Chemical crisis: The unseen toxic threat contaminating wildlife worldwide

By David Andrews and Lydia Jahl | The Hill | October 28, 2023

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"An unseen but growing chemical contamination crisis is threatening wildlife across all seven continents, exacerbating a host of environmental threats they’re already facing. 

Plastic pollution in the oceans is killing albatrosses, the climate crisis threatens polar bears, and chimpanzees are at risk from deforestation. While these problems are well-known, there’s a less widely understood danger that these and other wildlife share — exposure to toxic chemicals like per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and flame retardants. 

The Green Science Policy Institute just released a map that exposes the global footprint of flame retardants, found in all types of wildlife. These chemicals slowly leach out of products into the environment, leading to widespread exposure in wildlife and possible cancer, endocrine disruption, behavioral changes, and more health harms. These chemicals are also associated with similar human health problems. "