firefighting foam settled by Federal Government

27 Feb 2020 | ABC News

An "in-principle" settlement has been reached between the Australian Government and residents of three communities who had their groundwater contaminated by toxic firefighting foams used at defence bases until the early 2000s.